Adventure Quest 3D







About the game:
Title: AdventureQuest 3D
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Artix Entertainment
Publisher: Artix Entertainment

AdventureQuest 3D is Artix Entertainment’s free-to-play follow-up to AdventureQuest Worlds, offering a fantastic MMORPG experience across multiple platforms. Explore an ever-expanding world, battle dangerous monsters, and capture amazing loot! Experience a familiar world but with an added dimension on your PC, iOS- or Android-enabled device, and play with your friends on their devices, too!

While still maintaining the old-school charm of its predecessor, AQ3D includes many modern conveniences, like the ability to play on the same level as your friends, daily login rewards, exploration achievements, and PvP arenas. As with its previous games, which were updated on a weekly basis, Artix Entertainment will update the game regularly, adding new content and new lands to explore, along with an action-packed storyline that’s sure to please players of all skill levels!

Explosive Features:

  • Charming Art Style
  • Fun For All Ages
  • Frequent Updates

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  1. Hello I am needing to know what software do I need to transfer my aqw items to a save file or desktop computer and later on transfer the items to my new aqw account.
    Basicly I am getting ride of my old aqw account and wanting to save my old items to a different location outside of aqw. Im saving my old items so I can later on transfer the items to my new aqw account. I need your expertise on this so I can do what I need to do.

  2. AQ3D has numerous flaws, in no particular order:
    It’s very grindy. I don’t mind it so much but I don’t exactly like it.
    Micro-transaction for just about everything… buy this, buy that, buy these. From potions to vault space they want real money… it’s quite absurd.
    Content… you get to 17 in no time at all and then you stand around farming for stuff that you don’t even need. I am a cosmetic collector, so I am crafting 1/2 of the stuff in the game anyways (even though I have no space to put it… I’m not paying for vault space, and I don’t see any reason to back the game because it’s been in beta forever).
    It lacks basic features. If they are trying to simplify the genre or re-invent the wheel, ok, but AQ3D has no trading, no economy, no auction and no need for any of it because all you do is stand around collecting gold for that next 4 hour craft. It has no guild (coming some time down the road apparently), no end-game (standing in a circle around a mob, group killing it every 20 seconds is not end-game) and the environment doesn’t captivate you. Crafting isn’t gather and craft, it’s gather and wait… in excess of 4 hours!

    Will there be raids, will there be a way to earn Dragon Crystals in-game, will there be more to do besides fetch-quest and see how much gold you can collect?
    I haven’t played any of AE’s other games, but AQ3D is very boring.

  3. I mean for those people that hate the graphics or how the game works, then just don’t play it. It’s a game that’s made for those people that actually appreciate it. You people always compare it to others. Imagine how boring games would be if the games are just like WOW, like seriously.

    • My main problem isn’t grafic grafic dosent make a game its overwhelming push of ae to force us to grind for every thing in the game non exsistant shops that need gold merge timer boring gameplay that feels like downgrade of aqw but biggest offender is its obviously a push to make everyone use micro transactions…

  4. This game is garbage. This game doesn’t offer anything different from AQW and the original Adventure Quest. It’s literally Adventure quest but just in 3D style.

      • No he’s just saying that this game is bascially just like AQWorlds and the classic Adventure quest but they a 3d version of it. He’s not complaining that this isn’t like world of warcraft. People were expecting that they wouldn’t reuse almost everything from their past games in AQ3D which they bascially did which I think is gonna be one of the things that I dislike about it. I wanted to see new environments and new classes and bascially new stuff and not just recycled and reused things brought over to AQ3D from their old games and I think alot of people would agree. I know alot of devs reuse old items from old games in their new games but I think artix entertainment goes overboard when doing they reuse and recycle old items theres hardly any new creativity what I see.

  5. Well, this are my opinions so far about 1 hour that i played the game, pls don’t judge me only because i played 1 hour, i just needed 1 hour to figure out the direction of the rest of the gameplay, i feel that this game has potential and the dev team behind it is very capable to do cool things 🙂 :
    Maybe there are some misspelling, sorry for that if you find one, english is not my main language.
    It’s a lightweight game and the cross-platform is welcome and innovative.
    The graphics are in tune with the previous games of AE.
    The history and the puns of this game are great as in other AE games.
    Not P2W.
    Is Pay2Play but in a different way than in other AE titles, this one is linked directly with the horrible crafting system more than anything else.
    The crafting system is horrible, the farm to craft something is acceptable in any game but in here you have to farm a lot plus you must wait for your item to craft or you can get it instantly by paying real money, which make the game very repetitive and this grind start from the beginning, you shouldn’t be grinding/farming all that much in early levels. In Warframe for example, you must craft almost every weapon and warframe(class) which make you farm, but that farm is less annoying because the gameplay is more enjoyable and dynamic, the crafting system of Warframe have crafting time which you can finish instantly by using platinum which is the currency that you buy with real money, but that currency is tradeable. The point is that if almost every item will be dependent of the crafting system, make sure that the gameplay is enjoyable enough and in any MMORPG is crucial that not all things should be obtained through a crafting system.
    The controls and the camera still feels a bit clunky.
    The quest system when you finish lets you travel to the NPC that gave you the quest to complete it, but for some reason in battleon this feature teleports you in the area instead of in front of the npc, if you are new to the game or you aren’t familiar with the place, you will be running around until you remember who gave you the quest and where it is.
    All the class at the moment feel the same(DPS), all they feel that have the same role which remove strategy.
    The customization of your character feels a bit poor.
    The stuff that the class shop sells you feels a little stupid, the NPC sells you all the materials so after that you must pay to the NPC so he/she can craft you an item and wait, this feels like the game force the player to use the crafting system at all cost, why the shops don’t just sells you the items already crafted? The basic NPC shops should be able to sell at least basic cheap items to the low lvl players like in any MMO, if you don’t begin to get new items in early lvls you don’t feel that you are progressing.
    Lack of basic “ready to use” armor/weapons from the shop.
    Constructive feedback:
    Remove the entire crafting system and replace it with the loot system of AQW, where some mobs will drop armor or weapons, or revamp the crafting system by removing the gold cost and the crafting time plus reducing a little the farm that some things require to craft, if you are going to keep the crafting system for almost every item, make sure that the gameplay is enjoyable by doing some change in the combat system since for early lvl and inexperienced players if you don’t begin to get new stuff you will feel that you are not progressing.
    The xp and gold that some things gives you i feel it a bit low by the effort that require to do it, for example mission rewards Vs killing some mobs, it should increase the amount of xp and gold that you can win from missions, specially at low levels if you are unfamiliar with the game.
    Add more roles to classes so there will be strategy.
    Add 1 or 2 more skill to the skillset of a class, maybe you can unlock this skill by doing some kind of quest.
    The skill gameplay feels old, i know that AE want to stay close to the the skill systems of AQW but its feel old, they could use something like the skill gameplay of archeage which still have the auto-targeting skill system of the old MMORPG but they added that you could do combos with the same skills and this combo change the animation of the cast, for example the warrior of that game, if you re-cast the basic attack in a certain time it will do a sword combo with more damage, and in that game you could combine other’s skills of the class and get different effects and animations.
    If you are in party, and the mob or the boss die after you died, you should receive the loot if at least one of your teammate survived, or guarantee that you will receive the loot even if you die after the mob or boss died if you did certain amount of damage to him.
    The tutorial i feel that it should be obligatory, when i reach battleon for first time i feel very lost.
    It should be a mini-map and some kind of quest line that shows you the basic stuff that you can do and some tips for what is every establishment in battleon, i really feel very lost when i reach battleon, there wasn’t any guide or something on what to do next.
    Add more customization features to the player.
    Add a shortcut to pick up loot with keyboard.

