Another week, three more free games on the Epic Games Store. One game, you’re all probably familiar with. And, if co-op shooters involving zombies are your thing, then you’ll want to grab it. Mad Dog Games’ World War Z is up on the block, saving you $35 on the base game. DLC is still going to cost you though and ranges from $5 to $10, depending on what you want.

On the complete other end of the gaming spectrum, we also have two indie games. The first is Bedtime Digital Games’ musical action-adventure game Figment. This is one of those trippy games that takes place in a different real — in this case the human subconscious. Here, players will explore a completely hand-drawn world and fight nightmares. Normally Figment would run $20, so this is still a pretty solid deal.

And finally, there’s Raw Fury’s fast-paced action game Tormentor x Punisher. This — normally $8 — game is unique in that everything in the game can be killed with a single hit. The problem is that when they say “everything” they also mean the player character. So, your job is to take down hordes of demons that adjust to your playstyle (You read that correctly) without ever getting hit. Have fun?


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