Ultima Online may be one of the longest running games to add a free-to-play mode designed to entice new players and lure back lapsed ones. After 20 years of being online, the developers have decided to add what they’re calling “Endless Journey”. Endless Journey will allow players to play Ultima Online for free — with some caveats.

The new service will be open to almost anyone, although anyone already playing the game will need to allow their account to lapse for 120 days before they can hop in for free. Free players will have access to the game’s content through the Stygian Abyss content. Expansions after that point will need to be purchased.

Restrictions for Endless Journey involve limited vault slots, an inability to place or use a house, and an ineligibility for EM rewards, promotional, holiday, or veteran rewards. The restrictions are still being worked out, so there may be more when the new service launches. It is important to note that Endless Journey players will be able to rent more vault slots for in-game gold or tokens purchased via the game store. However, since these are rented, the slots will need to be paid on regularly or risk being lost.

For further information on the free-to-play mode, you can hit up the FAQ on the Ultima Online site.

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  1. I dont think it will help the game that much, you can “play” almost everything but if you know how the game works you should have noticed that they wont let you use a house, thats because if you dont have one, then your progress in Ultima Online will be alse restricted a lot. May be it will bring back older players willing to pay again after they played this “free mode” that is more like a trial, but in terms of new players that havent ever tried the game, not many will be interested.

  2. About bloody time…AWESOME to that! 🙂
    They’ve been so slow on the uptake of it though.
    F2P will help the game incredibly.


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