The British are coming… to World of Warships, that is. Update 0.5.13 adds a fleet of British cruisers to the game, as well as making major changes to how captains earn rewards on a daily basis.

Daily missions have been sunk, replaced instead with reward containers, which unlock after level 4. You can open up to three containers per day by accumulating XP; each container contains a variety of items, from consumables to doubloons to additional port slots. Five bonus containers are being offered just for logging in after the update goes live.

The other big news coming in this update is the addition of the British cruiser branch. These 10 new ships are fragile and not meant for long-term, close-quarters combat. They’re highly maneuverable and, with a skillful captain at the helm, they can put on the hurt with their long-range artillery and torpedo armament.

A few maps have also seen some changes, and the UI has been improved. Head on over to the World of Warships site to get all the details on Update 0.5.13.

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