Digital Extremes might have a holiday update for its Warframe players, but apparently it’s not going to be the festive, cute stuff we’re used to from most games. Instead, they’ve updated the game with Ghoul Purge Bounties, which features Grineer Ghouls created from sacks in the earth.

There are four Grineer Ghouls, each with their own attack patterns and weapons. They can be encountered via Ghoul Alert, or just by stumbling over them in graveyards. Of course, to defeat them, players will need to be armed properly. Luckily, the developers have provided them with a selection of four weapons perfect for the job: the Corinth — a double barreled shotgun, the Gunsen — a steel-bladed fan, the Quartakk — a four-barreled rifle, and the Stubba — a high fire-rate Uzi.

In addition to the ghoul-fest, the new update also grants players the ability to personalize and decorate their own quarters. Decorations include all kinds of goodies, including action figures, beds, wallpaper, and more.

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