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Tired of looking at that puny male character while you fish for hours in the free-to-play fishing MMO, World of Fishing? Apparently a lot of players were. So much so that the team at Insel Games decided it was time to make a change to the male character models. The new models are “real men” according to the press release and if you still have a “wimp” model and you want to change it, you can purchase a Character Change Card (using Pearls) to transform into the manliest of men or just reroll a new fisherman. If you like you current model you can stick with it. Female models remain unchanged.

New Pearl Boats have been added to the game as well. These boats are permanent and do not come with the limited time use of other boats.

The team at Insel isn’t done though and they need your feedback. If you are a World of Fishing player, make sure to take a few minutes to fill out their online survey.

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