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Uncharted Waters has gone back in time to explore the Neo-Babylonian Empire in it’s latest expansion. Ancient Glory launched today (Feb 25, 2016). It introduces a new Mystery Bottle containing a selection of new ships and some other goodies.

Each bottle will offer a random draw from which the player can obtain one of the listed prizes and a possibility at an additional prize from a bonus list.

For full details on the expansion and its mystery bottle, read the full announcement on the Uncharted Waters Online site.

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  1. The stuff in this game are from real history or folklore. I played this game for over a year, it’s definitely not tailored for the modern MMORPG players who just like click here for quest, go there, kill stuff, report, no thinking needed.
    This game is very challenging that you feel accomplished when you get your new ships, leveled up. Very old school MMO, if you can only appreciate it if you are older. I think the people playing this probably average 25-35 years old.
    You don’t get this kind of game in North America because it is made with subscription model in mind in Japan, it’s never intended to be free to play. They simply made it into free to play when they port it out of Japan.
    The free to play games we got here made with cash shop sales in mind when they make the game play. I get access to everything in game and there is no energy bar or running dungeon consume some coin etc crap, I never felt the need to pay for it.
    You should definitely try to see even if you aren’t interested in the theme, just to see what real mmo should be like when they are made with monthly subscription in mind.

  2. The game is a fairly good game.
    I would of played it a lot more if weren’t so dam confusing in its character development system & questing craziness, it seems all over the place and alongside this is set within an old game engine. If this was all updated slightly it would help a lot in keeping players in! Instead of out n’ in n’ in n’ out n in again.


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