    The crafting monetization is fine if you guys incorporate a trading, or marketplace system.. make the premium currency tradeable for items and normal ingame currency. If you do this you will also be able to tack the premium currency on more things and it be reasonable.
    Players that have money to burn are often older, they also have less time to play the game. Making premium currency a tradeable commodity the players who spend money will naturally be able to trade this currency for whatever items they don’t want to invest as much time into the game for.
    The players who are younger, don’t have a job and aren’t spending money on the game have a lot more time to farm allowing them to invest that time into trading time sink farming/random drop items/currency to players who spend money on the premium currency.
    This will give players who want to invest the time, access to all the same privileges spending players get. And the game will be fondly looked upon for not being pay to win since it is easily obtainable through player interaction because technically everything is obtainable through time investment even the premium exclusive items & premium time savers. Cash cow players will constantly be injecting premium currency into the ecosystem, and since the only way to obtain this currency is through buying it why do you care who is spending it? More incentive to buy it for the cash cow, and more incentive to spend more time in the game for the kid who plays all summer long.
    Items being tradeable you can reasonably make things way more grindy and rare. And with premium currency being tradeable you can make special cosmetic items priced at really high exorbatant prices as cash sinks of ingame currency for players that have a lot of time to buy, and for players with less time they can trade premium currency for ingame currency to buy these items. And the other way around for players wanting to give large amounts of ingame currency to players who buy exclusive premium currency items. This works even better in a marketplace scenario.
    Plus if you include a marketplace to trade random drop rare items or farmed items you can make all items be posted in an ingame currency amount but have players have an option to buy it with premium currency at whatever exchange rate you should so choose, and the player that listed it will be sent the amount of ingame currency they posted it for. Or on the flipside you could make all items only postable for ingame currency making it more desireable for cash cows to trade their premium currency for all the farmed ingame currency to buy said items they weren’t lucky enough to get, or don’t want to spend the time getting. Thus making premium currency float around even more. I personally wouldn’t recommend the second option though, I do believe seeing an item in the marketplace you want and having the option to just instantly buy it with real money way more profitable for you guys.
    Doing this will also get rid of the whole “Rare” item stigma I see in AQW, the lack of ability to actually get everything is a big bummer and offputting thing to new players. “Wow dude that armor is so awesome how do you get it?, “Can’t get it anymore.”, “Oh.. that’s what the last two guys said too….” Unobtainable items will now instead incentivise the trading of currency & also because of how the rebuyable system works would give players that invest money into the game to resale things that are rewards from things like your kickstarter or guardian purchase to players who missed out on it or don’t have the money to buy it. This kinda stuff would be HUUUGE money sinks in a marketplace scenario where you allow players to buy currency listed items with premium currency. Super profitable because the illusion of rare loot and you keep making money even when the items are gone.
    I see an economy system as a huge chance at good non pay 2 win values, while having tons of reason to actually purchase the premium currency for cash cows to collectors to the new player scared of all the pay2win mentality of games and the idea that everything in the game is rare and unobtainable. I’ve mulled it over a lot and I really think this is the best way to go if you don’t want to scare people away from all the monetization and you really don’t lose anything because all the premium currency in the ecosystem is purchased from you so no matter what you’re making money, and likely more money from all the extra incentive to spend on rare gear.

  6. The game is going to fail. This game doesn’t offer anything different from other MMO’S like “Wizard 101” or “War of Warcraft.”

    The game was interesting and fun for a little while but eventually you will begin to realize how boring and repetitive it is. Everything was this game is average.

    Medicore graphics, boring gameplay, horrible crafting system, grindy as hell and these are only some of the problems with this game.

    Dragonfable, AdventureQuest, AQW, and even Mechquest are more better games than this because those games offer something different from one another and they really hit it home with AQW, but they ended ruining it which I didn’t think was possible from them and they will do the same for this one. This game isn’t gaining enough attention and have people’s interest. It’s over

    • This game is failing on steam reviews I bet they only went to steam because they thought they would get more players. The steam reviewers are kinda harsh but it’s pretty true this game has some flaws that need worked on. I wasn’t gonna comment but I just wanted to say it feels like they took some of dragon fable and some of adventure quest and adventure quest worlds and just merged it into one. With that boring gameplay and horrible crafting and grindy gameplay. I also hate how they force you to pay micro currency for inventory and bank vaults. But I like being able to play it in bed at least but other then that it’s garbage in my opinion.

  7. I would love to see this game be ported to windows 10 store someday so people can play this game on their windows 10 PC or tablet or phone. It probably won’t since not enough people cares about windows 10 but it’s still a thought…. But the reason why I thought it would be a good idea is because not everybody want’s to use steam I thought this was a universal platform like they said. Obviously it isn’t if they aren’t building a windows 10 port. Also before people say oh just use the google playstore or itunes store to play AQ3D well not everybody has a Iphone or a android phone maybe people just wanna use a windows 10 tablet or a windows 10 phone or a windows 10 PC

    • After looking up what an android emulator is on the internet that isn’t worth getting into just to use AQ3D it might be for some people but I rather see an official build then installing an emulator and ect for a silly game obvious. But like I’ve said unless AQ3D builds an official build I like which doesn’t involve linking my steam to their game I use I’ll pass. For now I’m probably gonna play other games since Artix entertainment doesn’t got any good games I like. I like AQ3D but not sure how to play it on the PC without steam since I don’t wanna use steam. And I rather not use a mobile device for a MMORPG since the controls suck and chatting is kinda hard. I won’t use an emulator either if that’s what your suggesting just to play a silly game like I said before.

    • I wanted to update my review since we can’t edit. The PC is alright now but the devs are kinda unreliable no offense to Artix entertainment. I like the game and I understand how small their team is and how underfunded they are but open beta and missing alot of functionalities and I heard there was an update a month ago something about ashfall and it still isn’t here yet. I mean I love this game idea and would download it if the development team was reliable. My advice to the company would be shut down the dead games and invest money into the ones that are still alive. Just look at AQWorlds if you still play it I logged on there randomly to see what it was like since I was a player 5 years ago and the playerbase dropped 75% since I joined only 5,000 players log on now. You can tell the developers need to do something about it before they go out of business and my advice is like I said close down the dead games like herosmash for example.

    • Before people say my review is irrelevant to AQ3D just hear me out I’m talking about investing money into AQ3D and the mobile apps they got and AQW if they can salvage it and the games people like but mainly AQ3D since it’s new and hip and the game I’m sure will get off the ground if they do everything right. But from what I’ve seen I don’t think it will since I seen the steam reviews it’s really told off AE about the faults their game since most of their fanbase probably wouldn’t of. But there is one thing I really wish AQ3D would have which it probably won’t I would wish Artix entertainment ports it to the windows 10 store so windows 10 mobile users can use it on their windows 10 phone and windows 10 desktop anytime they want. But they probably won’t since not a lot of people use it. But like I said the devs are still kinda unreliable the game still needs improved and kill the dead games that’s just my update.

    • I think artix entertainment is alright but it’s clear they need to update their games to modern tech they are still using last decade tech for most of their games and most people that can enter a room is 10 people and wtf why would I wanna buy inventory spaces? I know they give us a limited amount for free but I think it’s dumb how they sell us the rest as optional. But I got my opinions why I think why AE is horrible. I think plenty of things need to change if they wanna become the company they wanna become it’s why I don’t play their games anymore. But I admit I like some of their games but theres some serious flaws they refuse to correct which is why they got real low playerbases in all their games. Sure AQ3D has alot of players now but some people probably made alt accounts and steam has real gamers not the kids who played AE’s old games they won’t buy the BS adam bohan been telling the kids.

      • I’m not trying to bash ever heard of constructive critism in peoples reviews? You really should stop threatening people dude and I don’t log on their games anymore just so you know I don’t got time for their BS games.

      • They actually don’t if you look at AQW, they normally have around a thousand or more per server every day although it does fluctuate quite a bit which is understandable due to the fact the player base is not just children but adults and possibly a small amount of elderly people; who will of course either due to old age spend time resting more often or be dealing with school or work.

  8. I play it it’s cool other than the insane xp per level, which pretty much makes leveling a doomwood bridge grindfest, but I give it 5 stars considering everything.

