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About the game:
Title: Villagers and Heroes
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Mad Otter Games
Publisher: Steam

Villagers and Heroes (previously A Mystical Land) is a fantasy MMORPG from Mad Otter Games with a vast multiplayer world, easy to learn user-interface, and deep gameplay with many unique components. The game provides thousands of hours of exploration and challenge in the Seven Realms, which are populated with quirky characters and ghoulish beasties, through hundreds of quests and an array of different gameplay styles.

Wield a mighty sword forged by your own hands, don a magical cloak spun from the wool of your own sheep, let fly blazing arrows crafted from the trees in your backyard, or trade them for a basket of your neighbor’s freshly picked apples. Plant a garden, join a guild, build lasting friendships, explore the wonder and mysteries of the Seven Realms. Villagers and Heroes is currently available through Steam and Facebook.

Explosive Features:

  • Open Sandbox World
  • Custom Villages
  • Intricate Crafting, Combat, and Build Choices

Featured Video

System Requirements

Villagers and Heroes Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.2+ GHz / AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 2.6+ GHz
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 750MB of free Space
Video Card: Graphics card with 512+ MB

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  1. This game very good. This game has literally the best free to play model ever. NO PAY TO WIN, absolutely 0% pay to win elements, since it doesn’t have pvp in it. And no pvp turns player away from even trying this. So it has become so underrated. But this one is a HIDDEN GEM for sure. If more players join in this game can be where one can waste their life into, a very livable environment. This truly gives you that nostalgia MMORPG feel when you play it. I Like It.

  2. The game is now called Villagers & Heroes. It’s not a browser game and it’s also not in open beta anymore. Very disappointing MMOBomb, you don’t even keep your stuff up to date.

  3. to be honest the game is about life in the old days so if you want to learn about history you should play but the game is so peaceful that when stressed you should definitely play\

  4. i agree to the comment above me
    i mean at first i thot this game was pretty awesome for a browser based game n then when i tried to play it, it said DOWNLOAD.

  5. This is NOT a browser game simply because if you HAVE TO download a standalone client to play the it’s NOT browser based end of story.

  6. This game might be made by an big company but it says You aren’t allowed to play

    It might say No Download i swear you have to download this

    Indeed a copy in Runescape same graphics are the same

    Ugly avatar faces that give me nightmares

    Hacking is very easy they should make some kind of hack protection

    Sherwood Dungeon type questes

    No PVP should me fixed

    Filled with bugs

    5 STARS


  7. This game has been around for around 3 years now. It has evolved from a Facebook / browser only game and now has a downloadable client. It can still be played in the browser, but there is a plugin download that’s required.

    The game also changed names not too long ago. It’s original name was A Mystical Land, but now goes by the name Villagers and Heroes of a Mystical Land.

    It has come a LONG way since I played back in beta. The developers truly do listen to the players and are very quick to respond to support, and have implemented many many player ideas into the game. It is really not comparable to any other game I’ve ever played. I would encourage anyone to give it a chance.

  8. addendum: the firefox plugin does not work for me. If it won’t work alongside Ghostery, I don’t think I want this game anyway. Disappointment; looked very interesting.

    • Look at the most recent comments about this game; it tells that the game “evolved from a Facebook / brwoser only game and now has a downloadable client” (Love AML, September 27, 2013 at 3:13 pm) and that it’s called “Villages And Heroes” now.

  9. This link takes me to a game with a name different from that listed in this article. If it’s the same game, but they started over for some reason, fine – but I wish the main article were updated or replaced. This is the 2nd time in just a day of browsing your site that I’ve found a link doesn’t go where you ‘advertised’ it would.

  10. this game doesnt have good graphics , but it offers a lot of activeties in it like crafting and i give it 2 thumbs up

  11. I fell in love with this game at first, especially for the non-linear progression, but refuse to continue playing because of the fatigue system. I can’t stand games with energy; adding it to AML reduces it to nothing more than a fleshed-out facebook game. It’s a huge shame because this could have been amazing.

    • It no longer has “energy” that limits your play. It seems the developers listened. (as of 7/2014).
      I have played this game all afternoon and have enjoyed it. Not heavy in the battling 0 sort of reminds me of Pokemon battles, but it isn’t QUITE

    • It no longer has “energy” that limits your play. It seems the developers listened. (as of 7/2014).
      I have played this game all afternoon and have enjoyed it. Not heavy in the battling, sort of reminds me of Pokemon battles, but it isn’t QUITE turn-based. There is PVP but not everywhere, or you can battle npc’s. Yur village can attack other villages. Lots of quests and hidden quests and things to do. Very social. Laggy on my PC, but I turned down the graphics and it is fine. If you like a game MORE social than warfare, you should give it a try.

  12. The download is just a Stand Alone Client to run the Browser based game. But it can also be played through the browser with sign in through Facebook, Windows, etc. You do not download the game!!

    Yes, it’s MAC playable

    It’s a PVM …NO PVP

  13. I played this once before the graphics need a major improvement, and the story is practically non-exisistant. It’s good game if your bored or have nothing better to play but I suggest you skip this game altogether.

  14. I thought it said ‘NO DOWNLOAD’ . . . almost all of the games on the ‘no downloads’ list you actually do have to download.

