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Title: Aika Online | Status: Offline
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1050 MB
Publisher: Gpotato
Developer: Hanbitsoft

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
PvP System (1000 Vs. 1000 RvR)
Unique “Pran” pet system
Great animations and effects

Aika Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with fast paced gameplay, great graphics and strong emphasis on player versus player (PvP) combat. The game presents three major PvP modes from small skirmishes to 1000 vs. 1000 Realm vs Realm (RvR) battles. In Aika Online, you could experience combats between countries and deal with alignment problems. A special feature of Aika Online is the Plan System. It seems a little like pet system that your character could grow up while you playing the game. At the beginning, your character will be a child and according to different ways of foster, it will hold different attributes and finally become a adult. The game’s six playable classes are: Fighter, Dual Gunner, Warlock, Paladin, Rifleman, and Cleric.

In additional to traditional MMO features like quests and item crafting, Aika presents a large scaled PvP system that range from small dungeon groups of 6 all the way up to wars of 1,000 vs. 1,000. Its highly developed user experience also features a unique PRAN system and sophisticated in game voice-overs.

Aika Online system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 512 MB Free | HDD: 2 GB Free Space
CPU: 800 MhZ Pentium 3 or Equivalent
Graphics Card: Any 3D Accelerator Card
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  1. Yeah, this game is dying now. The company running it is terrible. Terrible service. Wrongfully accused me of “illegal gold selling” then they banned my character. Told me I would need to agree to an “Inventory” wipe to get my character back, so I agreed but they deleted EVERYTHING. My equipped items, my bank items, everything. They then refuse to refund me or admit that they were wrong. I lost probably close to 1.3k usd in items…

    Save your money guys.

  2. I have played Aika for a LONG time. I started back when the level cap was 60 and it was owned by Gpotato. Now it is owned by T3FUN. The game is dying. Do not bother playing it. It really is sad though, because this game was one of my favorite MMO’s out there. The player base is dying off pretty fast now. Getting to lvl 90 is a grindfest and painfully slow. However, one of THE best and my most favorite things about this game was the fantasy aspect. The unique mobs were so great. This game is a beautiful thing, but it’s dying. I am 100% correct about it dying. No one hardly even talks in world chat now. And world chat used to be so busy and hilarious. I’m super sad to see the game like this, but it’s just not populated anymore. Save yourself some heartache and move on. Sure, you’ll love the game, but it’s not going to be around for much longer.

    • Nettie speaks the truth.. people getting banned by getting mail from hackers, essentially someone is handing out bans and the management is too pea brained to realize. Do not start playing this game, my suggestion.

  3. This game is wayy too play-to-win based. I don’t see how people can claim that you can survive with a free account unless you’re alright with observing as those who spend thousands play the game and you sit in the corner because you can’t even participate in PvP, which is btw let’s not forget, the center core of the whole game.

    PvP is in fact what makes the game exceptional, but the game is so off-balanced and cash-thirsty that you won’t be able to compete, let alone step foot, in that system without dying in an instant. In other words.. if you don’t plan on burning a hole into your wallet, there’s absolutely no point in playing.

    I know there will be people out there who say there are others things to do, but really that’s extremely untrue. All paths in that game, every choice you make, everything you do after making a character is meant to lead you straight to PvP. That’s the endgame. The unplayable, unfair, terrible endgame.

  4. i do like this game. i started playing it with my brother because he can’t run high spec games on his computer and this one runs smoothly. it kind of reminds me of aion but without all the stuff i have never actually used. the graphics are good, i also like the classes and the storyline. otherwise the usual monster killing grinding but well.. most of them are like this. so please. give this game a little credit.

    • To be honest the only thing this game deserves any credit for at all is that it did a decent job of balancing their faction system.

      It’s like every other bad Korean based MMO in that it has little to no quests (especially at higher level). It’s pretty compared to the PS1, but it’s not a great graphics game and even on a better system when there was enough players to make PvP fun you’d bog down even a high end computer with lag.

