Aeria Games announced that closed beta registration has begun for Waren Story, a new free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG. Featuring an epic adventure and intense PvP warfare, the game’s striking scenery and imaginative detail will sweep players away to an exotic medieval world.

The continent of Waren is divided, and a dark force is stirring in its polluted western lands. Players must choose the path of Warrior, Gunner, Archer, or Brawler and then explore the unique array of devastating skills each class has to offer. These heroes will engage in deadly battles, slay nightmarish beasts, and recruit powerful allies in their quest to restore order to this troubled land.

Players prepare for battle through character customization options with a unique array of weapons and armor at their disposal. As these heroes traverse an endless series of monster-infested plains, they will face a menagerie of dangerous and fascinating creatures. However, the combat here is only the tip of a very long sword; the game’s robust PvP system takes full advantage of its riveting animation, offering a variety of thrilling combat modes. In Waren Story, there’s no such thing as the daily grind, each minute in each battle is an entirely new experience, as players battle equally skilled, and equally deadly, fellow players.

Players can sign up to participate in the upcoming closed beta test at:


  1. So ALT1 Games (same company behind TROY) has sold it to Aeria, can remeber on a beta some time ago. Maybe Aeria ‘refurbishes’ it a bit cause it has been a fail before.

  2. An asian fantasy MMO with half naked chicks and over-sized swords ??!?!!?!!

    What an awesome idea !!! How the hell didn’t anybody think of this before !?!

    So full of WIN !!

    • I believe the new norm will be armor that gets destroyed through combat…
      And the big sword is compensating for something.
      Reminds me of Aika…

      • there was another game that had armor that slowly cumbled… Angel Online or something like that? was in beta when i played it, ended up being idiotic due to the price of fixing your gear.


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