Until recently, if a developer wanted to get their game released on Steam it had to be feature complete and labeled as such. But with the introduction of Steam’s Early Access program, indie devs can now publish their game through Steam all while they continue development.

The setup is win-win for the small developers, as it helps them build a community while simultaneously helping finance the final product. So it may be a bit surprising to learn, Ubisoft a AAA studio, also saw it as an opportunity to be the first major publisher to release a game through Steam Early Access.

That game just so happens to be Ghost Recon Online, a Free-to-Play session based shooter set in the near future. The choice for Ubisoft to debut GRO on Steam through Early Access may be strange to some, given the fact the game has been in open beta under Ubisoft’s own Uplay platform for well over a year. In fact, it can easily be argued the game is feature complete, as recent major updates have mainly consisted of balance changes, cosmetic item additions, and occasionally a new map. But it is clear Ubisoft sees Steam at the very least as a valuable platform for expanding its community past the relatively limiting confines of Uplay.

Ubisoft has yet to announce when GRO will officially debut on Steam’s Early Access page or whether the studio plans to offer exclusive item packs or other items for sale through the program as a way to gain “early access”.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. 1 of the best shooters imo that focuses A LOT on how a team plays and not how an individual plays which is good but bad as well cause its better if u play matches with people who u know and are your friends and there wont be this awkard moment when u use mics to shoot people although its true it has sometimes 1 player that will own u with 1 shot from his gun(as mentioned above me although sayin he will with a shotgun from long distance is takin it too far)but overall if u play it cause u like the whole stategy/team based thing in it you’ll most likely have a good time there will be some “rage” moments but overall i think its a great game to try and going to steam is a great idea imo at least for GRO it is

  2. Putting it on Steam is fine. Steam isn’t just a bunch of mindless zombies who will play anything and make it popular just because it’s there. They may try it out because it’s there, but if the game doesn’t cut it they’ll abandon it fairly quickly.

    Calling it “Early Access” when it’s been out some time is sort of a stretch though.

    Also if you’re a PC gamer, there really is no “them” when talking about Steam. Steam represents all of us and has been a great place for PC games since most stores stopped carrying them. It is *our* game store for all of us. Being that it’s full of bunches of anonymous people, you find the usual jerks there as you do all over the rest of the Internet. But you also find nice people of all ages, genders, races, etc.

    I like having a central place online that stores most of my games for me automatically too along with game saves for lots of them.

    Steam isn’t in it because they have a big heart and just want to help us out, but they certainly have been a huge help and force for PC gamers and games.

  3. It’s a fun game, but way to many micro transactions, items locked by such in some cases, and the grind to earn gear with in game currency is steep.

  4. This has nothing to do with “development” and all to do with dying player base, need more cash, go to the sheeple consumer hoards at Steam”. RaiderZ is another great example of this. In EU it was launched by Frogster turned RUnewalker. and US by PWE. EU died for obvious reasons. PWE assumed “global”. And now they are going to STEAM as well. XD fail fail fail. Steam needs to not accept every piece of turd that falls from the sky.

    • What steam accepts depends on gamer votes.
      About player base i dunno but sounds legit, steam is a great way to revive pretty much anything.

  5. Hey, that is good news indeed. I don’t know why they waited for so long, maybe to make sure the game is good.
    The game is actually really really good, and in my opinion the best for teams. All you find on the market are mostly run and gun shooters, but here you really need to talk and sync with your teams to be good.

    It is really worth trying.

  6. U play? pfft, the jokers seriously compare that piece of crap to steam? p_p just lol.
    These days if u want ur sh!t to get popular quick steam is paramount.
    Speaking of the game… i think i’ll give it a shot.


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