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About the game:
Title: Age of Conan: Unchained
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Funcom
Publisher: Funcom

Age of Conan: Unchained (Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures) is a free to play 3D fantasy massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) based on the world and works of acclaimed author Robert E. Howard. In Age of Conan, players enter Hyboria with thousands of their friends and enemies to live, fight, and explore the dark and brutal world of King Conan. Originally released as a retail game, Age of Conan: Unchained was relaunched as a free to play title allowing anyone to freely roam the vast lands of Hyboria either as free players or premium subscribers with access to extra content.

Age of Conan has always been a Mature gaming experience, but going Unrated gives the development team freedom to stay even more true to the original works of Conan author Robert E. Howard, and use even more of the barbaric, brutal and sexy setting that is Howard’s Hyboria. At the time, it was also considered to be the first AAA MMORPG to carry an “M” rating from the ESRB.

Age of Conan: Unchained allows an unprecedented level of control over your character. Define your character’s look and feel from their looks. Age of Conan’s 12 classes include an array of interesting classes, from new ideas like the Bear Shaman and Herald of Xotli to new twists on old favorites like the Assassin and Ranger. The classes are set up across four archetypes: Priests, Mages, Rogues, and Soldiers. But only the four classes (Barbarian, Demonologist, Guardian and Priest of Mitra) are available for all free players.

Age of Conan’s combat system lets you take an active role in combat. Rather than pressing an auto-attack button, you actually control every chop, thrust, and swing of your weapon. The combat system also allows you to control your defense rather than relying on statistics alone, adjusting your defenses as your enemies attack, lending an element of skill to every encounter. Age of Conan also features a robust system for mounted combat, allowing you to charge to victory on powerful horses, deadly war rhinos, and even the mighty mammoth!

Free players can only make two characters by default, while Premium players get eight character slots. Returning customers get to keep the number of character slots they already had. Funcom is also introducing an in-game store to the game where both free players and premium subscribers can purchase exclusive content such as weaponry and mounts. Some of the instanced dungeon content will be completely free, and other will be accessed through new passes or expansion purchases. Free players may access the beginnings of raids and the raid equipment ladder, but they can’t complete tier 1 without switching to Premium access or purchasing entry to more raids. Also Free players may only ride the horses which require the Basic Riding skill by default.

Explosive Features:

  • Mature gaming experience
  • Age of Conan’s combat system

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System Requirements

Age of Conan: Unchained Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz or equivalent
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 30GB of free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better

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  1. Age of Conan is an excellent, ADULT mmorpg, with artistic level environments and landscapes, great detailed REALISM especially in the advanced combat system. Is not a game for kids or hypocrites. Robert Howard would be proud of the artwork and realism Funcom put in this game. If you don’t like to see blood gushes or beheadings, put down your blade.
    In the Conan film written by John Milius and Oliver Stone, Conan behead Thulsa Doom, and this is the core of R. Howard philosophy: the sword that wins against the sorcery.

  2. Another P2W MMORPG. It is NOT a “Free to Play” game, it is “Free to Shoot a Glance” or “Free Demo” or “Free Start” game.

  3. This game is only worth it if you buy the full game and expansion. You’re going to want to raid, have all the extra zones and be able to advance your characters stats and talents all the way. F2P is only worth playing if you just want to test the game, but it wont give the game justice. The game shows its true value once you’ve reached max level and you explore the expansion. You have an extra talent tree you only unlock through maxing levels, and you’ll need the expansion and game time to progress it. You can unlock every ability on it permanently over time and via this you can progress to the very end raids and become viable for pvp. It’s a long grind, but if you enjoy playing the same mmo religiously for a year or so this is a game worth it. It has a lot of personality and very ‘cool’ style of combat. It’s not too oldschool, and its not too newschool, a complete one of its kind.

  4. Great game,still have some outstanding graphic ,nice lookin characters,deep mechanics,but…its pure P2W sadly ,sure u can play for free but is like newerending trial…u cant do much as f2p most endgame content is locked to u as f2p,u never get good gear u cant have more than 10g(gold)
    u only allowed to ride slowest avaiable horse u cant enter most of the dungeons and get better gears if u goin to try this game go aead ,but if u plan to stay longer u will must pay$.

  5. Seems like this game is dead,player numbers wise. Played for a little while (few weeks) and servers always felt like ghost towns.

  6. cheat & exploit infested game, no anticheat program, PVP is annoying as hell… people rage on channel all the time (no wonder)

    overall game could be awsome if they fix exlploits, bugs put some anticheat and delete some OP classes .. but none cares, few time servers merged and population is still low..

