ArcheAge Leviathan

Trion swung the ban-hammer hard this weekend after receiving multiple reports from players that a guild used an exploit to get the server-first Leviathan kill.

ArcheAge’s Senior Community Manager, announced the decision on the game’s forums. Noting reports made by community members via the customer service portal, Reddit, Celestrata Bloodsong revealed that after looking into the issue, they had banned the guild on the Nazar server.

As part of their action against the guild, they’ve banned all members of the guild — 53 accounts total — and disbanded it. They’ve also revoked seats on the Hero council and removed any loot gained from the Leviathan kill from the world.

According to the post, Trion came to the decision to ban the guild due to the fact that all but one of the members did not report the exploit in question, but instead took the loot and said nothing. Interestingly, the one person who did report the exploit to Trion did so by making a public statement saying he would only give the ArcheAge team details on it if they offered him something in return.

The community manager finished the rather lengthy post with a TL;DR, saying:

“If Rage Quit contacted us to let us know what happened and attempted to avoid profiting from this kill, all of us would be having a very different conversation. Instead, the guild took the kill, failed to report the issue, and one member attempted to further profit at the expense of the greater community. In light of all of this information, we are standing by our policy and issuing permanent bans.”

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  1. And that’s why you shouldn’t be a blabber mouth and publicly announce you used an exploit, hack or bug of any sort… it’s just suicidal stupid.

    It’s been known in any games out there you WILL be banned regardless if the info was to help the company fix things.

    That’s why games usually have a lot of crazy shits they don’t find until way later, like half a year later after ppls already took advantage of it, lol (yes, this happens in all MMORPG games) Such as Dupe, back when RaiderZ first came out (now dead), there was a Dupe that only a handful of ppls knew of, no one said anything until a year later when it was finally revealed by an idiot, but by then, the company have no idea who was doing the Dupe, cause it’s a year later, LOL.

    Long story short… if you want to keep the benefits of anything in game, you should never tell it to the companies.
    Cause for all we know, if the Guild didn’t say anything, they wouldn’t have been banned because the company would think they did the kill Legit. (the company didn’t know they used an exploit at all until some ppls reported it)

  2. Never played this game, never will from reading this. Just give the dude an item or something, it’s nothing for game devs. I do understand that they need to show who’s boss, but banning because they don’t report an exploit… Please… At least one of em wanted to and he just wanted something in return because they found the exploit. Same as google rewards people who finds bugs in their system. Trion man the F up or don’t make a game at all…

  3. THIS SHI T game should be banned, pay to win crap + subscription, expect tonns of bots everywhere, cheaters,scammers ,beggars, bugs and many more ,want to feel u in russia, go play it

  4. Oh no this means these guys are heading too Black Desert šŸ™ . we will just have to put up with them. .lol
    A ban is way too rough & over Blown, As with everything TRION does.
    They should of just de monitored them all = left them with no cash,
    and made them start from level 1

  5. Think there was a bit of confusion on the fourth paragraph. All but one reported but the one who reported wanted a reward? Should clear that up, Q.

    • Hey Tio,

      From what I understand there, one of the members did not participate, he reported it, then made a statement demanding rewards for providing details – then he got put in the same boat for his attitude probably and got banned too.

    • They got banned in the subscription days of aion for harassment and greifing on Tiamat. I helped point them out. I asked for no reward.

      • You just called yourself “good guy gamer” and await praise for not asking for a reward. You are as bad as the guy who wanted a virtual item if not worse, because if he would’ve gotten it he would’ve shut the f**k up about it afterwards, while you just keep talking because you feel like you’ve saved the entire humanity or something lolololol.

        • Assuming someone is expecting praise for something they did just because they said they did it is pretty stupid. I’m sure when you tell people you did something, for example went to the store, they don’t rage at you for expecting some kind of praise that you were able to do something adult-like. Silly trolls.


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