Wizard101 50 boost

The latest MMO to admit that leveling is boring and people just want to get to the juicy stuff at the end is KingsIsle Entertainment’s Wizard101.

The family-friendly wizarding MMO is now offering a level 50 elixir that will also set a young wizard up with level-appropriate gear, a complete set of spell cards for his or her chosen school, training points, and quest completion as appropriate for a level 50 character. The boost sets a character up to start the Celestia storyline, the second story arc for Wizard101. You must have at least one level 50 wizard to purchase the boost from the Crown Store.

The August update brings a few other new features to the game, including streamlined mid-level quests, meant to make things less “grindy,” and a change in PvP tournament costs for members, as well as a nerfing of crit damage in PvP. There are also UI improvements, new astral magic, fishing quests, and a tribute to a player brought on by the Make-a-Wish foundation.

You can get full details on all the changes on the Wizard101 site.

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  1. Everyone in the comments be like
    “The game dead”
    “P2W af”
    “Wtf is this shit”
    But I personally still play the game, and it’s playerbase aint’ that bad.
    P2W? No. It’s P2P… it’s a big differance … and no, you DON’T have to buy every single area… like someone in the comments said. You can get memebership and you can go trough all areas for free. Buying them just lets you revisit them at any time, with any character, after your membership goes off.

  2. game is not pay to win at all. you have to pay to play it once you hit level 8 though. its free to play because all you need is to play it for 10 minutes and you’ll be hooked like i was about 5 years ago. plus leveling is awesome imo, why would you want to miss the worlds content? i get it when you’re leveling alts but theres no need to do that. it is a kids mmo but i had a blast playing it


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