When 30-ton tanks go vaulting over hills, a lot can happen. With Update 9.15, the World of Tanks team again spruces up the physics engines, making fall damage more predictable and removing the ability for tanks to get snagged on corners when pressed up against buildings.

Update 9.15 makes a lot of changes to the game’s UI, providing a simplified numeric view of each vehicle’s capabilities, similar to what’s offered in World of Warplanes and World of Warships. You can sort vehicles more easily in your garage and even select your server based on the ping displayed on the login screen. Missions have been made easier, and bonus and penalties for platoon groupings grant players XP rewards for playing with the same tier of tank and punish them for playing with tanks from vastly different tiers.

The dev team’s revising or reworking 38 vehicles, and you can hear the long list of changes in the video above. Props to the VO talent for not stumbling. On the battlefield, a more prominent timer warns tankers when a battle has just two minutes left, base capture status is more easily recognizable, and there are different settings for reticle and zoom.

Update 9.15 is live now, and you can read about all the changes in greater detail on the World of Tanks site.

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