Perfect World Entertainment announced its latest MMORPG, War of the Immortals, a new addition to its lineup of popular free MMORPGs. Leveraging Perfect World’s latest Cube graphics engine, War of the Immortals features destructible environments, vivid landscapes and epic monsters.

In War of the Immortals, the evil legions of Ragnarok have returned to Atlantis and players will find themselves in the aftermath of a great battle. With impending doom still at Atlantis’ doorstep, players must heed the call to action and take up arms. Only then will good have a chance to prevail over evil. As War of the Immortals implies, players should expect that the conflict has been escalated with more challenging content, larger scale battles and engrossing PvP.

War of the Immortals will include the following features:

• 8 Heroes to choose from – Choose from eight classes including Berzerker, Champion, Heretic, Magus, Slayer, Duelist, Ranger and Enchantress.
• Unique soul gear equipment – Specifically tailored to each class, these powerful sets of animated gear will grow and change in appearance as players progress through the game.
• Guild Housing – Set up housing for members, plan upcoming raids, trade crafting materials and pick up new recruits to expand your guild.
• Territory Wars – Fight against others for territories and resources as you take your guild to new heights and notoriety.
• Pet Soul System – Further customize your pets through the new Pet Soul system, as well as capture virtually any monster in the game.
• Interactive Environments – Powered by Perfect World’s proprietary Cube graphics engine, dungeons come alive with destructible environments.

For more information on War of the Immortals, visit the official website at


  1. this is boi2 guys – they just thought the so called “expansion” has more to give (and cash for them:)) then just a addon for boi so they made a new game and get your cash again.


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