Armored Warfare Altay

It takes a long time to build a tank in real life. Apparently, it takes somewhat less time to build a tank in a video game.

The tanksmiths at Obsidian Entertainment are putting together the Turkish Main Battle Tank Altay for inclusion in a future update in Obsidian Warfare, and it looks like they’ll beat the real thing to market by a full year. The real Altay is apparently ready to enter production and is just waiting for the government contract to give it the go-ahead.

What all that means is that the real Altay won’t roll off the assembly line until 2018, while Obsidian plans to get AW’s version of the Altay into the game by 2017. Hey, maybe the Turks can take it for a test drive in the game before they roll out in the field?


  1. Pay to win? Must be confused with that other tank game. Hey nice to see more tanks being worked on, the introduced into the game. Well done and keep up with the great work.

  2. I am Turkish citizen, i have to say it, in here this tank announced one of the best tank in the world ever been produced. But i don’t know what is known by other countries about Turkish MBT’s. I is the one ultimate tank for Turkey army. So please try your best at the developing this tank. It’s much more significant for us than other countries who play this game.

  3. Its not that odd I think, the prototype exists after all and its based on an already existing Korean design. If you look at War Thunder and to an even greater extent games there are a lot of tanks/planes/ships that only existed as prototypes or in some cases as blueprints.

    In a few cases for Wargaming they have implemented vehicles that apparently have never existed at all, not even as a proposal or a doodle on a napkin.

    What has some people ticked off is the presence of the Russian navy in World of Warships when most of it was actually blockaded during WW2, while the Royal Navy (The largest in the world until the US Navy surpassed it) is nowhere to be seen.

    • Yess, and what about WWW2 French tanks, But wargaming does not care about the real history…The first plane in WOWP, in the german line, is a direct copy off a Fokker(dutch desisgner how build planes for the germans in WW1. So Were is there History!!

    • all Wargamming tanks were blueprinted that never came into production or were real tanks there is no made up tanks sorry to burst your bubble


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