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About the game:
Title: Blade & Soul
Status: Released
Developer: NCSoft
Publisher: NCSoft

Blade & Soul is a free to play 3D action-combat MMORPG. In Blade & Soul, you’ll take part in epic martial-arts action, fighting evil at every turn with your vast array of physical and mystical abilities. All warrior have it within them to fight evil, but the two factions have different views on how to go about that task. The Cerulean order believes that only order and unity will prevail, while the Crimson Alliance puts its faith in individuals to know the best way to fight.

Most of Blade & Soul’s classes have a traditional martial-arts bent to them, ranging from the bare-handed Kung Fu Masters to the swift and deadly Blade Dancers. Players will have to master intricate solo and group combination attacks to whittle down their enemies, while nimbly avoiding incoming attacks.

In addition to solo quests, Blade & Soul also offers challenging dungeons for groups of four or six players. In four-player dungeons, the bosses hit harder and have more health, in addition to the challenge of having fewer players, but greater rewards can be obtained. Even the clothes you wear can have an effect on gameplay, signalling your allegiance to a faction — and marking you as an enemy to members of the opposing faction.

Explosive Features:

  • Martial Arts Action
  • Four Races, Based On Chinese Myths
  • Action Combat And Combo System

News and Updates

Blade & Soul Goes All Punny With The Blade & Ghoul Event

Here we go, yet another MMO Halloween event kicked off this week. Today, NCSoft launched Blade & Ghoul, Blade & Soul's answer to requisite...

Blade & Soul Adds New Astromancer Class In Today’s Cosmic Horizon Update

It's time to reach for the stars in Blade & Soul, as today's Cosmic Horizon update adds a new class, the astromancer, to NCSoft's...

The Black Hole Bending Astromancer Class Arrives In Blade & Soul September 23

On September 23, the Cosmic Horizon update finally arrives in Blade & Soul, introducing the new Astromancer Lyn class, a renewed sanctum, an additional...

Rage On In Blade & Soul’s Midnight Reborn Update

As promised, Blade & Soul released the Midnight Reborn update this week. The new update introduces a more challenging Midnight Skypetal Plains, as well...

Blade & Soul’s Midnight Skypetal Plains Are Getting Some Love

On August 19, Midnight Skypetal Plains will be on the receiving end of a rework. The Blade & Soul team announced a few changes...

NCSoft’s Mobile Division Drives Q2 Decline, Project TL And Aion 2 Launching Next Year

NCSoft's Q2 2020 financial report revolves primarily around one word: mobile. The company's quarter-over-quarter revenue dropped 192,544 million Korean won (mKRW), and the mobile...

Blade & Soul Kicks Off The Divine Break Update With Two New Events

Blade & Soul's Divine Break update is officially dropped, briniging with it new classes, items, and systems -- as promised. It also continues the...

Blade & Soul Previews New Classes, Items, And Systems

There's a lot happening with Blade & Soul right now -- what with a new update arriving soon and all. In the last few...

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System Requirements

Blade & Soul Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP (SP3) 32bit
CPU: Intel Dual Core / AMD Athlon 64X2
RAM: XP: 2GB / Vista, Win7: 3GB
Hard Disk Space: 22GB of available hard-disk space
Video Card: nVidia Geforce 8600GT / AMD Radeon HD4600

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  1. Not recommended for new players who are not willing to swipe their credit card. This game is pay to progress. They nerfed the gold rewards on dungeons recommended for new players.

  2. I don’t really play MMOs anymore but from my experience on this game this game is awesome just like playing legacy of Egypt in very interesting. But the botters are annoying.

  3. Problem with this game now, is its pretty much pay 2 progress. You have invest so much time and gold now even with “weapon costs” reductions to even get anywhere. I have been playing since this game released and there is now a huge difference. For example most basic mats on market have almost gotten 10x higher than they were 1 year ago and you need like say 1200 of them for upgrading your necklace.
    This game is getting server merge on KR soon because of its pay 2 progress wall now, if you want to get anywhere without years of grinding, you have pay through trove and rng boxes, which dont even have good rng. When you ask support why your luck is terrible compared to other players, they just “rng” element of luck and dont even look into what you have gotten. Rubbish game now, ppl who say its not such a grind, enjoy ur grind for basic items which will cost you over 5k just to upgrade from stage 1-10 for a basic accessory, only to find that it is no longer what is required for min entry into dungeons.

  4. those spec reqs are a joke, this game just gotten friggin heavy towards cpu power for the 12-man raids, if I had enough rig, I’d play it, but for now the 5-15fps fights are a waste of time

  5. I can say that as a player now after the most recent patch (which was the largest in the game history of NA), the game has gotten significantly better. I’ve suffered 100% of the issues previous reviewers are complaining about and the weapon upgrade path now is much more easier and affordable to those who put the weapon in. I’m a Level 50 HM 8 Warlock and I find the game very enjoyable, but maybe that is because I enjoy grinding in moderation.

