Mad Otter Games has finally announced a release date for the upcoming Villagers and Heroes expansion, Starfall. Slated to debut on September 27, the expansion will bring some big changes to the game, including an entire loot system revamp and a new leveling system complete with talent trees.

Speaking of leveling, the expansion will include a level cap raise (to 90) as well as new zones (7 of them rolling out over time).

With the announcement of the official launch date, the developers have also provided a list of things players will need (and/or want) to know. First… There will be goodies. On launch day, players will receive a free mount, sockets, talent reset points, and an outfit.

Next, the developers want players to be aware of things that will be impacted by the changes coming in this expansion. Because of the massive changes being made to the systems in the game, players can expect all auctions to be cancelled on the day of the update. Items will be sent back to the seller and all fees (deposits and bids) will be refunded. Mail will also be affected with any items in pending mail being bound to their recipient. Next, if you have any equipable combat gear in community vaults, you may want to grab it. Because it will be deleted.

As for refunds. Players can expect to be refunded the original gold cost on enchantment runes applied to items, gnogmented gear, and any item shop items with talents that have been removed from the game. Combat gear will be converted into Stardust that can be used to obtain new items. Despite this conversion, the husks with the item’s appearance will still exist allowing players to preserve their look.

Players who have unused legacy enchantments will want to use them before the update. If the item is on the character, there’s nothing to worry about. but if they’re still attached to an item they will be lost.

  • If you have an item that has an unused version of Yorick’s Fervor rank 1 (legacy version), it will be replaced with the new current version of Yorick’s Fervor.
  • If you have an item that contains any form of Winged Helm Speed, it will be totally lost. Use it or lose it
  • If you have an item that contains any form of Fleet Feet (cheetah boots, winged slippers), it will be totally lost. Use it or lose it.

Finally, the developers provided a list of bundle items that will be removed from the game’s system. If you have any of these bundles and would like to keep them, you’ll need to open them now.

  • Easter Outfit Packages from more than 2014 or before.
  • Christmas Outfit Packages from more than 2014 or before.
  • Halloween Outfit Packages from more than 2014 or before.
  • Valentines Outfit Packages from more than 2014 or before (this was before Sugarsweet Summit, so all Sugarsweet stuff is fine).
  • Crafter’s Crate
  • Crafter’s Pack
  • Enhancement Kit
  • Experience Bundle
  • Farmer’s Bag
  • Fisher’s Pack
  • Medic’s Bag
  • Miner’s Pack
  • Picker’s Pack
  • Soul Cauldron
  • Survival Pack
  • Survival Trunk
  • Travel Bag
  • Traven Bundle
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