  7. I think this game is pretty good so far. I like how raw tje graphics are and how the full nudity is in effect. The kids complaining about adult themes shouldnt be playing this game to start with. Ftp is limited but if you think about it the developers WILL want you to buy the subscription. Hell I would or whats the point in making them in the first place if you give all your hard work away for free. Theres plenty of free mmorpgs out there that are terrible quality if you want a ftp game with no room for improvement. Stop bitching and being tight or just stop playing.

  8. Im a f2p player and this game is not f2p. Oh i know they need to keep the game running, they need money, but duuuude a game with that name could earn far far more money if they could make a system like PWE did on Neverwinter. F2p in this game is total bs, even after those “BIG” changes in 2013. They should make that f2p can get any item in game but just by playing ALOT, and in game currency should be able to be exchanged for that real money points (forgot the name). Ive seen this system in Neverwinter and ppl are spending huge amounts of cash just to skip that big grind, or to sell item shop items on auction house for in game currency. In my opinion Age od conan have even greater name than Neverwinter cuz only gaming ppl are introduced to DD franchise, but everyone knows who conan is 🙂 But at the end its just my opinion. they could do this or just shut down the game cuz servers have merged and playerbase is still low, and i think the game is gona die soner or later. That makes me sad cuz i love Conan story and i love this game, its mu fav even tho its old.

  9. apart from the graphics i found this game really overrated. i’ve played some good mmorpg-s in my life but this one didn’t entertain me for a second.. since it also needs like 30 gb hdd, i’ve deleted it just now. i didn’t even run the game in the last couple of months. well, maybe it’s just my taste.

  10. Great game but its far from a real f2p, u cant really do anything whn u reach cap if ur f2p and ur character is very inferior comparing it to subscribers which means ur useless in pvp and in dungeons. Theres very low gold cap for f2p and very little bank space. I really love the game but i hate these big handicaps that funcom made for f2p players. Hoping for a big changes in tht direction.

  11. Really careful with payments is not sure you claim what you pay for I had twice a problem with payments
    I provide the proof of payments and refuse to investigate when I start to be offensive and my lawyer contact them the problem resolved and they find the payment

  12. It’s funny reading comments about the nudity and violence in this game!! LOL OBVIOUSLY you’ve/we’ve all heard of Conan the Barbarian…Movies, Comics, etc… AND WE ALL KNOW that there’s plenty of blood, tits and action in these stories… So my question is: how do these same people who are OBVIOUSLY familiar with the franchise, act like they’ve been living under a rock the entire time? Stop blaming ignorance when there is no ignorance! You knew EXACTLY what you were getting into… And after playing MMORPG’s for quite some time, I’m glad that a company FINALLY focused on the group that are paying the bills (ie: item malls, monthly fees (if any), retail copies (again, if needed)): the adults!!! Keep up the good work and set the standard for the rest of these MMORPG wannabes…

  13. I wanted to give this one a shot, so I downloaded and had it all installed. Went to launch it and it errored “Failed to start rendering subsystem”. I’ve tried everything I could and all people keep saying is that my video card isn’t good enough since you need shader 2.0 support. card supports up to shader 5.0 according to my card’s manufacturer website. I also play games like DCUO and SWTOR which use shader 2.0+ fine so this game is frelling borked.

    What a disappointment.

  14. can you work to in game to earn points that allows you to buy contents like in the lord of the rings i heard youcan do this in AoC am i right ?

    • Not that I know of.I barely started though on the Set server and they are planning a server merge with the EU servers sometime this year.

  15. all of this means that through lvls 1-79 u have almost all access and can do 99%of the things a prem person can

  16. THIS GAME IS NOT FREE TO PLAY! Its a FAKE FREE TO PLAY GAME, dont waste your time, charactersm, locations, almost everything there is locked, game force players to pay for everything there, also its super boring! Dont support faking GREEDY LIARS!

    • id rather u just not say anything then say something u dont know a rats ass about. Yes aoc was terrible in the last couple of years but after their update in 2013 it has improved the game drastically. You can now access 98% of the dungeans between the lvl mark of 1-79, however when you do reach lvl 80 u need to buy expansions packs, BUT that doesnt mean u cant do anything at lvl 80. YOU can do T1 raiding, some Epic Dungs like AoK that was originally made a lvl 63 zone but now the funcom team also added a lvl 80 epic zone that have epic weps and armour. you can also do all pvp now except for sieges. This is a great update for f2p players as they can do more stuff when they reach lvl 80 and if u wanna roll another char u can also now choose any class and you can carry 10 gold then the 2 before.