      The cash shop is horrible and is why the game has no chance at all. It’s a completely PvP driven game where player buy the chance to mow down other players by the hundreds with $$. The server is literally run by these people to the point where the GMs (that are crooked as can be) will actually help players they are close with (because they drop thousands in the cash shop and keep them employed).

      It’s like a pvp based version of Priston Tale with a worse cash shop. When you decide you want +11 gear, you’ll change your mind when you realize the top +11 gear in the game costs around $5,000+. Don’t even dream about buying a full +11 set with in game gold or trying to “earn it” because there isn’t enough drops or gold in the entire game to make one unless you’re RMTing and buying your gold, in which case you’ll maybe spend a little less at the risk of being banned.

      No MMO should have anything that costs as much money as this game does. You can drop $50 in the cash shop and get literally nothing for it, which is part of the trap to keep you spending more so you don’t feel like you wasted what you spent first.

      Ugh… this is a horrible game that doesn’t deserve anything good. If they erased the cash shop all together of P2W crap, it would be a crappy game with a decent pvp system. PvE is horrible and you’ll spend most of your time grinding from 70+ getting ganked by people that are lvl 90 in cash shopped gear that will farm you over and over. In some games you can run dungeons but this games “daily” dungeon system is horrible too.

  5. This game still a good game. New challenges, new mobs, new levels, free items, new players. I’m come back to this game. Maybe I’ll come Osty nation

  6. Okay, I will try to be as fair to this game as I can without sounding too harsh.

    When I started playing this game it was quite fun. I like PvP and this game brought a good amount of it in a semi-original manor to the table.

    When the level cap went to 65, I was one of the first on my server to 65 and one of the first with a max’d weapon (played a Warrior). It was pretty pimp for a few weeks, got old fast.

    All in all, it was an okay run, then I got bored and wanted to level a healer… best I could say was “OMGLMFAO!”. You ever try to level a healer in a free for all PvP game with garbage questing? I went back when the cap went to 75, the concept without a guild’s support is an utter joke. Sure it can be done, but it’s so miserable. I know someone will try to tell me how they loved leveling theirs, but honestly, even if you spend thousands of real life dollars on gear, I know you’re full of it.

    I had a couple friends I got into the game as well. Watching them drop literally thousands on the cash shop and seeing the results is actually why I quit for good and have never returned. The game sadly builds itself on a pay to win system that really few games ever have rivaled. Enchanting gear past +5-7 is something you really need cash shop items for. Not cheap ones either, at cap you’ll easily drop $45 in real money and quite often not even gain a single + out of it. I’ve seen people capping out one piece of gear average over $350 USD. My best friend’s credit is ruined because he dropped 3k on a discover card trying to level his Priest. It wasn’t even the end game set, it was his level 70 gear so he could get to cap (which he never did). His brother was playing a tank he had several thousand into as well and between them, they could get into guild dungeon runs, but in PvP even with that kind of cash their gear wasn’t crap. There are people that drop 5k on gear that go a few months, next patch comes, then do it again. Often they become Archon or nation leaders and run end game PvP guilds. Oddly enough, those are the players the GM’s actually hang out with and talk to, so they make up the click that has all the influence in the game.

    My experience in an end game archon guild wit a capped character and a godlike weapon taught me one thing. If you can’t play non-stop, dump endless amounts of cash, and sell your soul for this game… You’re nothing but fodder for those that do to step on. I was quite good at end game PvP, but the balance in this game is so off it will suck the life right out of you. I’d sooner re-sub to Wow than ever let this game pollute my hard drive again.

    Sorry, I tried, that really was the nicest things I could come up with and really, there’s a lot worse things I can think of I could have included.

    Keep in mind, the only game I ever regretted playing more than Aika was Myth War. For those that don’t know, the developers of that game Igg held a massive cash shop event/contest that encouraged players to literally spend thousands in the cash shop (every $1 spent was basically a ticket in a raffle for the best pets ever to be seen). They even advertised who was spending how much $$! Then at the end, after they announced the winner, they announced they were cancelling the game for Myth War II and despite it just being Myth War I with the maps and quests re-arranged, they would not allow people to port their characters.

    Taking that to consideration, Aika wasn’t even as fun of a game and actually has a worse cash shop.