  15. Been playing game for few months. It is one of the best games i have played. The community is the best and most helpful. Unlike other games the developers listen to your suggestion and do incorporate it whenever they can in the game. The game is energy based and gathering and crafting can be boring but overall the game is totally fun.

  16. Very solid for a browser game but it has one of my most hated features; Fatigue system. Same thing that keeps me from enjoying a certain monster hunter clone despite my love for the MH series on consoles.

  17. after playing this game, i wasted most of the time with loading screens, plugin crashes most of the time, it will take forever before you even start playing the game. energy is bad, and you won’t be able to craft much. only cash shop users that can get as much energy as they wan’t will be able to craft anything. evrytime you die ur be weak for the next 5 minutes. game has low playerbase, and since u will need a party very often , u won’t find party members.

  18. the game is nice but…it has no pvp, login screans take forever and most of the time game crashes. the item’s from cash shop are a MUST, or u won’t be able to craft often, revive fast.

  19. Yes, agreed` to all, it takes one small download , but it takes very small space and it goes fast and you can play in no time! This game is exciting, except for scary faces, who more fit in Scary Maze Game. 🙂

  20. Damn it, my previous comment was deleted ( think) oh well… i absoloutely agree to Required Name’s comment. No more comments to his/her/its post needed.

  21. Right… I cant review this because it want run for me for some unknown reason. It says no download required right before you have to download to play.. its very small but still i dont like being mislead.

    Other than that i cant say anything.

  22. It’s a great game! Quest – Craft – Characters of players – great comunity – good players …. and not install the game….. I love this game …. GREAT GAME REALLY!!!

    • It doesn’t say that at all. The message you get is from your computer. Anytime you try to DL something from the net, your computer will warn you the file COULD be potentially harmful. This is because your computer doesn’t know whether or not it is.
      That’s where you decide if you want to DL it or not. It’s up to you.

    • The game wont harm your computer,are serious.the company would go broke,the game is very good,nice graphics,bit slow at points,but could be i am sharing the internet.Alot of crappy games out there,but this one isnt one.And i have played alot of games in 40 yrs.

  23. game is good if you have nothing else to do but id still prefer just screwing around unde rlvl 20 on wow trial or playing crystal saga origins or dark orbit. This game id say isn’t anything special at all its your everyday game trying to make a name for itself

  24. Just started playing and I have an iMac. What do you want for a free, browser game? The game is just something to do when you have a few minutes to kill. Me, I like any 3D game and the graphics aren’t half bad. Many games like this one have the player collect and bag items. I always say give a game a try before bashing it.

  25. I dunno, this game made me both want to punch everything in it in the face, thought I am still interested… Which pisses me off… Because its crap.

  26. A few things.

    1) Facebook is not a “platform”, it’s a website.
    2) This is not a “Facebook Game”. It’s just one of many PBBG’s. FB is a promotional tool. Saying it’s a FB game is like saying that a carwash is a Yellowpages business because they are listed in the yellow pages. Dumb.
    3) You really need to ad dates to your articles so readers can see how out-dated these articles are.
    4) This is not a “review”. This is a just a brief article. A review actually lists the good, the bad, and the ugly about a game and you have done none of this.

  27. a big game and doesnt have much lag, it does get boring, although the /whisper then typing in the player name before whispering MUST be fixed, other than that its a horrible game, although the commuity isnt that good

  28. I’d like to try this but when I go to the site and try to sign up for ope beta it says I am not authorized to even try it… I have no idea what that is supposed to mean lol. I hope they actually start letting people try it, it looks really neat.

  29. this game is advertised s no download but once you first try to play it it has to download a bunch of stuff wtf

  30. Love this game! Used to be on facebook games and find that I don’t have time for facebook since this has been out. They are making changes all the time. Most are good. Love the filters they put in for language etc. They are still working out a few bugs. To be expected I guess. But, they are quick to find and fix problems. Very few loading issues. I cant say enough good things about it. I’m hooked. Lol

  31. I have played this game since it finished closed beta, and its amazing. I would recommend to give it a try, it is a big game and doesnt have much lag, it doesnt get boring, although the /whisper then typing in the player name before whispering MUST be fixed, other than that its a good game, although the commuity isnt that helpful. Also the game has a nice skill set, also there Bounty system is nice, you look at a list of bounty’s (Bosses) and you get a lot of Experiance and money to kill them, Good graphic’s, Good gameplay, Good weapon design. But the game lacks creativity, There armor is bland and plain, each class has one type of weapon they can equip, and the character creation isnt that great, but decent enough that not many people look the same, Game reveiw for me.

    Graphics 8.5

    Gameplay 9.1

    Total Reveiw 9.4

  32. AML is actually not bad. I don’t think its anything close to runescape. Thats like saying if a game has a sword it must have ripped off Zelda…

    Anyways its worth a try.

  33. Yeah this game is highly anticipated and we have actually worked with the developers.
    They finally made it.
    Wishing them the biggest luck!

  34. Is this trying to be another Runescape? Because it seems to have “skills” in the most random of aspects. For example, you gain experience in some bug watching skill if you watch a mound of termites. Wtf?

    The graphics are nice for an online game, but the game itself needs a bit more polish. But hey, it’s still in beta.


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