Epic Dogfight: Our World of Warplanes Vs. War Thunder Comparison Review 2

Soon, Wargaming will have a new policy in place with the goal of cracking down on toxic behavior in its games. The policy includes both rewards for positive players and new, lasting, punishment for toxic players.

Effective Aug. 8, the new policy rewards players with no reported bad behavior in chat, in games, and on the forums every 90 days, giving them a small reward, such as Premium consumables or other in-game items. They’ll also be entered into a drawing for 90 days of Premium time, which will be awarded to 50 well-behaved players. One player will also win a yearly drawing for $250 worth of goodies.

On the flip side, misbehaving players will first receive a warning, and then a series of “strikes” against their account. Some severe infractions may warrant multiple strikes. With each strike comes additional restrictions, culminating with a complete ban after five strikes. Strikes will be permanent and will no longer “roll off” an account after a certain period of time has passed. Except for permanent bans, all violations will be reset on Aug. 8, letting everyone start off in the new system with a clean slate.

You can read the complete new policy on the Wargaming site.


  1. Yes genius idea, i can already see it…. everyone reporting everyone to screw them over.
    Just human nature, to go around screwing everyone.

    • “Just human nature, to go around screwing everyone.”
      It is up to us all. Our nature is to help others too. Just try to help ppl and you will see that it can be fun.

  2. Would applaud, but it’s Wargaming at it again, being lazy.

    Anyone who remembers the T-22 will already see the issue with this. Considering how lazy their customer support is, I foresee a lot of griefing complaints being done to screw people over.

  3. The only cons i see here is that toxic players will be ragequiting and accusing other players of combat toxicity just because they get killed (i.e. you do the best you can to kill a scrub and he calls you noob and he’ll proceed to spam the chat of your “noob actions”, or you fight 4 players alone and kill them and someone ragequit in chat with big ‘ol red text calling you idiot or cheater), i even got a warning message from the company, that’s why i left wargaming games a long time ago


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