  7. I’ve recently played this game and they gave newbies level 81 accounts. Cool? Not really, heres why:
    -Skips the tutorial for you.
    -Skips storylines ( if you care about it)
    -Given no resources where to grind at all after.
    Don’t play this game at all please, waste of time and effort with the massive amount of grinding you will be doing.

  8. I have played this game for 2+ years, and my advice is this – do not start playing it now. After being acquired from Gpotato(previous Aika owners) in January, T3Fun (new company) has turned the game into nothing but a real-money black hole that requires cash shopping for the ability to use basic things like skills/attacks. This game is IMPOSSIBLE to PvP with unless you cash shop, the items that give the best pvp advantages are all cash shop items and all are very expensive, buying sufficient to last you a month will cost upwards of $35. T3 fun is also *TERRIBLE* at moderating the game and is absolutely clueless on what true cheating is. The events they run are not events at all. During the “event” period there is a $0.50/per try box in the cash shop.. thats an “event”. Gpotato had an amazing game going, with amazing mods,GM’s and Devs. T3fun is taking riding out aika and its diehard fan base for every dollar they have. Some of there recent updates have glitched and allowed things ranging from money duplicating to cash shop item duplicating. This has absolutely destroyed the market. Aika employs a unique system of strengthening or reinforcing armour/weapons(another real money sink) which many players have been banned for simply using, apparently you cannot reinforce your equipment ‘so fast’ or you are cheating. Other players that excel at various aspects of the game, long time players; have been banned for cheating claims from stupid children. The devs have no experience with this game and are just riding it out for the cash shoppers – I am actually on this site today to find an MMO, because today is the day I stopped playing Aika.

    • I have to add, the PvP in that game is exceptional, unlike any other game(I played warrior). However, Aika uses something called Xtrap to try and prevent cheaters, but the client is the absolute WORST thing to ever happen to MMO gaming. Glitches and lags a lot – ask any PvP aika player with 1yr + experience.

  9. This use to be one of my favorite mmos, but there are no people anymore. Im gonna try and make a party on the pve server that has the crown by it and hopfully get a small 3-10 person community to play with me on it, maybe even grow the community enough to restore the game to its former glory (which would be extremely hard)

  10. Well as person who played Aika, game is pretty much decent but. . there is always that “but”. . GM’/Staff are really bad, too much glitches in last 2-3 months, and because of one glitch half people get banned and suspended, and when you sent to GM’s (support) videos of people abusing glitches they don’t do anything. Game is good but as i told, skip this game, best choice is KAika if you want to play this game but ofc. . lang is different 😛 So advice skip Aika not worth, before was awesome but now is crap, from my point best PVP of any games i played. . . but T3fun they running bad, at start was good but now it’s horrible. . . XD

  11. Aika is a great game. New management is really working to improve things that should have been done with the old management (Gpotato). If you want a good PvP or even PvE game, Aika is really fun. I’ve been playing for a long time and I can see things improving especially for new players. Super quick leveling to get into the PvP stuff much quicker.

    If you want to try it out, google “T3Fun Aika Online” for the new download site. I suggest everyone play in each nation before they pick one… clearly iKlone didn’t or else he would see all nations have different personalities 😉

    • This is a very old review. Game is ran by T3Fun now (not the same as Global’s management team though). You need to google the new download site because above is not right.

    • for the record, it was amazing with Gpotato, compared to T3Fun now.. Gpotato did legitimate events, GM’s were active and in-game and forum a couple times a day, although you don’t know which nation. cash shop items were much cheaper.. The good old days.

  12. The game incorporates a Lord Marshal system which ultimately dictates your game? Your game is in the hands of a reigning lord marshal, this game has seen so many tyrants, players left by the truck load. Im not sure why a dev would allow a reigning guild to dictate other players game play. This game started off well when there was good lord marshals. After that the game died. this game is not newb friendly and players can spend weeks waiting for help with dungeon runs. Being in a guild doesn’t guarantee you’ll access dungeons easily. Paladins are a waste of time. The have the highest repair rate. Warriors second. Due to lack of pallies, warriors take over the role which can be a very expensive class to play. The game is unbalanced and not worth a look. Only die hard fans are those that invested in the game.

