Another familiar face from Warcraft is taking to the battlefield of the Nexus. Samuro: the Blademaster is the last of his kind to bear the banner of the Burning Blade and seeks to avenge his clan.

An assassin type, Samuro boasts high survivability and complexity, but low utility. His abilities and traits make him a true Samurai. Between spinning blades of death and the ability to mirror himself or enter stealth mode, opponents will have to keep a sharp eye out for him.

Samuro’s abilities are outlined in full detail on the Heroes of the Storm site.

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  1. Very boring one map boredom`and so ugly, even mobile games look much better, blizzard suck, everyone flee from this sinking boat!

  2. I love swordmasters and I love using swords. I don’t use magic based skills or choose a magic based profession as my class unless I have to but my main profession is swords in MMOS and I don’t care if people say swords are lame and that magic based area of effect skills are better I choose what I like and swords are awesome 🙂

    • I probably will I mean I will learn and use magic based skills if I have to in MMOS btu I really perfer using only sword skills since I really love the art of swords and sword based skills. If and when I download revelation online I’ll be sure to check out the swords based classes like blade master class 🙂

      • Please stay out of Revelation, we do not need retards in it. And Poor retards (all us going in cash founders in linked dedicated guilds already. We expect the idiots like you to come in and go away within 3 to 6 months. Hopefully I pvP farm you to rage quit soon 🙂

      • I was actually planning on stopping by revelation online I just didn’t know what phase the game was in since I didn’t check I’m waiting till open beta. I don’t care about being founder and don’t wanna buy my way in as founder I wanna be handpicked to get into closed beta or not at all and I’m probably gonna skip closed beta testing anyway. I’m not really interested in joining till open beta or full release of this game. And idk who you mean retards but you seem like one of the rude people who would harrass players. And it would depend if I quit or not if I like it I would stay longer if I don’t like it I know when the right time would be to quit. But when I do join this game hopefully I don’t run into you since you seem very rude I don’t want to meet rude players I’m interested in making friends and adventuring in the fantasy MMO and having fun.


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