  9. i tries aq3d open beta. in closed it would only take a day to reach level 12 as i heard from other players but in open beta it would take a lot longer now. ive read comment and i know its a review. but AE should make a site where they could also read it that way it would help them develop their game. yes the games sucks shit right now no skill tree only 4 skill which i think sucks since it wont be immersive like wow where you get to choose want kind of character you are. like tanker defender or a bit of both. i think this was a bit rushed. when i heard about aq3d i thought of all the potential it could have the moment i logged in my hopes were instanly crushed. i mean seriously you already have all skills available and you could buy the other class for free except for guardian. i don’t hate the game i still play and hope it might slowly change and get better but really you have to grind and there are key to enter a dungeon. i saw in one of there post since the limit is only 3 player they limit by putting keys so other players can enter. why not build multiple dungeon like dungeon-1, dungeon-2 and etc multiple dungeon so that people can enter. is AE becoming greedy. i really loved aqw. my friends helped me grind to level 65 and helped me farm for ArchPaladin took me hours and days to complete all quest and i’m fine with have a multiple class game makes it better who want to have the same class as everyone it just gets boring and most people start talking shit about aq3d and then after this post they will say to me i’m an idiot and i don,t know and that the game sucks. and then they will say i,m just stating the facts yes what you guys say are true. but you just have to be patient. heck during the finale of the dark throne saga there were about 18k players. aqw is not dead and aq3d still has potential. if i were to review it i would give it 7.5/10 its not perfect at first just like aqw 8 years ago but it was still fun. so to people out there who have issues with this game don’t play it and i know its just your review but if what you reviewed is not to your liking don’t play it then people have diffrent taste in game. me im a gamer i really play anything that gets me intrested even in aqw i wasn’t a member but look at me now im level 65 and no i did not use any bot cause i,m afraid of getting banned, i farmed in shadow realm everyday after school. and i did my homework after that. but aq3d is kinda ok. i just hate farming. even today the gap between 14-15 is about 738000. i see a bunch of level 15 who i think used exp pots and gold pots (boost) it takes at least a week to farm for that but sice the level cap is only 15 but when they increase the level cap they might adjust it. i just hope they might improve this game soon befor its too late. and by the way im a hardcore AE fan dont tell me im an idiot just because of that. im not here to judge you since your the ones playing.

  10. Are you guys having fun with their oct 18th release lol freaking idiots this game is already a no go if you liked the original then i get why your nostalgic but I like to have fun when I play a game and don’t like developers who lie to their fan base about release dates so have fun playing your subpar game in going back to heavensword ✌️

    • THANK YOU Finally somebody who isn’t a hardcore AE fanboy agrees. I like to have fun on MMOs also and like some of AE’s games but I hate it when the developers lie to the fanbase about certain things and it’s happened before they can’t give a clear date on things sometimes it’s one of the reasons why I gave up on AE since they are unreliable from my experience as a player. I played in the tech demo,alpha,pre beta and I’ve heard news about closed beta from other players. All of it was just bad but the tech demo and the beginning of alpha was pretty good but in mid alpha and towards the end and all of pre beta and I seen closed beta since someone posted a video of it and reviewed it it was just bad so it’s one of the many reasons why I don’t think this game is a no go yet and also why I stopped playing artix entertainment games. They make good games but they are horrible at release dates and I got some other issues with them.

      • First of all i am 40+ and i like the way they represent thier game for kids . Not like other big gc that try to make gaming take place of real time and its not a big issue to push forward dates it happens sometime.

        • WTF man. New to the AE scene. No one in their right fkn mind would call AE games Kid fkn friendly. Mutha fkrs blatently rip their fans off. AQ3D is a poor mans version of AQW. Game suxs. Nothing more then a useles grindfest game amount to nothing. Sound like those idiots from MechQuest and Oversoul. WTF are those games now. Regardless of your opinion, game population speaks for itself. Got nothing to do with the fact the game is fairly new. Seen games almost break the servers for these long anticipated games. Good for you, if you enjoy it. AQ3D is shit

        • Wasn’t gonna comment here much anymore but even with their E rated games it still wasn’t kid friendly from my experience. AQ3D is rated T for teens from what I’ve seen in the design notes so it’s gonna be interesting to see where it goes luckily I won’t be here because I don’t got the money to waste since all they seem to do is beg for money anymore. But I do wanna say your better off playing this then AQWorlds they are likely gonna abandon AQWorlds at somepoint due to the death of adobe flash player.

      • Your just being ignorant R.I.P and if you don’t see the problems then you clearly don’t know how awful their company is doing right now. And I think we all know they are trying to focus on the children as their playerbase but that’s not the issue everyone is complaining about. They are losing good staff members for poor ones,almost every release is buggy,a crapload of classes,unreliable support team,they flood rares ingame,and there’s a whole list of problems. And they do got a few good staff members but they lose alot of them because they either quit since volunteers wanna be paid and don’t wanna volunteer forever or the paid ones either quit for what ever reason,fired or laid off like nulgath/miltonious was. And it was unprofessional of adam bohan to discuss the employees being fired/laid off or what ever happened if the they wanted to tell us they should of done it themselves in my opinion. Your just a ignorant troll R.I.P you obviously have no idea how bad Artix entertainment is right now it’s why I quit gaming on their games 10 months ago and the stress I had from their BS went away and I became happier. And before I post this I do wanna say I know all games aren’t perfect they all are bound to have bugs and they do have more then 4 classes but bugs and glitches happen way 2 often and it take’s way 2 long for the glitches or bugs to get fixed because they are also way 2 understaffed and this game is going down the same way AQWorlds is reguardless what anybody says if adam bohan is gonna do what he said about weekly releases and 60+ classes. I haven’t been saying this to be a hater but clearly something at AE needs to change or eventually they are bound to go bankrupt like they almost did in 2015.

        • I dont know why are you too angry sir/ madam/ kid lol cool down. I dont play games but my son do he loves it so whatever it is i dont care because i hardly play on sat and sun so i dont have enough time to come and read your messages and at last i want to say its all on you how you play games because even upto now i even not played nfs mw 2012 full because of low self time however i get fun by playing it .wish you a good day see you next week

        • This just proves your an ignorant troll. I am not angry and I just have been reviewing their game and putting cons and I been trying my best to put pros but there isn’t really alot of pros and there isn’t alot of pros for AQ3D right now. I feel bad for the people who waste their money on Artix entertainment games but maybe it might change with the newer games but I wouldn’t recommand the adobe flash games since adobe flash player sucks. And sorry if you can’t accept my reviews I been posting about AQ3D on here and I still would give AQ3D a 1 star rating even though it’s an open beta because I feel they released open beta way too early but I feel somebody had to make a long well written post about it and this isn’t a biased post I wanna see AQ3D be successful also but the way the devs are going with it I doubt it will happen anytime soon. Especially with the crafting,needing keys just to enter dungeons even though they recharge they offer micro currency options to buy keys,or buying inventory spaces which is dumb in my opinion and it just goes down the list.

          • Oh forget it I hate that I keep making this username mistake I’ll just use 1 name on all the games I review for now on.

      • This game is also getting tore apart on steam and the crafting is horrible who would wanna wait 3 irl days for one item? And who would wanna buy inventory spaces for micro currency? I don’t think it’s really fair personally I think inventory should be free. I know they are a indie dev company even if they aren’t big like they wanna be but some things are a bit shady in my opinion. Which is why I would give this game a 0 star rating or maybe even negative 5 stars out of 5 stars because I really don’t think this game is ready for open beta yet. I’ve been around since I left AE as a consumer and I’ve seen way better developers and I know pushing dates happens sometimes but if you read what I said they seem to do it quite alot. sometimes but not often they can’t even give a clear date on anything like the release date for open beta of aq3d.

      • Also just incase somebody points this out. I know they offer some free inventory spaces but I’m saying only free inventory spaces. Selling them is just wrong and stupid which is what I’m trying to point out.

    • Oops I ment It’s why I think this game is a no go. But yeah the AE staff is pretty much unreliable with release dates from my experience. They claim it’s this date then they change it and it’s happen so often it’s one of the many reasons why I lost faith in this company and I wouldn’t recommand their games or this game to you or your friends.

      • Not sure if you mean me but incase you are I’m not. Like I said above haven’t you heard of constructive reviews? I admit I been posting here a bit frequently and I been trying to hold off so other people can flood with their reviews but I been putting in my thoughts. But I tell you I am not bashing the company I do indeed want to see them be a successful company.

