A recent announcement about upcoming changes in Digital Extremes’ free-to-play game Warframe received some unexpected backlash this week. That there was backlash was not the unexpected thing — generally, if there are changes, someone’s not going to be happy. In this case, the unexpected thing was that the angry individuals decided to send death threats to one of the Digital Extremes employees.

After some Twitter discussion about the change, Warframe’s Live Operations & Community Producer stated that the first contact she’d received about the topic was a death threat.

The announcement that prompted this action on the part of the players was that Sentinels were being adjusted to have a Vacuum range of 6 meters rather than 12. Since that time — and after all the angst and threats — Digital extremes has apparently decided to change the range back.

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  1. I really enjoyed warframe (300hours) . Everyday u had something to do and the most fun part is u have to figure out what to do urself. Whether it be finding a blueprint or different parts, it was fun. PLus when u get bored of one warframe u can switch to another. That tentacle guy and excaliber were my favourites.

  2. Warframe is such a boring, empty game. After playing it for 8 hours straight, I felt no motivation to continue doing so, no motivation to buy anything from the cash shop. The only motivation I felt and turned into reality was to uninstall the game forever.

    It’s hard to imagine how simpleminded someone must be to get so pissed off about this monotonous and boring game.

    • The only thing that pisses me off is how F2P games pushes the cash shops on the consumers but that’s one of the many ways on how they make their money so I guess I get it. But from the reviews I’ve seen and this article I read I doubt I’ll ever install it.

      • Uhm, actually the cash shop in Warframe is kinda one of the best. You can get everything in-game by playing…even cash currency, since trades between players is usually done in that currency.

        So no clue what you mean about cash shop is being pushed.

        • I don’t play warframe so I wouldn’t know. But if you played the crap MMOS that been coming out in recent years then you would know why the MMO industry sucks. A majority of MMOs that I’ve played the cash shops been pushed on the consumers yeah it’s because the devs need money since building games isn’t free but it’s like they want us to spend a few dollars here and there every month. And this one game I tried had people spending money on inventory spaces and on a crapload of stuff you wouldn’t even need and they still got a small playerbase like under 10,000 but suprisingly they are still running. I admit this one company makes awesome content but their ideas are awful they release a cralload of content and weekly releases even if the releases sucks.

          • I understand the inventory space and mats part but the game’s doing exceptionally well. On Steam the game has over 20,000 players playing at the same time per day on average. This does not include people who do not play the game on Steam, or the console playerbase (XBox 1 and PS4). We also have to include the Chinese-exclusive version of the game as well.

          • Ah. Well if that is true then warframe is probably good for the people who likes this type of content which I don’t. But over 80% of F2P games I’ve played pushed cash shops and costume shops on the consumers but like I said I get that they need money since building games isn’t free but it’s like they aggressively do it and the level boosts in MMOs isn’t needed in my opinion. Also with the one game I mentioned they also sell bank spaces it’s a place you store items so it’s not in your inventory and they got a house inventory for your house they sell house inventory spaces but give you a limited amount of spaces for the house inventory and leave you with 0 spaces with the bank it’s like only a rich person can play this game so you can see why I’m complaining and the game’s called AQWorlds so you know what game I’m talkin about but it’s like only a rich guy can make it on that game that’s failing nowadays.

          • Never played and keeps commenting stupidly. We all know what crappy mmorpg cash shops do. Moron..

            Any ways, no one apparently raed the article: entinels were being adjusted to have a Vacuum range of 6 meters rather than 12. There are a few other quality of life changes. And as most people put over 500 hours (their life) into a game, wether paid box price, mpnthly, or free, the game mechanics that ruin your fun piss people off./

            I can relate. I remember when playing WoW back in the day and my charished role got nullified by other boosts to other classes so I was no longer a pure healer, I had paladins that heal just as good. Or vice versa, a direct nerf that ruined fun. I never threatened any one though…and if you click on her twitter, it is pretty superficial, so any weeb can say “Change my game I KILL YOU” is as deep as Miley Cirus twitter…. No one cares, but it makes great headlines.

          • I see your still being rude and insulting users cacalips. And just so you know I did read the article since I’m not lazy but if I read an article why would I not read the sub section? That just makes no sense lol try again troll. I mean I wouldn’t read it if it was garbage but this specific section was interesting to me so obviously I read it.

        • I’m actually happy enough to pay some money to get the game if it means they don’t try to put cash shops and costume shops down our throats.