      • What boggles my mind is that someone might spend the amazing amount of time it takes to get all the way to level 80 and then bitch about buying an expansion pack. Not that superkoo actually did even that much work before complaining…

  17. I used to play this game p2p , brilliant skill based pvp ( im a pvper)
    now that its free i can log in … pvp without any restrictions .

    for pvpers this game f2p is epic

  18. The game has much more content unlocked for F2P and ALL classes are F2P accessible now. If you intend on playing this game, do disregard the previous posts whining about how things are sealed off. A large portion of the stuff is now F2P accessible. Hell just check their site.

  19. I just started playing this game a couple of days ago and so far I’m pretty impressed. I was ready to give up on mmos all together and decided to give this one a shot. The atmosphere and graphics are very nice. One of the things I hated about WoW and EQ2 were the childish, cartoon looking models for most of the environments and characters. I also like how brutal the game is, it makes you feel that the swords are made of steel and do actual damage to your target and not Nerf weapons that puts them to sleep after so many hitpoints are reached.

    It also has adult themes that i think are more fitting for the Fantasy genre. Instead of a family friendly theme park, the cities are full of murderous thugs’ drunkards and prostitutes. The language is equally colorful and helps draw you into the dark Conan universe.

    The combat system forces you to engage at all times, you have to stay on your target and maneuver like you would in a real sword fight as opposed to auto aiming, clicking a few macros and forgetting about it. I know it has auto aim but this is turned off by default. After intensely hacking away at your cunning and murderous foes, you are occasionally rewarded with a fatality finishing move. These are very brutal for the melee classes and reminds you that your character is chopping up people not touching up their make-up.

    I haven’t played through the higher levels or end-game yet but I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead. Also Fun-Com opened all the classes as well as allowing a lot of other extras that were once only available to paying customers. For a free game, this one has a lot to offer. I highly recommend playing it.

    • The graphics in this game are amazing. The game is just awesome, indeed. I wonder if it isn’t your graphics card. The graphics are state of the art….it is ART!

  20. Can you guys please remove Age of Conan, SWToR and other free to try games from F2P section? For AoC how is this different from WoW? You can play the game to X level, with limited features. Hell WoW gives you even more classes to try and less limitations. Only difference is in AoC the trial is open to level 80 and in wow to level 20. SWToR model lets you try it for free to 50, than if you want to PvP or raid you need to sub to the game.

    THIS is not F2P. Remove these games from F2P least, add free trial/demos category to the list of games and stop misleading the readers!

    I love the site but this is just wrong to put these games into F2P category. Friggin GW2 is more F2P than any of these games, and much better as a game too.

  21. Game is pretty much P2P. They boast that the game is F2P, but the F2P version only gives you 4 of the classes as well as a bunch of other annoying restrictions. If you want to go for a trial game, I really recommend WoW over this – they let you play every class except for Death Knight ( it requires Cataclysm or something ) 8 races of the 11 races ( the other 3 also require Cataclysm ).

  22. when i go to install and download it says direct x is out of date and it says i already installed it so what do i do

  23. I played AoC when it wasn’t free, from 2005/06 till 2008. The game is awesome and is much better than WoW for sure (i played WoW too so not being biased here). The classes are great and quite balanced (2 slots per server isn’t enough). This is a R21 game with lots of blood and nudity. It’s not for kids. It’s worth every cent i paid for this game. It’s a pity university meant i had no more time for MMOs.

  24. So i Play this game since 13.1.2010 on the Eu side. And i can tell you the game isn Crap like hell or something else… yea it has his problems but it isnt bad at all… and one that i can say… u can get lvl 80 T1 raid clothes but now weapons because you cannot go to vistrix the third T1 boss… but! it cost only 15 € (eu side) per month… but you get for the 15 € a unique combat system a large world a lot of fun in raids or something like that and the Free to play content isnt so bad… i had played it a few monthes to try the different but there isnt really one ya ok you can only have 2 gold and you cannot raid t2 or t3 but isnt it really important to had fun in a game? when you play such a long time i has i can say raiding is boring… you do the same thing every time… so buy the game 🙂 with the addon rise of the god slayer level to 80 and make your one opinion… a yea… when you rise to lvl 80 and play in khitai i say one thing don’t! really don’t! raid T1 or T2 the Khitai Purple things you get at hardmode instances is better than t1 or T2 … 🙂 and pvp is very annoying… hate it… but make your one Opinion 🙂 i never heard one in the game who flamed like the kiddis hear on this side… and the Gm’s never send you something like that what Xotli has postet…

  25. edit: “OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
    RAM: 1 GB | HDD: 30GB CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz or equivalent
    Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better.”

