Trion is receiving flack from players after the ArcheAge community team decided to intervene and reverse an in-game scam incident. The company is being accused of favoritism, as the scam victim is a well known streamer — Therapist from Morpheus’ Regrade Stream — and the event happened during a charity livestream raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

The reason for intervention — according to Trion — is that while they do allow in-game scams as part of the gameplay, they do not allow players to impersonate other players in order to do it. In this case, the scammer created a character with a name similar to one used by one of Therapist’s guild mates. Therapist agreed to trade a large quantity of items to this character without realizing it was an impersonator. An official post on the matter notes that while this might be the first instance players have been made aware of — likely due to who is involved — other scam trades have been reversed in the past based on the non-impersonation rule.

Players, however, question Trion’s motives behind this intervention; believing that the company would not have gotten involved if the victim hadn’t been a big name streamer and someone who spends quite a bit of money in game. Others accuse them of being selective about which rules they enforce, noting that Therapist’s in-game name is actually a play on “The Rapist,” which is a breach of the rule banning names related to drugs, sex, alcohol, or criminal activity.

The full community post — along with player comments — can be read on the ArcheAge forums.

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  1. trion faking free to play scammer company who bring poops, this game is for brainless criminals bots, cheaters and scammers

  2. pfff….. il just trow money at blizzard for now…. TRONI…… pffffffffff you will never se 2020 whit a full staff. Buyng crapy games left and right…. leting RIFT to root, destroyng AA….. nahh….. bad moves bad bad bad moves at evry turn.

    • not sure if you are a troll or … yeah this game/company is a scam but activision/blizzard is even worse so i hope you are just trolling

      • Idk what your smoking kid but blizzard almost never scams there player base, in fact they even tell you what kind of game your getting up front and even tell you that there’s a cash shop with mounts and a instant boost to a certain lvl for one of there games. Blizzard does not hide anything, it isn’t there fault your just too lazy to read the info they hand you up front.

      • Thhher dont hate a game u cant play because u cant pay. WoW is THE BEST MMO…… nothing you can rite say or do will change that. FACTS!

  3. They aren’t the only company to do this. Mabinogi’s actually got a ‘If you trade it away, we aren’t responsive’ policy. The only way they COULD get involved is if they hacked and broke into your account. Trion’s not the first. Or the last. And I hope they honestly refund everyone’s money for a game they made to Soak money into their pockets like sponges.

  4. well Trion is doing their job really good. As other Companies would experience that kind of Spam, everyone whould act the same toxicity to them. So dont fool around just do it better


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