    • Sounds like you haven’t played in a really really long time o.O Kinda weird you would take the time to write so many bad reviews over a game you haven’t played in ages.

      A. Repairs are about the same for all classes now.
      B. Paladins are the beast of farming (as always).
      C. LM has very little effect on your gaming unless you are following them around like a lost puppy. Then I guess they could get annoying.
      D. Dungeons are easily solo-able so IDK why you think you even need a guild/party for most of them unless you are writing about a much lower cap.

      Bottom line, play the game before you make any judgments or write a review.

    • Yeah I was there from the very start. Imperial Legion, reigning guild. Then the LM left and the game went downhill from there.

  13. @Alderdex
    This game isn’t worth downloading. Trust me. The game is dead. I tried to relog in with a new char and got no help from anyone. Game was dead all on all nations. but, go ahead … only way to find out is to download it. Good luck.

  14. i tryed downloading the game but i keep getting the message that it cant connect to server when i try to update a mod told me that there may be an issue with my settings file and i found that this is the issue but i cant edit the file and save it i dont have permission why is this i realy would like to play this game so any help would be greatly appriciated 🙂

  15. :*(
    This game was epic back in the day, but it did suffer greatly. Having 5 nations? the game intro shows you 5 nations to choose from, therein lies the problem. 5.

    By having 5 nations, you spread the playerbase thin. Worse still is that each nation had both a pvp server and pve server making parties hard to find when wanting to do dungeon runs.

    But the biggest con this game had was “Lord Marshals”. I don’t know why any dev would allow a Lord marshal to control a whole nation. It doesn’t matter if you spent hundreds in this game to soop up char, it didn’t mean jack, if your nation had a low player base due to a over bearing, Lord Marshal. I remember sparta, when players just dumped high level chars and started on other servers as they couldnt get scrolls to change nations.

    In the end most just gave up. The game is controlled by lord marshals. If your lucky to get a great lord marshal like chris from imperial, all good. But when he left, the game went downhill.

    No way, I would play a game that didn’t allow me to change nations if the lrod marshal is a prat and is chasing away his population by getting his guild to pvp players that farm in good spots.

    As such, the game isn’t worth playing. Aika Sea and Aika Online struggle to gain new members as there is no help available for those starting off. Not worth the aggravation.

    • I miss Chris… You were around when he was too? Him and Evolutions, they were the best. We never had issues with them… in fact I could hardly tell the LM had power period… probably because they were ridiculously good at keeping relics and taxes down. Ah… the good ol’ days of Aika.

  16. Its really not hard to get gear in aika yes droprates are low but what game has easydrop’s nowadays. As per the events they do happen alot. Pvp is stale latly because 4 nations refuse to raid and give off the “oh well you’re so OP we wont even try”. Alot of the x thing is op x person is op is alot of people not even trying. You can do ariela elite for an easy 6-8mil from npc drops an hour. Yes its bland til you get into pvp yes dungeon partys dont really exist anymore since you’ll solo them but its not a bad game. The problem about lack of people does come from gpotato not advertising anymore tbh as well as school started again. About 2 months ago every nation could pull 2-3 raids in a moment. Its just a brief pause.

    My biggest issue is the lead nation system. Relics breaking at this point because no one will try and raid osty.

  17. Do NOT start Aika NA. If you are in an area that can play a different version, then I would recommend it. But Aika NA is dying quickly. Everything is cash shop or die, there is barely any pvp and 1000 vs 1000 is laughable, drop rates are pathetic, and GM/Customer Service is non-existent. Pvp at its best right now is maybe 25 vs 25 for short raids and that is even getting rare. Unlike most other games, you can’t farm for your gear because drop rates are insanely low. You may kill a certain mob 1ks of times and never get an accessory piece, quicker to spend those hours on end farming which is equally boring.

