What better way to celebrate the Holiday season than with tanks and Chuck Norris? Holiday Ops are back in World of Tanks this year, letting players visit a scenic mountain town and bask in the wintry glow as they decorate the village with ornaments and other decorations. The more decorations you get, the higher your Decoration Level and the quicker you’ll accumulate rewards, and at the maximum level (10), you’ll even be able to complete missions from previous years of Holiday Ops. You can get decorations from the boxes you earn in game from daily missions.

You can also get boxes from another mission track, this one featuring World of Tanks’ newest ambassador, Chuck Norris. His reward track includes discounts on researchable tanks, inscriptions, decals, and even Chuck himself as a commander. (Chuck doesn’t actually know how to drive a tank. He just intimidates it into moving.)

Holiday Ops runs in World of Tanks from Dec. 9 until the end of January. Log in after the start of the event to receive a free Tier IV German tank destroyer, the Pz.Sfl. IC. Learn more about the event on the World of Tanks site or the MN2S Booking Agency.

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