AdventureQuest 3D’s next update will fix some of the inventory issues players have been having with the introduction of the new bank vault. The update is (loosely) due next week, so of course, Artix Entertainment has released a video highlighting the vault.

The actual drop of the new bank vault is dependent upon approval of the adjusted game engine according to Cysero who narrated the preview. Players will get one free vault tab, containing 30 to 50 slots depending on player status. After that, they will have the option to purchase up to seven more tabs.

No matter your player status, that’s over 200 slots each. So even if it doesn’t completely fix your inventory issues — and nothing ever does — it will at least help a bit.

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    • I know alot of people disagree with you dude but this time your 100% right. Don’t get me wrong but we all know they are an indie dev studio but this shit is really paid 2 win the devs deny it obviously but they deny it for all their games but it’s pretty obvious. They got alot of ways to make money without pulling stupid paid 2 win stuff like making us purchase bank tabs and inventory tabs like they do in their other games. I know they give us some for free but it’s a scam if we gotta pay irl money to have full use of our inventory bag or bank slots. The devs need to find other ways to make money like seriously it’s one of the main reasons why I stopped playing their games.

    • Honestly the concept is great and I hope it does but the way the company does their games I doubt it will anytime soon. They would of likely did weekly releases to if they could I’m glad they can’t weekly releases ruins the game just look at their old money maker AQWorlds it had alot of players and now not even 10,000 people play it.

      • For AQWorlds? Yeah it’s been at an alltime low since 2014 and it’s pretty sad the game was good to but Artix entertainment has quantity over quality on most of their games which is pretty much why they don’t have the amount of players like they want. And I been in AQ3D since the tech demo I quit after open beta because it feels like it’s just going down the same path their old games did. Better off playing a game where the devs actually put quality and quantity and not lack quality and have a spam of rares in the game every week. if you haven’t played their older games they release rare items every week it’s just unstable for the ingame encomeny. And the the players who can afford all the rares they release every week talk about how cool they are because they got all these rares it’s just bullying and toxic. I like rares and all but I think weekly releases is a bad idea it’s probably unlikely they will realize it anytime soon but I wouldn’t recommand this game if you asked me for advice about this game. Even world of warcraft from blizzard entertainment isn’t as greedy as this company and I know they are an indie dev studio just incase anybody tries to say oh but they are an indie dev studio they just need the money. But it feels like a scam just being real.

  1. But what they don’t tell you is you got to buy each slot for bank and inventory for micro currency. Their company does that in almost all their games. They do give you a limited amount of slots for free but they make you buy the rest for micro currency it’s how they work it’s a cash grab and not a good move in my opinion but I’ve played their games in the past and AQ3D beta testing they are bringing some of their bad habits to their new game. Your better off avoiding artix entertainment. I know I am.

    • they need the cash to continue building the game nothing is for free and pay the unity 3D upgrade and the team despite that free players still get a good amount of bank inventory space

    • Of course any MMO team needs cash but they are the first ones I’ve seen that charges money just to buy inventory space it was one of the things that I disliked about their games. Also I know they are an indie developer studio and they rely on strictly only the users but seriously in my entire life I have not seen anybody besides artix entertainment charge money for micro currency. I know they give a good amount but I want full access to my inventory without paying for it I threw in alot of money into the inventory system on AQWorlds then they tried selling me more when they implemented and I just gave up. I know I don’t need it all but some people like me want the entire use of the inventory bag and bank slots and it’s messed up how they are charging us just to get entire access and just gonna add more slots and charge people for each slot it’s just not worth it in my opinion it’s why I quit playing their games it’s like you pour money into it and they just keep wanting more. For example I poured a good amount of money in it and then they just kept releasing rares weekly and new inventory slots by selling them and bank slots by selling them and promos. It’s just a never ending of them trying to beg for money from the users it’s not worth the hassle your better off playing World of warcraft at least they don’t take as much money from you as artix entertainment does from my experience and I’ve played world of warcraft.

      • Sorry I mean I have not seen anybody besides artix entertainment charge for inventory space. But their games are alright I do admit that they are heavily paid 2 win and they got some paid 2 win dress up games like AQWorlds. People claim it’s not but it is by the way it is nowadays. But most of their games are bascially heavily paid 2 win.


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