  11. I really thought I should review this game again after the latest interview for the people who stumble across this page. The CEO and the developers are changing their minds and planning over 60 classes and content updates every week. This games future is worrying me now even though I don’t plan to play this game. But the weekly updates and over 60 ingame classes is what ruined the AQWorlds and the older games and what drove the older players from their company and I’m sure alot of players who played other MMOs outside of AE would agree with me. But I really hope AE changes their mind and doesn’t do the weekly updates and doesn’t release over 60+ classes I really think it’s gonna destroy AQ3D in the future like it did with AQWorlds because AQWorlds had over 30,000 players back in the day now they are barley managing 5,000-8,000 players. But all I’m saying is I think AQ3D is gonna fail if they do weekly updates and release tons of classes like they did in AQWorlds which the CEO said he plans to do which if they do go through with it could threaten the fate of AQ3D’s future. I personally wanna see AQ3D succeed but I don’t think they can keep up with the weekly updates on AQ3D I mean if you saw AQWorlds then you would know what I’m talking about.

      • Chill on what lol? I really think this game is already ruined since it’s gonna be a copy of AQWorlds since it’s gonna have weekly content updates and over 60+ classes even though it’s AE’s game but this is just a review voicing my concerns about it. I think the weekly releases and the 60+ classes is what ruined AQWorlds but that’s just my opinion. And I feel bad for the kickstarter backers this game is ruined now lol.

        • Oh sorry I use different names on different games I review so I messed up but yeah I’m ASA but your probably one of their hardcore players who defends AE on every front and refuses to take constructive critisism.

        • Also I know it’s AE’s game they can do what ever they want with it but doing messed up things like weekly releases and flooding the game and going back on the word about this stuff not happening kinda would make people upset.

          • I was reviewing the game I was giving my thoughts on it I wasn’t telling them to change the game. It’s a rare chance AE would go through the efforts to read the comments on this site anyway it’s not like I’d care what they think I was just giving my thoughts about this game and no I won’t chill. But I do stand by what I said though. It feels like most of AE fans hate constructive criticism but it’s probably because they are 12 year olds who don’t know any better.

          • Also I’m worried the weekly updates and having 60+ classes ingame would ruin the game for all the players. I mean I agree with you I know we can’t change the game and that’s why I’m reviewing it but your comments to my review seems unnecessary.

        • Ur pissing me off, ur constantly rehashing the same argument using the same words and repeatong urself over and over. Stfu because u clearly have some sort of personal bias.
          I for one dont think alot of classes ruins a game, and updates can almost never be accurate, dont believe me? Try coding a game urself. Im a programmer and i can say that certain things take longer than u think, and others even take less time sometimes.

      • Oh Please!!!

        More made up sh!t classes, with skills recycled from previous classes, more useless aesthetics, still no char progression, same sh!t all over again. Artix (Adam) needs to step aside and stop fking up his own games. There is nothing absolutely nothing new in aqw that hasnt already been done in aqw. Games a fail from the start.

        • Oh Please!!!

          More made up sh!t classes, with skills recycled from previous classes, more useless aesthetics, still no char progression, same sh!t all over again. Artix (Adam) needs to step aside and stop fking up his own games. There is nothing absolutely nothing new in aqw3d that hasn’t already been done in aqw. Games a fail from the start. Now they’re going to flood the game with recycled classes, wow.

        • I know right? After reading his interview on one of the interviewers sites I seen him post on twitter I was like DA FK is he serious? I mean I know it’s his game and he can do what ever he wants with it but come on? You would think he would learn from his past mistakes and come up with better ideas and not do the stupid ideas on his newer games he has done in the past. I would of liked AQWorlds and I think it could of been done in a better way then he did it but since it’s his game it’s his call. But yeah I agree Hobbobaggins if he continues with this the games gonna be a fail from the start and according to the review on adweek it sounds like it’s gonna make the skills recycled from previous classes but try to make them original just like they do on AQWorlds. But yeah all MMOS get new classes here and there but my mouth dropped when I saw him talk about weekly releases I think that is what is gonna kill this game I don’t think it can and should be done on this game I doubt he will but I really hope he reconsiders the weekly release idea because for AQ3D having weekly releases is a horrible idea in my opinion.

        • All I see coming from this is recycled classes with reused skills and in probably 1/4 or maybe 1/2 of the classes they release but written as different names and given different animations. Right now the combat is still horrible from what I’ve been told but once the servers reset it could change I still don’t know but I’ve tried to post a link to the interview page but the moderator approval failed sadly so I can’t post it here. But yeah I pretty much was like -_- when I found out about this.

    • Its the same s4!t over and over again. AEs motto is repeat, reuse, recolor, recycle. There is absolutely nothing new in AQ3D that hasn’t already been done in AEs other. Game has failed to attract a decent size player base, unlike AQW that almost broke the servers. They over flood the game with aesthetics and classes. All AE is, a horse and pony show. Their swamping the game with aesthetics early on in the game due to a failure to attract an audience AQW did. Once again, no char progression. As a 2008 player in AQW got my azz kicked in pvp for an op class I didn’t have. I had given up spending any more money in this game, having acquired over 100 classes and rares just got ridiculous that there will always be one more op classes better then the last class you brought. That’s how this game makes their money, which caused a mass exodus of players leaving in 2010 to 2014. AE has no loyalty to long time players. Really disgusted. Games a fail, deal with it. Not worth playing. -5 out 5 stars.

  12. A basic 3d me that slightly boring, they quests are all Kill X thing for X item to unlock the next quest to kill the same thing again for a different item. Of course I have only played an extremely early version and I’m hoping I can delete and update this review later down the line.

    • I tried because I made some messed up reviews in the past about this game and some I just wanna delete because idiots were calling me out but I don’t think we can. But you can probably post a new review like an update post I normally do that explaining how the game is during the phase I’m playing it and what I’d like to see changed and ect.

  13. Just your general Mobile MMORPG I guess. I dislike how you gotta use micro currency to buy dungeon keys just to explore the dungeons but you can use your 20 dungeon keys and wait 3 hours for 1 key to recharge so it’s ok kinda. The crafting sucks since you can pay micro currency for crafting instantly or wait 1 hour irl to craft it for free. The chat panel is kinda small in my opinion but it’s probably because of the mobile devices. And they got the usual cash shop all MMOs have which isn’t suprising. The only thing I hate is the loading screen per each map you enter but guess it can’t be helped I’m sure they built it like that for a few reasons. The only other thing I dislike is how the room limit is 10 since all the maps are so huge and only a very small amount of people can be in it. But this is only closed beta so things could change in the future. But this might be a bit off topic from the review but honestly I perfered AQ3D legends of lore over this version it just had the fantasy genre that this one doesn’t.

    • I also forgot to add theres also some other flaws players pointed out which is obvious which is true which is no armors with stats,horrible micro-transactions system, no dual weapons, lack of fighting animation,and unfair loot RNG. I saw someone mention it and thought to post this. I admit the unfair loot RNG and the micro-transactions system is 100% true about what I’ve seen players complain about and the devs are still saying it’s untrue which is sad. But this is closed beta we probably might see fighting animation and dual weapons in the future but we probably won’t see armors with stats I think the devs already confirmed this which is just stupid in my opinion. It’s still questionable if this game is worth playing since it’s just a closed beta but if you ask me it’s not worth investing time in any of artix entertainment games. I mean it looks fun and the concept of playing on a smart phone,PC, or a tablet or a console is cool I give them props for that but just the bad decisions which is probably gonna be their downfall in the future in my opinion but this isn’t a hate post this is just a review.

  14. The game is cool and better then many others what can we do if some brain less people cant understand meaning of close beta . Those people are having low iq level so dont care of them .

    This is to inform to those brain less guys just leave if you cant understand meaning of closebeta and go to docter for treatment

    • I understand the meaning of closed beta. But I’ve seen way better work around this stage and for games from other companies. I’ve even seem better games published from better companies then AE.

      • Ok so you mean to say the game is not up to the mark then why are you playing it and did you ever made a game if so you must understand how hard it is . And what’s your problem with their other game if they want to run server they can you are not Thier boss so keep calm and wait . If you play games with bigger better game publishers then why you are showing intrest in this game go and play wow ,guild wars2 and be happy with them.
        They will develop in thier way however they like if you dont like then quit .

      • And keep calm and wait about what? I been giving feedback about their closed beta and their pre beta and their alpha on various forums and ingame and on social media and it’s all garbage. I know it’s not a complete game and all you people who keep telling me it’s not a complete game need to stfu because I keep telling you I know that you clearly don’t listen.

