We’re still not sure when Ascent: Infinite Realm will enter beta in the west (or if it will use a free-to-play model) but we can at least get a small taste of the game’s lore. An official English dub of the game’s opening cinematic has made its way out into the wild and it offers players a short rundown of the events leading up to where our story will start. I’ve summarized the whole thing here for you. But you can skip to the bottom to check out the video.

The game takes place on the world of Harth, which is divided into three kingdoms, the warring immortal races of Vulpin and Ontari, and the Nos — who try to remain neutral. Unfortunately the Nos are caught in the middle, and things look bad for them until they discover the Anti-Gravity Stone. This stone allowed the Nos to develop airships.

As it turns out, this technology will come in incredibly handy as a stranger calling himself the ‘Seer” arrives in the kingdom and tells the king that all of Harth is doomed. The king takes this warning seriously and uses the Anti-Gravity stone to build a giant airship to save his people. It was a good decision because
Harth is eventually bombarded by meteors, resulting in both the Vulpin and Ontari being wiped out– although their souls remained on what was left of the planet.

Embryon carries the Nos to a floating island where they can rebuild their civilization. To make rebuilding easier, the Seer suggested reviving the Vulpin and Ontari to use as workers. The king agrees on the condition that their memories were erased — presumably to make them less violent. All the souls floating around the dead planet rained down on Nusgard and were reborn as the “Children of Stars”.

From the ending of the cinematic, it appears that players will take on the role of one of these resurrected races, rather than the Nos. Although I could be wrong about that. But seeing as these factions are prone to war and immortal, it seems most likely.

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