There are only two days left until WildStar’s next big update hits. The update introduces an all new zone — highlighted in a Deep Dive post in February. It also continues the current world story, so those who haven’t completed that yet may want to get a move on.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Carbine dropped a new video highlighting some of the features players can expect — including a peek at some of the bosses they’ll run into.

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    • Most people don’t like being rooted in one spot just to do attacks. combat is fine. empty promises is what ruined the game for most.

      • Imho, the only thing I hated about it is its Levelling which is very linear and boring and long.Add up to the fact that it will take ages to find a pvp match and an hour for dungeon(if u dps then it will be more),made my friends quit and I followed them since it was boring to play solo. :/

        Although I did liked the overall game-design and its Lore.


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