  3. 1. She is a girl and most of them lie all the time
    2. she is involved in a game industry and all of them are scammers/liers
    3. Where is the proof? It is pathetic that this site posted this garbage only based on some girl “word”.
    4. Even if it was true, who cares, it is just some angry person typing stuff.

    • Actually, Rebecca is known to be a drama queen, even I had some interaction with her on the forums. She’s pretty nasty. It can be dismissed as Rebecca being a casual attention whore.

    • haha that’s what I thought. It’s also one of the many reasons why I don’t play on xbox live because xbox seems to be the popular console with the angry kids. I hate current generation consoles so I don’t game on consoles much anymore but when I did it was one of the many reasons why I stayed away from xbox.

  4. Death threats are so impotent they’re hardly worth writing about. Especially in this day and age where people have learned that they can poison the well and garner huge amounts of attention just by faking death threats against themselves and acting hysterical over it.

    You received a death threat? Snore. So has everyone who has ever spent 5 seconds in League of Losers.

  5. 1st, Q… that title mhmm … misleading at best! 🙂
    2nd, Aye the Sentinel changes “ticked” alot of people off I don’t actually know why since the actual change in question was the range at which your “pet picks up stuff for you” (so everyone knows this was not a DPS nerf or anything like that), the actual impact of the nerf was not cool but not one that deserves that treatment either. Worst is it’s a generally widespread feel since I actually caught a couple clan members discussing agressively on my clan this week about that same issue. All in all I guess this is remnants or stacked up disapointment coming for a few months back and DE went in and changed something quite old, core and dear to the players.

  6. Dear QuintLyn, please fix the title of your article. “WARFRAME EMPLOYEE SENT DEATH THREATS OVER ANNOUNCED IN-GAME CHANGES” this title implicitly implies that the one sending death threats is the Warframe Employee, “DEATH THREATS SENT TO WARFRAME EMPLOYEE OVER ANNOUNCED IN-GAME CHANGES” this may be more accurate.

  7. Was such a minor change too. This is quite the pathetic response. And why we clearly need a far greater focus on mental health.

    • Yeah but maybe that’s the problem. Maybe we already spend too much and need to find more traditional means of addressing public mental healthcare.

    • Problem is not in mental health care.
      Problem is in all the innumerable sources of stress that cause your marbles to snap in the first place.

      If everything in life was made with stress reduction in mind we’d have a utopia by now i reckon.

    • Agreed Kaindarkfire I even heard of kids and even seen some kids on various MMOS threatening to sue them or kill themselves for not getting their accounts unbanned or doing similar death threats like this because of minor changes. Mental health is clearly needing more focus on people who scream at video games and have other obsessive disorders with video games that are mentally unhealthy. I’m not saying playing video games alot is bad I mean it is but I’m not saying it is on a unmental scale as long as your mentally balanced and goto your job and pay your bills then I don’t see how it’s mentally unstable since your not threating people and going to your job and just playing video games after work or as a hobby. But if you do stuff like threaten the devs lives with death threats and are mentally unbalanced and harrass the community and or the development team on a daily basis and cry and threaten the games devs when they ban you or IP block you then I would say they need a mental health check with a doctor and possibly commited to a asylum unit. I think people spend way 2 much time on video games which promotes this kind of behavior I mean no one has to play video games but everyone expects it all to be perfect and when it’s not at least somebody throws a fit and theres that one guy who is mentally unstable and does stuff like doing death threats. This is one of the reasons why I quit video games I mean I game sometimes but not as a hardcore gamer as I used to the gaming community is just not the same as it was back in the day in my opinion.

  8. It’s a video game why threaten to murder somebody over it lol? I mean sure we all hate some or maybe all of the plans the developers do but I am pretty sure it’s going a bit far when you do death threats.

    • It’s clrearly that you don’t know the world, a guy slith throated another guy in the same room over an “unfair play”, it’s on liveleak.

    • WTF REALLY!?!?!?!? But Idk what liveleak is but I haven’t stayed on a MMO for a good decent time since none of them are even good since most of them wanna push out quantity over quality so I haven’t seen problems like this. But all I gotta say is I’m glad I don’t play warframe.

  9. With IoT becoming a thing with AI, I think it’s time to have an IQ and maturity barrier of entry into the online world.

    If you get this rallied up over a change in a game, you need a life.


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