Frogwares today announced the open beta launch for World of Battles: Morningstar, the free-to-play online real-time strategy game (RTS). With balanced play at the forefront, this fantasy wargame boasts eight beastly races, each with their own unique weapons, tactics and fighting styles. Players can mount up their horned beast or undead-steed and spill onto the battlefield in this challenging game with smooth 3D graphics and tabletop-inspired play.

World of Battles: Morningstar takes players to a fierce mythical land where chaos is the norm and humans struggle against ghastly beasts. In this realm, players will grow their army with over 80 unique units, forming alliances and engaging in fierce single and multiplayer battles, with support for up to 8-player PVP! Choose from power-hungry Knights, hardworking Dwarves, savage Barbarians, man-hating Amazons, mysterious Beast Folk, destructive Orcs, treacherous Dark Elves, or the vicious Undead. Each of the eight races plays differently with unique benefits; experiment with each to find your perfect match. Victories yield both experience and gold; customize your army with new units, equipment and items to tip the scales of war. World of Battles: Morningstar takes aim at boxed retail RTS games, requiring equal parts strategy and quick-thinking to cut down the enemy and climb the leaderboards.

The World of Battles: Morningstar closed beta has already drawn over 90,000 registered players, with 2 billion kills and 5 million battles! To sign up for the World of Battle: Morningstar open beta, visit


    • yeah it sux u have to pay real money for everything or get narcked on by highrt level players wouldent play this if u are poor and want to have fun go dump 50 bucks on shogun total war 2 instead of this pice of shit game


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