World Of Warcraft Plunderstorm Drops A Ton Of Interesting Stats About The Game Mode

Plunderstorm by the numbers.

Troy Blackburn
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WoW Plunderstorm stats

With over 640,000 matches already played, Plunderstorm seems to be doing alright for World of Warcraft. That's just one of many stats Blizzard released today in video form for the new game mode. A battle royale inside of an MMORPG. Who knew it would be so popular?

There are some interesting stats in this video too, like the most wins by a single player at the time the video was put together was 321. The most popular drop spot is Ar'gorok, while the deadliest location to drop at is Stromgarde so maybe avoid that area unless you're just there for the mayhem.

Tarantulas seem to be the deadliest enemies slaying over 284,000 players. The Pieces of Hate monster comes in with 217,978 kills. Taking on these monsters can require drinking your health brews, of which players have consumed 279 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of the liquid. 1.8 million deaths have occurred by getting lost in the storm.

There are even more awesome stats about World of Warcraft Plunderstorm in the full video below.

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