    Wrong.At least win vista,3G for dx9 at med/low settings,and 4+ if u wanna go dx10 med-to-high..V/Card at least a gtx8600 for res 1280×1024 at low settings,and a gtx285 and up for res 1680 to 2048. Game is LAG like HELL even with a high-system (sieges fps going under..10),i warned u peeps. Something i totally forgot to mention.Theres no global chat on f2p model,no tells to others,very very limited bank/bag (u cant even hold some potions/foods ffs) space and MOST morons GM’s (Game Masters) and forums moderators.Yes,its true,if u post something like “oh god,why funcom never ban cheaters?”,or “this game named Josh,using cheats” etc,they DELETE the post,sending you THREADS via mail (“please do not open again any kind of thread about cheat accusations,or we will ban you.this is your 1st and last warning”) and BAN you from forums/game! Jesus christ.. Good luck with that bulls**t game 🙂 (ps: sry for my english,it isnt my language)

  26. I playing age of conan since early beta (may 08),and i can tell you all, game its pure crap at the moment and it isn’t FREE.. The only free thing is that u can run around doing quests and level to 80 (pvp levels also),but, after u hit lvl80, you MUST pay to UNLOCK ALL Raid Dungeons 🙂 No raid/instances, no gear at all (no armor,no weapon,no fun). Also your character money limit is just 2 Gold. Pure crap because u CAN’T even buy gear from auction houses. 2G can’t save you at lvl80,and don’t forget if u choose to play on hardcore pvp servers (Deathwish/US , Rage/EU), every time u died you drop items and money (5% of your total money). Also, the funniest part of the game, the Sieges,its total broken..EVERY siege, has CRASH after 5minutes (in some cases sieges crashing by players using hacks, Exile for ie.Guild who using siege hacks to win the battles or to crash to avoid the defeat). Another important thing,famous pvp servers (Fury/Rage/Deathwish),its FULL (im not kidding) of angry kids,running around with hacks (DPS (damage-per-second) boosters),speedhacks,teleports etc,since funcom (the company behind age of conan),holding a mmo from 2008 WITHOUT ANTI-CHEAT shield(s).Yes,i’m 1000% serious.NOT a SINGLE anti-cheat software since the BETA stage of the game..For god’s sake.. Game NOT worthing a single hour now to play and its 25-30 Gigabytes. Old good AOC died after 1.05 patch.. 🙂 Only positive for this game is the great graphics and especially the players animation (full dx10,sdm 3,ffxqa etc) which looks so realistic 🙂 Anyways. Age of Conan Unchained its a BIG LIE.. Nothing free when u hit lvl80…And if u want to buy points for gear etc,watch out because its a BIG trick there and u must pay ALOT of money,so,open ur eyes and stay away from this CRAP… My personal rating after 3y there? 1/10 and i give 1 just for the graphics 🙂

    • huh. you know, i thought about going back (started at beginning, left jan ’09)… but it looks like all the stuff that was bugging me is still there. difference: free to enjoy at my leisure. I checked the ole account out of boredom, and the rhino is still there… but with only using basic mounts, is it rideable? perhaps I shall stick to minecraft…

  27. If a couple of breasts are all you need in a game to think of yourself as an adult I could recommend much better games with this with less intense graphics and better game play. Hooray it’s gone F2P, be prepared to see how crappy and unpolished the game is passed that annoying island where you spend 60+ hours leveling a character you don’t care about in the least and talking to annoying NPCs that basically are either one generic racist stereotype or another.

    I’ve played this game off non again since beta and it’s nothing special. The graphics are nice if you have the computer for it but everything else is pretty much the same beat em up, go go go, level, PvP crap as always. (Not a WoW clone? Their PvP Battles are the exact same as World of Warcraft btw…)

  28. this is the coolest of the mmo´s out there…
    At least they didn´t copy the wow world and try something completly diferent,
    i´ve hoped to find a game like this f2p but nothing is better than the real thing…
    Don´t talk bad untill you´ve try because this game rocks… I´ve only stop playing because they stop making game cards (for portugal at least) and i dont like pay with credit card on the net…
    The best news ever, can hardly wait

  29. How old are you? 10? The game has always shown breasts (except in europe, where they are apparenlty less prudish, and got full frontal nudity.) since the game launched in 2008 (which I have played since launch). I am glad to see they are catering more to the adult players. If you can’t handle a little nudity and violence in the world of conan, go play one of the kiddie games. There’s plenty of them.

    • you dont have to say he is better of playing kiddie games.
      he is keeping the reputation of mmobomb up.
      if you want to see tits do like this man does and keep it for yourself.

      PS. so you have any sochial contact’s (you kindof get rlly mean if you don’t)

      • Get real dude. Knock off the fake morality. There is nothing wrong with some boobs. If people didn’t make a big deal about it it wouldn’t be a problem. Here in America such ludicrous ideologies of ‘morality’ are ass back wards. The taboo on any thing “sexual” is merely for profit (people want whats taboo). Unlike in other countries where people appreciate and respect the human body.
        Get real.


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