If you’ve purchased a Twin Saga Founder’s pack, then we have good news for you. Aeria Games has revealed that Founder’s Beta will commence August 9th. In addition to this, the developer also released information about the free-to-play MMO’s combat system.

The Twin Saga combat system allows for class-swapping on a single character, giving players the ability to adjust their playstyle on the fly and react appropriately to different situations. Each class has three Ultimate Moves available to them that they can use after charging their SP gauge in battle.

In addition, players can recruit Senshi to fight alongside them. These companions have their own abilities and Ultimate moves to use during combat.

More details on this combat system are available on the game’s site.

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  1. Every time I see “Aeria is bad” i have to smile. It’s just like every other publisher and I never saw any game where ppl wouldn’t rant over publishers.
    Aeri is bad as much as you make it bad.
    Nobody forces you to pay real money, nobody forces you to be smartass and try to cheat and support bots, it’s all about how greedy YOU are, not Aeria.
    I’m playing their games for years and I never bought anything needed in game, it’s all about cosmetics and how fast you want to look “the strongest and the best looking”.
    Comparing to other publishers where you buy game AND have to pay for sub every month + 100 eu and up for expansions, Aeria doin great job actually.
    If you don’t like their games and work – stay away. Simple as that. But no need to be negative cause of your own mistakes and to ruin experience to other existing or future Aeria players.
    Have a good day 🙂

  2. Never had any problems with aeria games, the games always follow the same concept. Play till u reach the *soft* level cap. enhance your armour to +10 easily with hard work get them to +15 but you’ll really struggle to get to +20 without spending actual money. All cosmetic items are item shop but are buy-able from players with gold. All in all the games can be fun but i doubt you’ll make this your main mmo unless you spend cash on it.

  3. I was banned from them a few years back for nothing. Tried logging in after a few months away playing other games . When I came back I was ip banned.

  4. Aeria is trash, don’t bother with this company. Remember buying 20$ worth of points in Eden Eternal, I stopped playing for a month and came back just to find out I was banned. They didn’t even tell me why yet I got charged.

    Stay away from this company, there are better stuff to play elsewhere, I promise.

  5. Oh hey, Aeria Games! The people that will literally IP ban you because you arn’t buying from their cash store 🙂

    Don’t believe me? Look it up, It happened to alot of people.

    • for gods sake do more research it only happens to people if they buy AP from a third party website wich most of the players that got banned for it did

      just don’t do retarded stuff like buy gold or buy cash shop money from third party websites and you will be fine i bought ap in aeria and left for 6 years then i came back and my account is still fine. freaking pinoys and indonesian people are retarded sometimes funny how countries riddled with scam artists get scammed by third party websites

    • Oh now I get what your saying but I don’t know if they really are bad publishers since I never played their games before but yeah I agree with Hovsep buying gold or cash shop money from third party websites those people who run the 3rd party websites are just scammers they don’t care what happens to your account all they want is your money it’s why they run 3rd party websites to try to trick people into buying from it for cheaper prices.


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