The free-to-play shooter Warframe is due for an update on December 2 and it’ll be bringing an interesting change. When the update (titled The Second Dream) hits, it will do away with one of the more annoying and expensive aspects of the game — the revive restriction.

For the past three years, players have been granted four of the ‘revive tokens’ required to recover from death a day. If they wanted (or more likely needed) more, they had to buy them. But no more! With the launch of The Second Dream players will automatically have their supply of tokens replenished after returning from a match.

More changes are slated to come with the update, but not all of them have been revealed as of yet.

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  1. No need that, game is so easy, more challenging content please, and delete archwing and raid pvp can go to trash too, i dont know anyone who like it, waste of resources for bad content, bosses are so easy, every boss is soloable in no time, cant find normal team without noobs, who start to cry about extraction all the time, my blacklist is huge full of rank 20 epic pussies who cant handle more then 5 waves , shame, there should be content for pro players, existing content is boring because too easy.

  2. I played 500+ hours and never had to buy revives. You have to be really bad, to use up all your revives. And 4 per frame not per account. But the change is really good for the new players.

    • Yes that is true but, revive tokens should not cost any real world money ever. I wouldn’t mind a premium token that will revive everybody, as long as its cheap.

  3. Guess that’s nice, but you get 4 tokens per frame. If you don’t have at least a couple you can use to accomplish stuff I don’t really know what to say. I typically only use tokens when I’m trying to solo certain stuff or just being lazy and careless. If I run out, switch frames.

    Curious to see how many people actually bought revive tokens and how often.

    • I believe that in one of their Dev streams they mention that it was mainly new players that brought additional revives. So this will help remove one of the pitfalls for new players which is always welcome.


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