        • AQW3D plays terrible and is a letdown. Alpha beta gamma delta doesn’t matter what phase of the game is at game plays terribly. The attempt at a cross platform game fails miserably for PC users. But look at the mechanics of the game, there is nothing new worth noting. Nothing. Other then 3D what else have they done to move the game forward into this millenia. Compare AQW3D to AQW, AQW wins hands down. Did anyone read the BS excuse AE posted on their site. Due to the amount of data, it would be impossible to transfer Players AQW data over to AQW3D. Meaning any items in AQW that you brought, repped up to get, saved up to get you will have to do redo, rebuy all over again. This game FAILS for loyal AQW players. FAILS. Directed more at new gamers. We all know what a bunch of f&%kers AE is towards their loyal players. Anyone notice all the gear, classes locations etc…. Most of us have done or completed in AQW. Anyone see any improvements made to AQW3D at all??? Compared to AQW what improvements have been made? Once again, turned into a aesthetic gathering game. No char progressions, nothing. No sophisticated skill tree, nothing. AQW3D is a dumb down version of AQW. MOVE ALONG FOLKS, NOTHING TO SEE HERE ONLY REPEAT, REUSE, RECYCLE RIP OFF LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

          • Whoa I didn’t read their BS excuse about the amount of data all I read was their excuse about not being able to transfer items from AQW to AQ3D because it’s a completely different game engine and since AQWorlds does weekly releases they would have to take like 8-10 years to pump out all the aqw items to aq3d and all the aqw items would of been doubled by them according to cysero. But AQ3D is getting weekly releases and have over 60+ classes like AQWorlds to according to adam bohan (artix) So yeah I 100% agree this game is gonna be a letdown before it even launches.

    • AdventureQuest – Great Game, outdated and abandoned
      DragonFable – Great Game, outdated and abandoned
      MechQuest – Sunset
      AdventureQuest Worlds- AE Greatest Game, Killed by over cloning, repetitive gameplay
      EpicDuel – Epic Fail. Pay to win. Dead Game
      HeroSmash – Dead game
      Oversoul – Dead game
      BladeHaven – Dead game
      Pony vs Pony – Dead game, not missed
      BattleGems – Boring as h3ll, old lady game
      Undead –Boring as h3ll, die already
      AdventureQuest 3D – Biggest failure to date. More cloning, more repetitive gameplay, more aesthetic farming, empty shallow game.

      • So true. And it doesn’t help with adobe flash player/plugin being killed off by major browsers soon like chrome is planning on having all of flash software turned off by default in december so #RIP AE but I see potential in oversoul,AQWorlds And AQ3D but they ruined AQWorlds with over cloning and repetive gameplay like you said, I’ve seen alot of potential in Oversoul as a mobile app game but it died when game’s lead left/quit or got laid off from the company I don’t know why nulgath left and AQ3D is just gonna have more cloning and repetive gameplay and aesthetic farming it’s clearly obvious. All the other games are just boring or dead. This is going off topic but artix even posted a letter addressing alot of the problems on why alot of the games are dead or why some of the staff the players know left AE but he took it down several weeks later. Proves they won’t tell the players anything that should probably be addressed. Like the status of each of their games but they rarley or never post the status of them up.

        • Honestly, I can’t keep up with the amount of staff this company has gone through. Artix should not of discussed his past employees reasons for leaving or being fired. Unprofessional. If you look at AQW landing page, you will see the game is aimed at children. It also has links to their terms and conditions. In more popular game review forums I found a post that AE was going to publish names of cheaters. The fallout was incredible. They didn’t end up doing it, due to the fact that AE were targeting children and this didn’t sit well with older community. But we all know where blame lies. Management. Generating old stale ideas and not bringing any new elements to AQW3D. Been with AQW since the start, with over 100 classes, lots of rares, only to have my ar$ed kicked by a new player with an op class I missed out on. A lot of us on the forums feel AQW3D wasn’t made for loyal players in mind. AQW3D is aimed at new clients. AE is their own worse enemy. I have played my last AQW3D. Not worth it. Plays worse the AQW. Animation fighting skills fail miserably. Most games now give players mounts early on in the game, and pets. FB has a lot of great mmorpg games now, just have to find them.

          • This is close beta and its a testing phase so there are only few things and lol you want to play fb hames go move on i if you get a good one tell me too 😉

          • Honestly I didn’t really saw your post till just saw your post till just today R.I.P. but yeah I think we all know and understand this is closed beta and a testing phase. But the point is we are saying we think AE is rushing it and implementing their stupid ideas and the horrible ideas from their old games into their newer games like AQ3D and to me it feels like they are just porting alot of the old stuff from their older games to AQ3D well mainly AQ classic and AQWorlds. The towns and the backrounds and the items and the classes and the old stale ideas they used in their old games. Yeah it’s nice to see a few old items in their newer games as a comeback but in my opinion AE goes overkill in bringing back older items and areas into their newer games. The combat is horrible on AQ3D and if AE is doing weekly releases like they said they planned to on AQ3D I got a feeling it’s gonna turn out bad. But yeah they generate old stale ideas alot and don’t bring new elements into the game and been with AQW elements and elements from AQ classic from the start. Sure it’s still closed beta but I really question alot of things AE does no offense because I find half the ideas they come up with horrible like weekly releases on AQ3D and generating old stale ideas and catering to the minority and so on. It’s goes down a long list of the reasons why I quit AE games I’m mostly here to give reviews on it now which AE will most likely ignore but it might helpful for people who can’t get on till open beta I guess.

  15. this game is in closed beta as of now while many of the reviews are negative and at the time of PRE ALPHA. They haven’t even played AQ3D they are simply disgruntled fukbois with nothing better to do AND HOW I(S AQW DEAD??? THERE ARE OVER 3,000 people always playing that hardly consirdered Dead Like Wtf are most of these reviews by morons??

    • I see very little potential in AQ3D the way the developers are taking it. Especially with having dungeon keys just to enter a dungeon and when you run out you gotta wait 3 hours for 1 key to recharge I find that very irritating. And having to wait 1 hour irl just to craft an item or pay micro currency to craft it instantly? I think AQ3D needs to redo their game before releasing it or shutdown some of their failed projects because their failed projects isnt pulling in money so no point keeping them up in my opinion. Also AQW is dead because 3000 to 8,000 players is a small playerbase. And the staff don’t even keep up with bug fixing or functionality all they do is crappy filler releases every week and focus on selling ac items or member only items. I don’t even see more then 5,000 to 7,000 players on AQW weekly because everyone is quitting. I don’t even think the server rewrite will fix it it’s already 2 late for AQW but there’s still a small chance for AQ3D as long as the devs and the CEO doesn’t rush it to launch day like they did with their last several games it’s why they failed and are losing money. And it doesn’t help keeping their failed projects online with no staff working on it and a very dead playerbase with less then 300 players who play weekly.

    • 3,000 players for a world wide game. Can’t make money with 3,000 players. BS there has never been 3,000. Im a 8loody founder haven’t seen those jack sh!t numbers EVER when playing this. Makes me sick that sh!t like you don’t help AE community to help improve AEs games and stop the devs from ripping off their clients. Answer this. Why is it alright for AE to charge us players a second time for items we already got in AQW. Remember what AE said, they said due to the huge amount of data, they would not be transferring AQW over to AQW3D. Meanng, I have to rebuy, rereank sh!t all over again.
      Hows that alright? Can you tall me FanBoy, What new elements has AE introduced compared to AQW. What elements, what features if any. For PC users, how is the UI acceptable for pc users. How many cross platform games have you played only to find the pc version was dropped. How about you convince us what makes AQW3D great as compared to AQW. AQW is by far a superior game to AQW3D.

      • Not sure if your reply was for me or not but just incase it was I’ll leave a reply here.
        I never ment to say they had 3,000 as the minimum for their playerbase on AQWorld. I was kinda using it as a example but the smallest playerbase I’ve seen it go down to was 4,000 but it’s steadily stayed between 5,000 to 7,000 players from what I’ve seen. But I’ve tried helping in the past but AE ignores most of their suggestions for horrible suggestions. And to answers your questions I agree with AE it’s 2 much work to remake all the 2d flash items in 3d because AQW does weekly releases and AQ3D won’t and due to how small their workforce is it’s gonna be impossible to due to the huge amount of data. And AE hasn’t introduced any new elements all of it is horrible. I thought it was gonna be great when I tried the tech demo phase but soon as alpha phase started it went down from there and got worse in pre beta and closed beta and not sure how open beta or launch will be. And the UI is horrible for PC users not even worth using I don’t even wanna use steam just to log in AQ3D I’d personally perfer to use their official AE launcher but sadly they don’t have one and most likely won’t make one. And the only game I’ve seen that pulled it off was hearthstone but that’s because of the type of game they built which is a card game.

