City Interactive is proud to launch the closed beta phase for its explosive upcoming title, “World of Mercenaries”. Today anybody with a beta key can download World of Mercenaries from their Steam account and play in the beta for free.

World of Mercenaries is a free to play skill-based and teamwork-focused first-person-shooter developed with Unreal Engine 3, offering  fast-paced game play and a high degree of freedom of movement, among many other features that will be shown in greater detail leading up to the game’s launch.

Play your own way: get into fierce battles and mow down your enemies, back up your team members by blasting from afar; navigate skillfully and master the map; plan your own strategy and have your game evolve along with your style and each map’s unique terrain!

Purists will find a new battlefield for fame and glory; casual players will be more than just targets. World of Mercenaries is all about combat action and having fun!

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  1. Just downloaded and tried to play but there were 24 servers and I was the only player in the whole game… Looks like a time filler but won’t pull me away from CSS let alone CSGO this year.


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