Vindictus Episode 9: The Song of Doom

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Vindictus Episode 9: The Song of Doom has arrived. Nexon America ’s award-winning action MMORPG Vindictus receives the Song of Doom content update, which adds all new features, challenges, and Halloween themed events. Players will be able to experience an additional dungeon on Hero mode, uncover the mystery in the new area Albey Ruins, and fight four fearsome new bosses that hold the materials to crafting powerful new weapons and armor.

Players can now return to the sewers of Rocheste to battle the Lizardmen bosses from episode seven on Hero mode. Bosses like the mighty Ingkara have returned with a vengeance, and they now hold the keys to powerful item enchantments for mercenaries brave enough to defeat them.

Additionally, four new bosses await veteran players, including Shining Shakarr, Black Hammer, Lionotus and Colru. Each boss is terrible in their own unique way, and players will have to band together to defeat them. Some of the rewards available from the Hero mode and Song of Doom bosses include long forgotten enchantments that have been recently unearthed to give players the edge needed to secure victory. New armor and weapons for level 61 heroes are also available to help players conquer their greatest challenges yet.

As the season’s mood grows more sinister, the landscape of Vindictus likewise evolves. Players who venture on the town’s daily quest will spot Fomors appearing around Ainle with pumpkins on their heads. Defeating 30 of them will yield a distinctive title, and the end boss of the daily quest drops a special treat. Likewise, trick or treating in the town of Colhen for the strange traveler at the inn yields its own unique title. Additionally, players level 10 and above can accept a special quest from the strange traveler and battle Fomors in a race to destroy a giant pumpkin to receive a unique Halloween hat.

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DaividNova 12 years ago
Lol NexonEu is peace of shit, Vindictus EU even worse, I had higher frame rate on Vindictus NA with a proxy and in an instance with guys all over the world, than in Vindictus EU with the guys from EU... it is so stuped.... If my old proxys would work I would be playing Vindictus NA !!!!

Omssadre 12 years ago
Not much good to me, I still can't play it in Australia

gasor 12 years ago
nah vindictus no import... is nexox

Cmr333 12 years ago
They do copy the game... they add languages as well

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zenyth 12 years ago
meanwhile europe playing ep 4 >.> with lame bugs
what is so hard , they copyed the site , why can't they copy the game too ?

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