          • Well according to thier news i know that they said that aq3d will be from aqw and aq classic so we cant say they coppied.
            Did you got any good mmorpg on fb;)

          • Ah was confused due to how mmobomb has the comments system laid out but that’s how I feel about AQ3D though.

          • Kings Road
            Star Heros
            Clash of Avatars
            League of Angels – Fire Raiders

            A lo of fb games don’t appear in their game selection. Quite a few good ones on fb. At least it has skill trees and char progressions.

            Playing AQW3D of steam, still horrible. Still confusion in chat for players as to where to start, what to do, where to get items. Look won’t go on. I shouldn’t of tried to force my opinion. Just stunned that AE has done no improvements whatsoever to make AQW3D better then it’s predecessor. Oh well. Sorry for any harsh comments. I’ll stay with aqw as a shallow rare and class gathering eeeejit

      • Oh now I get it lol after backtracking the comments you were talking about the troll who is called AQ3D is not dead. But I agree a world wide game can’t make money on just 3,000 players.

      • Absolute nonsense. There was regularly 3500+ on one AQW server alone and 9,000 – 14,000 or so on at any given time until last year. And there has been as many as 33,000+ (at one time there was only 11 servers, the limit being 3K then for all of them, and a couple events filled them up).

        Personally the only reason I don’t still play now is how they’re handling the stat rewrite that’s very soon to be released. It completely disincentivized me just hearing the nonsense they were getting off with.

        It was bad enough that until the rewrite they started releasing boss monster after boss monster that could one hit kill you meaning right at the end of a battle you could be the unlucky one to be one hit and have to spend another half hour jumping rooms waiting for help, or spamming in Yulgar so you could chop through the pointlessly large HP block they keep giving them.

        But the way it’s going to be post rewrite is just garbage as they’re going to nerf Luck which has long been the best middle of the road Enhancement for everything and modify the others so that parties are required.

        The right thing to do would have been to give people options, to buff the other stats to be more useful for non-Luck based classes than Luck, leaving Luck still a middle of the road option but giving people who care incentive to get more into finding the better stat setups.

        Especially considering not all players want to take part in the MMO system, but still want to play the game.

        Making soloing impossible for those players who wish to is not the right way to go.

        AS I’m somewhat one of those players, this knowledge also disincentivizes me. I like to complete a release by myself, even if it takes some time, learning it on my own and then return once I’m done to help others.

        Should soloing require some time and skill (and maybe even upgrades)? Sure, but it shouldn’t be impossible to do so.

        The rewrite just based on the stats part is going to be what kills AQW for good. None of the other features they’ve mentioned will matter if people can’t do the quests.

        And they won’t be able to do the outside the small cliques that still frequent the game because those people often won’t help anyone they don’t know meaning a couple weeks after the release when the area is abandoned, new players will be left spinning their wheels.

        • Have you been on AQWorlds recently dude? Since last year the playerbase dropped and the server that had 3,500 players dropped down to like 2,000 players. Between 3,000 and 6,000 players log in daily nowadays on AQWorlds but I agree though the rewrite will probably be what kills AQW.

        • And when I ment the playerbase dropped it dropped severly and they been doing away with servers. and the devs are spinning their wheels with the 2nd saga and delaying it for some BS throne of darkness saga which isn’t worth playing. But yeah they are gonna kill AQWorlds by spinning their wheels with delaying and the rewrite. But since the chaos saga ended the playerbase has been dropped severly the most popular server doesn’t even reach 3,000 players. Don’t quote me on this but I’m not even sure if it even reaches 2,500 players anymore because they been lowering the server caps on all the servers and raising them randomly not sure why.

        • It’s also the reason why I left AQWorlds and deleted my AQ3D character and don’t associate with their games it’s clear they don’t know how to make good decisions. I’m just here till launch day seeing if I can help with feedback and it’s unlikely they will listen they already got a horrible micro transaction system in AQ3D but it’s still worth a try to help for the players who are gonna be playing this game.

  16. Why is this still classified as a browser game? I’m pretty sure they discontinued the browser client so wouldn’t this only be a mobile game and a download game from steam and maybe windows 10 if they build a windows 10 client like they been talking about they might? Also it would be nice to see them build their own official Artix entertainment games client one that holds all their games like AQ3D especially since not everyone has access to a mobile device or want’s to use a steam client or has windows 10 to use the windows 10 client if they do build the windows 10 client.

  17. ill be honest. i like the aqw game. but they decided to release aq 3d. since every game they already created is dying. most of the already dead. going on and making a 3d version of an already dying game was a waste of time. since they didnt decide to make a new game and not a 3d copy of an already exhisitng one. people got exited but its a waste.

  18. To be perfectly clear about this game, a lot has changed since the older posts. Up till yesterday everything was pre-beta, a little past alpha and not quite beta. We are currently at closed beta, and well on our way to open beta, with rumors of it being as short as a week away. The closed beta update has added so many things, and well set the stage for the open beta with new dungeons and fixes of old issues from quests. On top of that there is now a crafting system instead of dropping loot, which looks to be much more interesting.
    Yes, there are microtransactions. I do think they’re being pretty fair about it so far though, it looks to be that they are just used for purchasing faster crafting times, or certain special crafting materials.
    I can’t personally speak for the dungeon energy either way, since I don’t have much experience with it, but I look forward to working through the dungeons.
    I think that simply saying that it’s only prebeta is a bad excuse, but at the same time they have more than made up for it with what they have done since.

  19. This review is based on the early access. I got the early access code for Steam and decided to give it a try. The game is lightweight, just around 50MB on Steam. There are no tutorials (or maybe i skipped them) so I had to figure out everything myself. Currently there are 4 classes (Mage, Rogue, Warrior & Guardian) but Guardian is only available for Kickstarters that bought the Guardian package. For the alpha testers, they get exclusive items and some of their stats are higher than normal items. The graphics are simple so most PC can handle it. However, the controls are a bit weird for me. The current level is capped at level 12 but I maxed my character in less than 1 day just by doing the quests. Some of the quests are repetitive but they have different rewards & names so it gets boring real quick. After I maxed my character, there is nothing else to do and I already have most of the best equipment simply by playing the quests.

  20. Dead game. And the way Artix entertainment is going I’m suprised they aren’t bankrupted yet because they left their old games to die and claiming they will return to it but never do. Will the same happen to AQWorlds we will soon find out. But you can tell this game has hardcore fans from the original adventure quest. I began saying some cons ingame and alot of players began insulting me and telling me to get off then and using that same old excuse that I need to be quiet because this is only Pre beta. I heard they are skipping closed beta so unless they majorly advertise this game I see it dying in a couple of years since I’ve seen a majority of their old content in AQ3D it’s not really new just old stuff redone and rereleased in their newer games.

    • THE ABOVE IS NOT A REVIEW. Its currently in close beta. And they tell you to get off because they dont like toxic players. This game is still being worked on you idiot so DUUUUH obviously they dont have a lot in-game but they are getting there. so go troll somewhere else kid.

    • I am not a troll lol. I am just stating the facts and this is a review I reviewed AQ3D and talked about some of their other games it doesn’t mean this is not a review your just a troll who don’t have anything better to do but to pick on me and yes I know it’s still being worked on but they are doing an awful job with AQ3D and I think unity engine is a bad idea they should of picked something better. It’s obvious this game is gonna be a cash cow for AE you don’t know what your talking about troll I’ve seen better games then AQ3D anyway. They aren’t even gonna have real mounts lol not worth the money and I’m gonna tell my friends to steer clear from this game and all AE games because of how bad they are.

