The first tank to see action in warfare, the British Mark I, was deployed 100 years ago this month, on Sept. 15, 1916. To commemorate this historic event, Wargaming is pulling out all the stops both in the real world and in the virtual World of Tanks.

On Sept. 15, World of Tanks PC will add the “Convoy” game mode for a limited time, which puts players into speedy Lanchester armored cars. One team is tasked with escorting a Mark I across the battlefield, while the other’s job is to blow it to bits. Console players get Trench Warfare mode on the 14th, on the new, heavily wooded Thiepval Ridge map. For mobile fans, World of Tanks Blitz will feature 7-on-7 matches with the Mark I starting Sept. 19.

In the real world, Wargaming will organize an exhibition in Trafalgar Square in London, in conjunction with the Bovington Tank Museum. Among other things, this celebration will include an event where

attendees will be able to watch the Mark I come to life on the streets with a unique augmented reality experience that has to be seen to be believed.

Maybe that’s a little marketing hype, but it still sounds cool. In the meantime, you can check out the 360-degree video about the Mark I and read all about early tanks and the rest of the festivities on the EU World of Tanks site.

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  1. GTFO, your games suck, not fair, just PAY AND WIN ! Ballance sux too, look at tournaments, no one playing tank destroyers, they are useless! Game for nerds who cant win without cheats, just buy golden ammo and win!

  2. Still no PvE, huh?

    Funny how they’ve been whining on how they can’t figure out a way to make historical battles yet refuse the idea of PvE VS Bots.


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