  6. Disregard the people who complain about very old problems in this game. The game has gone through several way of life changes such that new players can gear up faster. There will be a new patch come 4/12 that includes the discount of legendary up to stage 10 and a non raid weapon path for those who cannot do the raids atm. There will also be the revamp hm points/skill chart as well as new hairstyles/ears.

  7. So-called storyline is a joke, all the classes are dull, combat system is not immersive, no optimization whatsoever, just to name a few of the minuses. There are simply too many and they outweight any pluses. Honestly, the only positive thing of this failure is a pretty design of maps.
    Complete waste of time.

  8. I stopped playing my Warlock at Level 50 HM 11. The game is heavily geared for Summoners and P2W, WL don’t stand a chance. I’m not about to roll another character and grind another 6 months for it. The game is heavily dependent on RND. My luck is so bad I swear the game hates me.

  9. Im playing since beta, this game had a lot of potential, but in NA/EU the bad gestion of developers made the game unplayable: lag, disconnects, p2w events and hackers/bots everywhere.
    Even spending a lot of real money, the end game content relies so much in RNG that doesnt worth the effort.
    I wouldnt consider to start playing now, since the game is so unfriendly to new characters and requires hours of grinding and RNG to improve gear, also the community is one of the most toxic and elitist i’ve ever seen

    • i totally agree lots of 13 year old rich elitist guys who buy stuff with their mom’s credit card and think theyre badass in chat liking the 1000 gold achievment all bought with ncoins lots of kids talking shit in faction chat and lots of toxic players total waste of time

  10. Dont listen these guys.this game needs skills
    Its not a game for CTnoobs
    they re loosing all the time and they re crying
    “Graphics sucks” –they re fine
    “he killed me!he is a hacker!”–there are bots in the arena not hackers.bots are easy to kill so you rank up easy
    “worst storyline ever”– i ve never seen a storyline in any mmo
    amazing fast pace combat with a lot of combos

    gets boring after a while 😛

  11. The game is good but the problem is at the max lvl you will haw problems geting your gear up too max the patches are coming too frequently if you want too get the gear up you will need to spand at least 6h-10h on this game to get at least the chance to get the mats you need. Or you will spand RL money to get the gear upgrades needed. Don’t let me start on PvP you will nearly 50% macro yousers then 35% will be bots and if you will be lucky you will get the 15% left who are normal players whit no macro or bots program runing. The AH is overpriced becos off the bots that are farming and selling relay expansive.

  12. Good game but the classes are unbalanced. People say that at max cap it will be balanced and base on people skill. But honestly nope, summoners will be always the most easy overpower, annoying classes, then warlock with insane burst damage + short cool down on invisible charm, and Force master with constantly frozen skill and healing. Meanwhile, other classes require a lot of gamer’s skills to bring out the potential. Furthermore, hacking and bot never get banned. They do try to fix the problem but they don’t punish the player who hacked or bot. I keep seeing the people that i reported and blocked from botting became higher and higher level with more power. There are too many frustration for a good game that i have to leave even though i’m at almost max cap and doing pretty well. But it isn’t fair really to see hacking and botting is a normal thing in game without punishment.

  13. Can someone who played the game tell me if this game is worth installing and playing if I am type of person that:

    – Hates PvP
    – Is into story line, unless game has so many boring, repetitive quests that make me just snap and give up on following story (Aeria games do that often which is unfortunate)
    – Hates repetitive quests
    – Likes open exploring world
    – Likes plenty of interactions
    – Seeks game that gives off realistic feel

    Help would be appreciated <3

    • I’ve played the game since launch. I still enjoy the game and still play it everyday. The story is really good along with its cinematics. Leveling your character is very easy and would take about 24 total hours (I do recommend doing the side quests as well as the story quests).
      PvP is involved in this game and is only slightly required, but not necessary. Each character has many skills and can pull off many combos, the combat system is extremely fun.
      Another thing to note if you get a hongmoon weapon and accessory that is that weapon you want to keep and upgrade because they give the best stats.
      Do not pick a server that is lowly populated since at launch they had to create many servers and have yet to merge any. If you need any more information leave a reply ^_^

      • Altright, thank you all! I’ll give it a shot and I think I might love it, but I was repelled by fear of PvP (I don’t like PvP’s in MMO RPGS a lot, guess I am not much of a competitive person in some situations) and repetiteveness. Thanks a bunch!

    • uh well id say yo
      it has structured PvP and Free roam PvP (but you can opt out by wearing a non-PvP garb)
      there is a storyline but id insist watching the anime too see if you are interested pretty much if that interest you the game story will probably provide the same amount of interest

      Its defiantly open world but not exactly borderless open world (no flying mounts butt you can “fly” well glide)

      the amount of interaction between npc yes players… well just as any other mmo id say

      realistic feel mmm’ you can play as a humanoid rabbit and fly around town at lightning speeds whilst dispersing enemies with a swiftness of your physics defying kungfu moves 😮

  14. I was here on day 1 but the botters and scammers and server wait time was annoying so I temporarily left the game. But on the bright side I’d recommand this game but I dislike the VIP service being offered.

