North American ArcheAge players haven’t exactly enjoyed the weekend they had planned out when it comes to the launch of the fresh start servers. Unlike their EU brethren, NA players spent the weekend dealing with lockouts, restarts, and disconnects — and Trion spent the weekend trying to fix the issue.

Their solution? To divide the fresh start server into servers, probably in an effort to alleviate the strain caused by players trying to access it. Unfortunately, players aren’t exactly happy with the solution, and are instead worried about the playerbase being broken up and the chaos it might cause later.

Right now, that doesn’t seem to matter much however, as there continues to be reports of server issues even with them being split. As of now, things seem to be a bit more under control — at least according to ArcheAge who tweeted about 7 hours ago that the “servers have stabilized.” That said, some players have replied to the tweet saying that they are still experiencing issues — one even reporting that they are still stuck in extremely long queues when they aren’t being disconnected.

Hopefully, Trion will get this straightened out today (third day’s the charm, right?). In the meantime, Brasse has already promised some sort of compensation package for players.

If you’d like to keep track of the game’s status and avoid the whole logging in drama until things are 100% fixed, ArcheAge’s CM Celestrata Bloodsong has been posting updates on the game forums. They can be found here.

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  1. I have enjoyed the streaming reviews and comments by QuintLyn on YouTube and appreciate this report. Post 3.0 update, I’d also add that Trion has noticeably increased the difficulty of playing Archeage. Granted, some items were fixed such as health and mana pots that regen over time, and they finally restore a significant amount of each. Other items were nerfed. However, trade packs have been significantly affected. Post-3.0 you now have to spend one Gilda Star to craft a specialty pack and you must have 30K proficiency to build a larder. Broadly speaking, Trion made it at least 15%-30% harder (and more expensive) to craft depending on what you’re making. In fact, just about everything got more expensive. Several of us predict that Trion will open a cash shop to sell gold, gilda and other items to slow, if not stop, their financial bleeding on this game. Add two new races that everyone will want to level up (so they keep playing Archeage) with no level cap increase and it becomes quite apparent what the motives of this “update” have been. The mobs are all slight variations if not clones of already existing animals, monsters and broken androids. Sure, a few new things were added but have very little impact on the game play, mechanics and the community. Family quests now!? Seriously!? Now you have to buy a “Family Certificate” for one gold to add a family member! Hahahaha! See what I mean? It’s all focused on money (e.g. gold). For me this patch is the last straw, the downward spiral of a self-centered company whose solutions and mismanagement are consistently detrimental to the player base. SOE did the same thing to the SWG community and it’s happening all over again in Archeage.


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