WB Games is looking for people to create a “new AAA, free-to-play, cross-platform game” out of its San Diego office. That comes via recent job postings on the company’s careers site, such as this one for a Game Systems Designer. The listing also calls for the prospective hire to “Balance game systems and mechanics for a multiplatform free-to-play game” and “Design, tune and maintain the economy for a new free-to-play game from development to live ops.”

First spotted by Gamerant, WB Games posted 10 job listings yesterday, most of which list experience with F2P games in their descriptions. That includes the Director of Product, who should have a “Deep understanding of free-to-play games and the free-to-play games market” and “Strong knowledge of free-to-play monetization strategies”; the Product Manager, who will work with the Director of Product “to define, launch, analyze, and operate free-to-play games”; and a Producer “to help lead the creation of a new free-to-play, cross-platform game from pre-production through to release and into live operations.”

Given that the listings for these senior positions were just posted yesterday, the game they’re attached to is likely in the very early stages of development — probably no more than a rough concept at this point.

The San Diego studio was opened in 2019 and described as being “dedicated to making games for smart devices — specifically free-to-play titles.” The inclusion of “AAA” and “cross-platform” in this project’s description would lead one to believe that this title won’t just be limited to mobile devices, though.

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