SOE continues to roll out patch after patch for their sci-fi MMOFPS Planetside 2 which consistently have added new weapons, armor, balance tweaks and facility reworks. Update 8 adds the first new vehicle dubbed the Harasser, a buggy with room for 3 -including Max suits- which when equipped with a turbo, is quite possibly the game’s most ridiculously hilarious vehicle yet (with the Flash a close second). The Harasser allows players to quickly traverse the map in small groups while providing quick strike firepower from both the top mounted gun and the rear seated passenger.

There is a lot more to the update other than the new vehicle, but a large majority of it boils down to weapon balance tweaks and UI improvements. All good things to have in an update, but come on it doesn’t hold a candle to that buggy. The update also adds 3 faction specific MAX anti-vehicle weapons and new cosmetic helmets, including one for the TR which eerily resembles a stormtrooper.

If you’re interested you can read the full patch notes here.

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  1. You know… looking at that lower screenshot in the article makes me think, are the new graphics really giving the artists more freedom, or they actually just making their jobs more miserable. I mean that model on the screenshot isn’t even top of the line and yet, did anybody playing this game notice all those details in the actual game. Do we really need all that bump mapping to experience massive 200 vs 200 player FPS warfare ?

  2. Been playing and yet its hilarious seing one of those with AT guns and GL equiped units.

    Best combo yesterday when it was patched after most players got on there was a squad of 8 AT/GL/MG take out a Cap Convoy after they try to advance to the next área to cap…….i was astonished to see such tactic used and make the Cap units (couple Lightnings, several Vanguards, 5 sundies and some3 or 4 flashes) suffer severe casualties. Till now best update yet and good Weap update for some bugs ingame.


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