    There are no events or new things that keep people having fun, just more and more sales on ingame currency. Seems like they are trying to get as much money as possible before they close doors. All of the OP players run around pking people in 1-2 hits, there’s no balance at all. Way too many OP skills to have a good balanced pvp game. I loved the game when I started but now there are not many active players left, people that are still there are talking about leaving also.

    • Taking back what I said because they are under new ownership now. Much better customer service, GMs are more active on forums and in game, rarer things are much easier to get because of events from new management, and there is much more balance for lower levels.

      Old management really took this game to the dumps, but it seems like the new people are trying to bring people back and get it on track again. Much much more events, GMs listen to player feedback, better connects to development team which means new ideas are actually listened to now, and new items/events are making it easier to improve your gear without draining your bank account.

      • The GM’s are NOT active in game WHATSOEVER.. T3 is too busy taking care of their higher populated games, and cash shop prices have gone up LITERALLY x10.
        Nowdays:1k Tcoin = 10million Gpotato 1k tcoin = 1 million

        Everything you have said is total BS.. T3 does not listen to the community at all.. the market is the worst it has been in 3 years, in game gold has no value, its cash shop or nothing.


        • and the only reason the population of this game grew is because one of the other Aika’s shut down around april and many of them came to NA.. Not because T3 is a good company, that would be a LIE.

  18. Aika is an awesome pvp game which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The reason why I decided to leave was due to my playing solo as a tanking-class paladin. The grinding gets extremely excessive at the high 30s (some quests have you kill up to 75 mobs at a time), and with little or no AoE spells and difficulty finding people to group with, I couldn’t find the will to continue playing.

    Nevertheless, I recommend people to definitely give Aika a go. The gameplay is smooth and fun (assuming your computer can handle it with relative ease), the music is fantastic, and the pran system is amusing.

  19. ok so.. ive played LOTRO (lord of the rings online), and the graphics blow, even on full settings, but thats not even the main problem, its really boring, and the gameplay sucks, when you attack, there is no sound effects, maybe from the person, but not from ur sword or bow n arrow/magic, its ridiculous, and the game is way too cartoonish.

  20. ^^LOL prius online??

    it has WORSE graphics than aika.. in fact it was released before aika (in korea).

    i’ve played both prius and aika~ aika is more like an advanced version of prius but more pvp-centirc and much better controls/gameplay.

    aika also now has alternative methods for leveling up rather than grinding all day for those of you (like me) who can’t sit at home all day + have to work :\

    and although it may seem heavily cash-shop based it is well-balanced for us over-achievers who are smart enough to earn/farm in-game golds to survive without spending a single penny irl.

    also, the GMs of this game have plenty of events and giveaways^^

    i’ve played aika for 2+ years and it gets better all the time.
    just sayin’ :\

  21. Great game at first. then it is turns into “wait… I have played this before…”. Ok, but not bad, the goal is really to power grind up to pvp status. But I did not like that. The quests and world really rail you to one specific place. YOu will be in one area, then move to next. The formula feels really railed when you notice the progress and map use. This is something I Can’t really explain, you just have to play and it will hit you “wow, this is like a train ride. Just smashing buttons as I rail along the path.”. I recommend Prius online. Cash shop doesn’t hinder it. PvP componentes. And it has better graphics. The world is more open, you can do level 15 and 20 quests in several areas. Change itup if you are not liking the quests are you are in. That is the difference that made me quit this game.

  22. wow.. this game is awesome and really easy to figure out despite the lack of direction from the beginning.

    ..doesn’t take a genius to find a goddamn boar lolz…..

  23. dude theres no sense of direction what so ever i mean where the f** is laik i searched everywhere and didnt find shit this game suks period

  24. Sorry but i dont agree with you. The quests are easy to do you can even check in the map the location of the mobs to kill. Im also pretty sure you can have more slots. The graphics are decent, the animations are also decent, its not a great mmorp like WOW or LOTRO, but its one of the best i´ve played, and i sure tested a lot of them.

  25. I dont like the graphics its made for low performance laptops. There is no tutorial and the questsystem is really bad because its hard to find out where to go. The inventory can store only 15 slots and the interface with its tiny transparent letters is not really user friendly. All in all its nothing innovative its like all the other countless MMOs out there.


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