Heroes of the Storm’s newest warrior is a familiar face to fans of World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. The half-orc, half-ogre Rexxar will make an appearance in the Nexus soon, and you can check out his abilities now in a preview video from Blizzard.

Rexxar’s always accompanied by his faithful bear pet Misha, and she’s a major part of his offense. With his basic abilities, he can send Misha to ravage and stun foes and then heal when she gets low on health.

His first heroic ability buffs Misha even more, making her larger and increasing her damage output, while his second, Unleash the Boars, spawns a boar for each enemy hero in range, which attacks and slows its target when it hits. Hmm, I wonder where that idea came from?

Rexxar (and Misha) should be available in Heroes of the Storm in the next few weeks.

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  1. Played HotS since CB. Literaly stopped yesterday. Loaded up LoL… Had x9999 more fun. The mew little tweaks and art changes in lol just made it better. I love each 5v5 totally different groups. In HotS and Smite…. Same predictable champs. Same moves…. Lol armor purchases and rune placements = same character 2-3 different build or play styles. HotS? 1 … They have noyhing. Literal kiddie pool moba. DoTa2… Most advanced… LoL fits right in between. Not so advanced/tactical but mot dumbed down. Perfect for me. And NO HotS is not “casual”. You have to be glued to the screen average 30 min per round. About as much as Lol (but some lol can drag on for 40 min.) And right after a match you hop right back in… So “casual” in moba sort of doesnt exist…


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