  21. It sickens and disheartens me to see so many people in these reviews not only bashing the games, but also the company and the people who spearhead Artix Entertainment. If you’ve ver seen this group of wonderful people, or talked to Artix or Cysero or any of the rest of them, they have a passion for what they do.And, that passion doesn’t even net them a lot of money. They give players for all of their games about 99% free access to literally everything in game, and you can succeed smashingly without giving them a dime, but they offer special rewards and upgrades for paid players. you know why? Because they have to feed their children and put clothes on their own backs, like every other working adult in this country. You guys and many people I’ve seen online don’t seem to get this concept: Artix Entertainment doesn’t ask for a ton of money from players, they don’t make their game pay-to-win, and they are generous with what a player receives from every dollar he/she gives the company. The money they get goes towards creating and maintaining their games, and keeping themselves afloat just enough to keep entertaining us. Oh, and don’t take my word for it, if you don’t believe what I’m saying, Cysero addressed this years ago:

    NOW, on to the actual game review: Overall, I love it. The game is already incredibly expansive, and takes weeks to get through and experience every ounce of content, and that’s saying something, given it’s been a little over a year and only a dozen people have worked on it. With a miniscule fraction of the budget many other MMO companies receive, and the pressure of maintaining their other games, Artix Entertainment continues to surprise me with every update they put out. i would 11/10 recommend this game to anyone looking to experience the world of Lore in a 3D environment. As this moves from a closed Beta testing to an Open Beta testing, keep it on your radar, and be ready to play the heck out of every update, ‘cuz they’re all amazing.

    • While I agree with your assessment of their character in general, you’re allowing your bias to take control.

      I was staff for the company a few years back dude, and to honor the NDA – though I’m not technically bound by it anymore – I won’t tell you exactly what I know they have done in the past, but I’ll tell you right now, they are VERY money concerned.

      Not overly so – they’re not greedy – but by necessity their decisions are most assuredly about money. They have to keep food on their tables and shoes on their feet too, just like you or your parents.

      To imply they aren’t is completely naïve.

      • Forgot a bit of what I was going to say…

        I wish it were true that they didn’t have to worry about money, that they could give into their passions almost completely unhindered by reality, but they simply can’t.

        Maybe one day, but not now. And probably not in any of our lifetimes.

    • I 100% agree with every word you typed. Also the dungeon key idea that limits how long we can quest in dungeons defeats the purpose of questing. Soon as we run out of keys what happens then? I heard we were supose to pay for micro currency and buy more keys or let the keys recharge seems like they are trying to make the dungeons into a cash grab. I don’t mean to bash them with my older reviews I typed below either but everything is pretty much true about the game.

    • I also for got to mention the keys will recharge for free but it will take 1-3 hours I think for just 1 key to recharge I don’t know if they are keeping that current system but it’s pretty much a cash grab for AE since they are limiting how long we can quest in the dungeons. And I also wanna add I been questing since the tech demo status. AQ3D looked alot better in the tech demo and when early alpha status happened that’s when it started to go downhill and it’s gotten worse ever since and more like AQW every day. I also seen the recent update that happened a couple days ago they replaced the cool monsters for the awful cartoony looking slime monsters in AQWorlds. The cool looking slime monsters AQ3D used to have in the yulgarsinkhole map looked new and gave AQ3D the other games didn’t have but the monsters AE took from AQW and put in AQ3D is just obvious they are copy and pasting stuff from AQW in AQ3D now.

    • Its not dead its in closed beta which means CLOSED TESTING moron learn some more vocabulary before posting a review

      • You should learn some vocabulary also before you insult other people for posting reviews but since this is just closed beta I will give you that at least since your right because it’s limited so obviously it’s not gonna be flooded with players yet.

  22. The AQ3D staff are shady as heck. A staff member told me I should give away my AQ3D account since I don’t want it. I admit sometimes AE staff are helpful but their staff are shady and they just released a energy refill system so you gotta have energy/stamina just to enter a dungeon. I wouldn’t be suprised if they made energy/stamina available for micro currency it would be easy cash in the longrun for speaking for a majority of the players I don’t think alot of players would like this energy/stamina system because if your out of energy you cant go raiding till it refills which will suck. Only reason they are doing this is because they think this will prevent botting which I highly doubt it will. It’s already taking so long just to release content in the pre beta testing phases because of how small their team is. I would really recommand another game if anyone wants my opinion actually I don’t even recommand Artix entertainment games at all because of how shady the staff are and the bad choices they seem to make which makes players quit their games but if you still play this game all I gotta say is don’t be suprised at the awful updates they do since it’s obviously a dumbed down AQW,AQ classic,Dragonfable and world of warcraft mashed up together into a mobile game with awful mechanics.

    • Also I see them most likely giving up on their other games, not working on them and leaving them online till they can’t afford them which is a dumb move. But if they keep going down the path with this energy/stamina system and push a shady cash shop in the mix I wouldn’t recommand this game at all. But I do hope the community is less toxic on AQ3D then their last few multiplayer games which was awful and full of toxic players they still havent delt with a majority of them to this day.

  23. I tried this game and hated it and if you reply don’t give me that but this is beta BS because most MMOs by this stage at least have more beta content then AQ3D has right now. The devs clearly don’t know when open beta is they haven’t been keeping the site updated to inform us. The only reason people found out was through 3rd party sites and facebook where people who interviewed Artix Entertainments CEO leaked the open beta was gonna happen in july while on the official AQ3D site it says it will happen fall of 2016 they seemed to of updates the main page saying july recently but AQ3D is seriously lacking in staff members if they can’t keep their entire website up to date. I also recently confirmed only 8 official Artix entertainment staff members was gonna be working on this game fulltime while a few other staff members from a few other games will offer a bit of help for this game also. The staff are also dumb they are banning people for testing glitches saying only official testers can test glitches. Then if that is true then theres really no point for the beta testers then because were supose to be testing the game looking for glitches and bugs to report and they ban people just for using them is kinda messed up. A group of people and including me even brought up concerns about AQ3D just being a copy of AQW but just in 3d and copying from all their other games but the hardcore Artix Entertainment games just kept saying we were only begging for attengion and saying it’s only beta everything will change later on. That is true but due to the past Artix entertainment games pretty sure very little is gonna change. On most MMOs the beta usually has alot more content to test then the current build that AQ3D has right at this moment. I also am curious if AQ3D is gonna have closed beta during the month of june. If not I fear they are planning on skipping on the most important part of the testing phase of AQ3D just to rush the game out like they normally do since they are just in it for the money. They rushed plenty of games out before they were even 100% ready and I am pretty sure the same thing is gonna happen to this game when it launches later this year. It’s clear they plan to copy and paste content from their previous games into this game it’s been announced by the CEO and the devs in posts. But if the AQ3D staff doesn’t get more then 8 players in the future then this game will probably die out like the rest because it’s been reported nearly 300 thousand players pre registered an account for AQ3D and I doubt 8 staff can handle that large of a playerbase. This game really isn’t worth playing the UI sucks but because this is a mobile game I guess it’s understandable but I hope they at least polish off the UI but from the sounds of it I highly doubt they will. They got no plans for a PC UI which has been confirmed by devs which will neglect PC users so if your a PC user I wouldn’t recommand this game unless you can deal with the mobile interface. They also confirmed they got no plans for real mounts instead they will let you transform into an animal with a cast time which I think is a stupid idea. The armors in this game look painted on it’s obvious I tried the alpha knight armor set it looks like it was painted onto my character which I find tacky and lazy. I’d also delete my AQ3D accounts but Artix entertainment hasn’t either added that function in the account management in yet or they have no plans for you to delete your account which sucks.

    • I also forgot to add this feels like an Adventure Quest worlds in 3d and a dumbed down version of world of warcraft theme Artix Entertainment seems to be going for and they seem to be targeting a younger audience. But to sum up all what I’m trying to say in my review I wouldn’t recommand playing this game or any of Artix Entertainments games.

    • Just wanted to apologize to everyone. I was just frustrated with Artix entertainment when I made these reviews a few months ago because of the problems they been giving me. But not all the reviews with the username called Unknown are mine I wanted to clarify that.

  24. Having played their previous games, I’m losing it right now. Has it been released yet? Oh, I can’t wait to play it.

  25. I wasn’t planning to review this game but I really thought I should comment. This game is lame feels like a copy of AQWorlds but put in a 3d universe. This game sucks on PCs so unless you like mobile gaming and crappy graphics and fake combat I would recommand another MMO game. Also the customer service team sucks it’s clear artix entertaiment is only doing it for the money I tried asking for help from the service team and they gave me lousy support service wouldn’t even give them 1 star because of how bad they were.

