A new trailer has been released showing off all the current classes available in Twin Saga. There are ten classes altogether and players start out with four of them: Swordmaster, Mage, Dragonknight, and Gunslinger. The other six classes must be unlocked to be usable.

Players can play as different classes on the same character using the ability to swap out classes whenever they are out of combat. To make this work smoothly, the developer made some character skills universal to all classes. This allows everyone to fill a variety of roles when needed.

Players can check out all the classes during the beta.

Signups are available on the site.

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  1. Its their third game from the same developer, games with fans have similar titles launched with similar art styles… since u know, its the same developer and staff again. So if u dont like it, dont play it or stay away from aeria? I mean, random rant is getting old here, older than the styles u all criticize so much… Not like it’ll change anything right?

  2. Looks like the same shit as eden eternal, how many more games are they gonna’ copy paste? Just because they have a different name doesn’t make them any different. This company is beyond disgusting, not to mention p2w in every product.

    What a disgrace.

  3. Another asian shit copy paste game, half naked kidds with ugly pokemon faces and huge b oobs, baloon like mobs like in every asian poop., maybe its ok for asian market but no on e liks these copy paste aniem games in west!

    • Wow, you have such a dirty, dirty mind if that is what you see here…
      This is probably the least sexualized game I’ve seen in the last 10 years. Watch the trailer again m8, all classes are fully clothed from top to bottom, they do not show even their ankles ffs!
      Half naked? huge b oobs? What are you talking about?
      The game might be good, might not be, who knows until release…


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