Digital Extremes’ latest update for its free-to-play shooter, Warframe, is receiving some seriously negative feedback from players — and at least one of the company’s devs doesn’t disagree. Released last week, the Specters of the Rail update introduced a variety of new features and fixes. Unfortunately, they seem to have broken more than they fixed.

According to one player’s post on Reddit, features like the Junctions forced players to repeat content in order to access new content that just didn’t deliver, the search function added to the market doesn’t work as promised, and Archwing came off as a “janky, rachet, half baked, work in progress.” The list of grievances is fairly lengthy, although Redditor Jigoogly did balance it out with some positive statements here and there. Unfortunately, the cons seem to outweigh the pros by a lot.

The interesting news here is that rather than defending the release, Game Director Steve Sinclair stepped up in the thread and apologized for the issues players were having, even stating that they should have held the update back.

We should have held it back 100%. Sometimes we have an immovable deadline (almost always a marketing promotion) and it twists up our priorities. It shouldn’t but it does. Our QA is not at fault and did their best given the unreasonable scope and time. Your rant is spot on and the only thing we can do now is make it right.

Sorry for the mess. 🙁

Judging from the thread, most people found this pretty refreshing — although conversation did meander into the territory of the game still technically being in beta and whether or not that’s a way for Digital Extremes to avoid the responsibility of issues like these by keeping it in testing permanently.

Hopefully, the issues will be sorted out quickly. But until then, it seems it may suck some of the fun out of the game for players.

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  1. OMG, so many people are whining about the game sucks. I didn’t even realize the change, only the boring Void missions with a fucking timewaster length. The new change make it such faster, its a drop in drop out system. You dont need to recruit people to your group. And people still thinking this is a Pay 2 Win game… Do you know what is P2W? Games like Dirtybomb and games with weapons you can only use for a limited time….Now thats P2W….And here, you can get a weapon for 15k credit, what is one or two mission. And some resource, which is easy to grind out. You guys whine because you played about an hour and didnt get a fucking prime items….

  2. So they stumbbled, who cares? The only people I see complaining are the 15y olds that don’t like the game because they have to actually spend time in it. Hotfixes are rolling in as fast as bread is baked, it’s life deal with it.

    • wow why u so butthurt? stop licking it, they do not need you defending htem they are big boys and ear a lot of money from people.
      so next time do not have a tantrum when people complain. ok ccc 😉

      • It’s not a tantrum and I don’t care how much money people make, credit’s due where credit’s due and people are too used to cry rivers over everything. Besides the only one I see butthurt is actually you about my post.

  3. Very good game i like it a lot, has around 500-600 hours played in it since beta. But that recent update messed everything up so hard, many players (along with me) clearly refuse to play it. I bet they also seen steep drop in the number of online players.

  4. BEST F2P model, all stuff u can get just by playing, u can sell stuff for platinum and buy looks if u like , there is no p2w wapons or stuff, all u can get by playing game.I agree updet sux, i mentioned before, 4gb+ but there is so little new content, they should remove archwings forever and raid puzzlers and conclave(they spend so much time on that sh itt, they can invest more time in pve), im now sitting in game and cant find full archwing team(because less people in team, less mobs,less xp) to level stuff for mastery xp but no one playing it, im fine with other updated stuff its fine, they should improve and fix focus and bring challenging maps(and bosses, i liked this game because of bosses but bosses are challenging maybe for lowest level noobs with unranked weapons) still very noob content, sick of one shot mobs everywhere, no more endless survivals or defenses anymore just super easy and fast missions, im soloing all this stuff, where is endgame content wich was promised many times, atleast no more faking keyshare scammers now, long waited update is here but nothing to do, waiting next update . !

    P.S. Pets are useless, its like cosmetic stuff, they not learned from kubrows anything, very rarely see someone with kubrow and when i see someone with kubrow its just because he leveling him only..

  5. They’re charging money for every little thing in the game including rarish crafting ingredients, practically hiding the fact that most things can be acquired through gameplay and they’re holding conventions with ticket prices prices between $25 and $250 (CAD)…and they have the audacity to try to hide behind “well we’re in beta”?

    • WTF are you talking about, all the ingredients are in game, I played this game since CBT I have not spent a single dime on this game and I got most of the deluxe cosmetic items. You can buy plat through in game trading with people, literally. Plus all of the items are in the store are all optional, pretty much the only thing you need to buy in the game is all cosmetics or pay to progress faster, that’s how it works. If you don’t know how the game works, please don’t make an arrogant comment. If this game is as you have mention, Warframe wouldn’t be where it is now, this game is one of the most successful F2P game out there in the market. FYI with enough time, you can have every resources without even noticing you picked them up.

      • boom i am not sure if you are a troll or just… but you need to calm your self down. stop licking it and chill. the game is becoming bigger and bigger garbage. just because you are too poor to spend one dime on a game you played so long does not mean it is a good game

        • Why would he pay money when he can get everything for free by just playing and farming?
          Just because you can spend money doesn’t mean you have to.


    • all things are free to gring for in this game dont be a prick its the best f2p game along whit poe….. bash swotor bash eq bash dcuo there are lots of worst f2p game outthere that dont desirve the time or money WARFRAME, PoE… are not one of them.

    • Dont smoke too much, u talk total bullshi t :D… go and play swotr,dndo and other fake free to play games with locked content and characters wich u will never get if u not pay real cash, good these games are dead long time, go and check u hardly find any alive person there.

    • You are wrong on so many levels, im surprised you can breathe and type at the same time.
      Never spent a cent on it, still have more platinum (“paid” currency) that i cant even spend cuz i got everything.
      1 drop = instant 200 plat on trade (takes only 2-3 runs). extra warframe slot 20 plat. color palettes , cosmetics 75ish. Rest u can unlock with playing.
      2 hours of gameplay gives you more than 10-20 dollars of paid currency.
      But i guess hating is easier than thinking as always.

      • It’s amazing how so many people cannot completely read what I said, especially the part where I say “most things can be acquired through gameplay”.

        My complaint is that UI of the game is pretty much designed to con new/ignorant players out of their cash. I myself have made several hundred plat from trading (gotta love Prime Vault unsealings).

        My main issue is with the fact that they are actually taking in money(that plat for trade has to come from somewhere and it’s definitely not from the every two-ish weekly dev streams), and are pushing out crap long before it is even remotely tested. They’re not the only ones doing this crap, but the moment you actually start charging for a product you had better damn well actually think it through before pushing it onto your paying customers.


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