Viking-Themed Season 12 Kicks Off Today In Conqueror's Blade, Brings New Units And Reworked Maps

The time of the Northmen is here.

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Conqueror's Blade Expansion

Medieval tactical MMO Conqueror's Blade rolls out Season 12 today, returning the Vikings into the fray with new units. But that's not all: beloved maps such as Broch Eastray are reworked from the ground up.

The free seasonal update, "Helheim," puts the Northmen up front as they re-establish their empire on new and distant shores. Players will enter fierce battles on the Borderlands and Ungverija, completing the campaign across Siege, Field, and Territory War modes. Coming with the new season are two unique Viking-inspired Units: the noble 4-Star Huskarls that can inspire allies and the vicious 5-Star Varangian Guards that can switch between swords and shields or axes.

Following those new units, developer Booming Games has released reworked versions of fan-favorite maps today. Earlier, we mentioned Broch Eastray, but the map Aurelian will come on June 27, with Heilung Fjord releasing on July 18. In the case of Heilung Fjord, though, Booming plans to include new rainstorm weather. "Rain will pour down with thunder and lightning wrought by Thor himself," says the developer.

Are you going to conquer new yet familiar battlefields and enlist some Vikings into your entourage today? Let us know below!

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