    • I am the same guy just forgot to add some stuff. If you can get past the mobile UI, the fact you gotta enter a loading screen each time you wanna enter a new map, the poor customer service team like I said above,poor combat functionality the combat really sounds fake I seen mobile MMOs like AQ3D but built better. But if they keep the mobile UI they got currently then playing this game on the PC really is not worth it but it might be worth trying it on mobile devices. But other then that the devs are pretty friendly and the fact AQ3D is currently understaffed but I’d probably recommand trying this game on a mobile device otherwise I would recommand another MMO game.

    • And what does this have to do with aq3d did you even play it jackass? no? then shut up and stop bashing something that will be alot of fun.

      • He’s not bashing AQ3D for being awful learn to read troll. He is saying he can’t log into AQ3D because he never bought or had membership on AQWorlds.

    • You only have to buy AQ3D founder or anything from any of AE’s previous games to get access to AQ3D but I wouldn’t recommand it if you want my opinion but if you really want in on the closed beta then I’d suggest buying founder.

  26. How can people say it’s a dead game, when it hasn’t even been released to the general public? It’s still in pre-alpha, give it a chance to be released (if you didn’t purchase a founder’s pack) before letting off at the mouth about how dead a non-released game is. Geez!

  27. Dead game…. All AE games are dead and dying. They sunset quite a lot of epic fail games due to greed and lack of providing a decent game….

    AdventureQuest …. dead game
    DragonFable … dead game
    MechQuest …. shutdown
    AdventureQuest Worlds…. dying almost dead game
    WarpForce …. shut down
    EpicDuel…. dead needs to shutdown… soon
    HeroSmash ….dead
    AQ3D: Legend of Lore… same as aqw, only dumb people will play this
    AdventureQuest Battle Gems …needs to be shut down ..dead game
    AdventureQuest Dragons …lame shut it down
    AQW3D …copy and paste of aqw
    PonyVsPony …shutdown

    • @Hobobaggins

      you need to get off the internet, permanently. People like you are the reason that the internet is so toxic.

      You mislead people with false claims and information.

      You look to be a disgruntled player rather. Seem to me like you didn’t figure out how to play the aforementioned games, and decided to bash them and the developer for no reason other than that you failed at all the games mentioned.

      You claim that it’s a dead game? Get bent pleb. The game hasn’t been released yet. Heck, it’s not even in a beta. Copy and paste? Oh boy you are stupid… AQW is a 2D flash game dimwit. AQ3D is a full 3D mmorpg.

      Seriously, just get off the internet, permanently. Go study and get educated.

      • @Captain Numbnuts
        Pray to your clone gods all you want. Numbers speak for themselves. Your so impressed with them how about screenshot of the numbers on the servers for each of the games. Dead games. All of them.

    • I should of commented sooner but even though I’d normally agree with @captain commodore your right @Hobobaggins AE games are either dead or dying. Its because AE refuses to shutdown the failed projects they keep saying in the future they will return to it but while they focus in the newer projects the older ones is still draining money since no staff is working on it and no one is really playing it. No point in keeping dead games online especially if your just gonna copy and paste content from the previous games for the next game. Also AQ3D legends of lore got shutdown forever they recycled most of the coding from it for the AQW3D which they are now calling AQ3D from what I’ve read but I’m unsure how much of the old AQ3D legends of lore they recycled for the new AQ3D game. You also missed a few other app games AE built which should be shut down but biobeasts might be worth looking into. The epicduel team abandoned epicduel to build that and left epicduel for dead with weekly war updates.

      • They have left it too late UNKNOWN. AQW, Dragonfable, Adventurequest which were their best games were neglected for other fail projects. I’ve played AQW3D and can say right now. This game fails as a pc game. Need to look at chaos and order online by those tricksters gameloft. They tried for several months to put this game up on FB, but they ended up removing it due to lack of interest, terrible UI like AQW3D along with other issues. Better game all round then Artixs AQW3D. What mistakes AE made in AQW has carried over to AQW3D. Seems that a small group of us are having issues with AE refusing to allow us to have our Rank 10 classes in AQW carried over to AQW3D. Some of us have over 100 Rank 10 classes in AQW that are showing up in AQW3D that we have to rank all over again. Which is why a small number of us aren’t even going to bother to play seriously. Don’t want to write a book, still to many bad ideas and lack of improvements made to AQW3D.

        • My only guess is because they don’t got enough staff members to make it happen or because AQ3D runs on unity engine and AQW runs on flash web player which is why they can’t port anything from your AQW account to AQ3D but since they got artists it can’t stop them from creating certain AQW art to release in AQ3D as according to them would be new ingame items. AE is already making mistakes by making AQ3D look so much like AQW and AQ classic and a dumbed down version of world of warcraft but denying that it has nothing to do with AQW and yet porting certain AQW rares to AQ3D like alpha pirate,beta berserker,and a few other rares I can’t remember. But I do admit porting alpha pirate is a good business call since it’s one of the most popular items in their community base but you can only use it only so many times before it goes stale and you need to get a new item to replace it’s art style. I already don’t got plans to play AQ3D or any AE games since AQ3D’s UI is awful. I been playing in the beta and I had a really hard time playing it. And AQ3D looks so much like AQW and AQ classic to me anyway and it looks like a dumbed down version of world of warcraft. And I expect they would probably bring rares from other games over to AQ3D that’s one of the other reasons why I probably won’t join AQ3D that and the lack of improvements. I’ve been playing since the tech demo and the UI and everything looked alot better back then. Not sure why they decided to mess it all up and take out some of the good functionality for the bad ones.

          • One bad functionality I forgot to mention is the /join command I mean it’s good for a game like AQWorlds but for a 3d world game like AQ3D I think it’s a bad idea. Even for AQWorlds I don’t think the /join command is a good idea I thought it shouldn’t of been a thing. I had a different system a better layout AQWorlds probably would of benefit from but no use saying it since I don’t own it. I got an idea for a better system for AQ3D but highly doubt AE will listen. Their forums are clunky and not really useable to me anyway.

          • I mean since I don’t own AQWorlds. But their official AE forums are really clunky I had a hard time even reading the AQ3D forums pages. And the AE forums staff are really strict. The staff got their rules but they are like really strict. Stricter then most forum staff.

    • even if it can be used, DON’T USE IT.
      Bot ruins the enjoyment of a game and it’s basically the same as hack.

  28. Ok I tried to login, but it says you need membership, (paid account) to play the beta version ?
    And also some old members told me they can, but not the new players of aqw ?
    Why limit the beta version to few people ?
    And other remark, I see it will not be on browser or flash plugin ?
    So what will it be ? An executable .exe file for Microsoft Windows ?
    I am running LINUX, so how do I do ?
    Thanks for answering

    Bye the way, AQW is very good game, but complicated for newbies, I hope AQ 3D will be much simpler and easier !!! And so everybody can play it…

    • There is a linux program that runs windows .exe files, its not super 100% smooth but it works very well. Used it for flash applications and other various windows .exe.

      Look up, how to run .exe files in your version of linux.

    • AQ3D is being developed in Unity3D and will be released to the public via Steam (where they have currently moved pre-alpha to, but have limited pre-alpha access to their paying customers). On release, the game will free to play.

    • All the major browsers like google chrome,firefox,microsoft edge and so on are getting rid of plugins which is why AQ3D won’t run on browsers in the future. It doesn’t need flash because it is ran in the unity game engine. You will be able to download it from a mobile device like on android, Iphone, tablets, PCs, but for the PC version will run on steam and maybe the windows 10 store. I have no idea if they have plans to build a stand alone build client for AQ3D but I don’t think they will but theres always a chance they will. During open beta the game should be free to everyone and open beta should be happening in july and everyone will be able to join AQ3D in it’s full release when ever that is since they probably don’t even know. Beta is limited right now because it’s not ready for everyone to crash the servers and they don’t got enough content built and tested on the test server the AQ3D beta testers are using.

    • for closed testing they cant let 80,000 people play at once cause that would crash the game dumbass dont ask retarded questions

  29. -crypticvampire
    Ive been with AQ for mannnnny years, and ive seen it grow from battleon. Truely these guys know what they are doing, and im proud to stay bye their side while they do it! This aq3D is freakin amazing!


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