ZMR Drones

Talk about your well-timed, and well-named updates — and admit it, you’re humming the Game of Thrones theme music right now, aren’t you?

En Masse Entertainment’s over-the-top shooter Zombies Monsters Robots just got a new patch and it adds four unique little buddies for intrepid monster — and human — hunters to use and abuse. Each has its own purpose, from the grenade-launching Thunderdrone to the lightning-shooting Dragondrone, but my favorite has to be the Lazerdrone, because it uses a “z” instead of an “s.” Lazers!

The Game of Drones update also includes five new maps, a new Assault Ops co-op campaign, a new multi-level Mercs vs. Monsters map, and a total rework of ZMR’s leveling system, which offers more free unlocks just for leveling up, which should make the game a bit less grindy. Did I mention there were lazers?

In the Game of Drones, you win or you die — and then you respawn, so I guess dying wasn’t really that bad, was it? Someone should tell Ned Stark.



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