  15. Pay to win.
    Endless grinding.
    Worst RNGs.
    Dead support.
    Dead servers, only toxic and whales playing it now.
    Don’t bother, find another game.
    It could have been great game tho.

    • Pay to win. not really
      Bots Jep
      Hackers mostly not anymore
      RNGs about average
      support (only full not dead only about 48 houers)
      Dead Server (you played on the wrong ones)

  16. It’s a good game, BUT there are blatant issue with security being Bots and Also speed hacking which is done blatant by pvp players and also bots which show in mass in lower tier dungeon entrances they just skip through across a field using speed hacks. Ncsoft have a big issue with keeping with the security on their game. Then need to upgrade from that outdated game guard security. aside from that there are server lag issue which might take account to there security program being flimsy seeing ppl speed hack around with no remorse and bots in mass taking up space in the server.

    • You are correct. Hackers are taunting GM’s and they do not respond. The choices end game unfortunately are lag in Dungeon groups or play against bot hackers in PVP, or pve in a pvp area. I love the game, but I doubt it is going to be around long as they keep pushing new material without fixing the real issues. Its a quick money maker for NCsoft.

  17. i have played this a game for 2 month, this game is really good. unfortunately because I am in the Oceania play KFM is very bad because of the Ping

  18. I was playing it.Its an amazing game.If you play it,it may seem boring at the first half hour but then level after level it becomes better and better.It’s true that it still needs some fixes that theyre going to be done i think.Like Summoner class and Force Master class are OP.It’s true you can look for it on its forums.It has unique combat system and amazing PURE SKILL pvp,but there are some things that doesn’t really make sense.this is a TOTALLY PvP GAME it doesn’t really have PvE. In the arena you have the same stats with the opponent no matter what items you have.At first this sounded very awesome to me but later in the game i realised that you don’t have to actually farm anything it doesn’t give you motivation to keep playing it.It has 6-people and 4 people dungeons.So it does have PvE. but i ll tell you why it doesn’t in the end.The dungeons are all easy.Only a few need class build.By that I mean party with specific classes.All classes are accepted except Blade Dancer (you can read abou that in the forum too I’m not a hater i still like this game but i tell you it still need some fixes).So you farm and farm and farm until you get the best items just to have them cause the whole game is the arena where you have same stats and items with your opponent.So it really doesn’t make any sense to farm PvE items cuz you really don’t need them even in the latest dungeons.And it need anti-bot protection.A lot of bots in the arena

  19. The graphics are good but the play is pretty much doing the same things over and over every day. The first 45 levels take very little effort but after that it turns into a grind

  20. I played this game years ago on the Chinese Servers and i can’t say I enjoyed it, yes the game is beautiful and has a nice combat style but it feels lack luster after awhile honestly. I’m not saying its a bad game for sure but it looses it touch after awhile, I can say for sure this game was beyond over hyped like black desert online was because i was really looking forward to that until i heard reviews, but i digress, this game isn’t for everyone, try it out and see if you like it but its not a feeling that will last you forever honestly…

  21. The pvp is a joke, in arena not mention, summoner and destroyer are incredible OP, to much brainhurt and rage, not worth playing. P. S. Only grafic and some skill animation are fine.

  22. The game pvp system looks good at 1st glance, but there are so many invulnerabilities and stuns that is just retarded, game is 90% ping dependant… But you have no way to check ping ingame. Pve is very very bad, you have 0 incentive to kill npcs other than questing, you will see ppl in instances just skiping all to the boss. Not worth downloading.

  23. Deleted this very quickly. Graphics aren’t awesome, art style wasn’t to my liking for the most part, and the storyline is the worst I’ve seen so far. The story is what made me delete. It’s just offensively stupid. I’ve played a ton of MMOs, and I have never run in to anything which made my brain hurt as badly as this.

    • U rage quitted cause I kicked your butt in pvp lmao the story is like unto the one told in most (Martial Arts) movies you fcking retard ?

      • LOL wow your mad being told your game is garbage thats all you dont even know this guy nice flame bait guess ya got me since i replied 😛

        TLDR BNS is garbage

  24. Tried the game for a bit and got bored with it.. Classes are generic graphics look off, or its just a style that isn’t pleasing to me. Races are lack luster, generic, and boring. Pvp was done well, the storyline is a joke (cringe worthy). Combat is fluent and is much like TERA. Overall the game isn’t bad, but it isn’t anything new or worth half the hype it got!

  25. Right now I’m definitely disappointed with this game’s failure of a Launch. I’ve still been stuck with a Disconnection error from their servers and customer support is very slow and use copypasta responses.

  26. game looks pretty awesome at NA,but SPAM BOTS..come on too many bots spamming all the time you cant get away from them anywhere…

  27. I played in Closed Beta for 2 days last week. I only sow two 1st starting zones and they were very linear. You could not even go out from a road. No idea if it’s the same in later zones will check it at release in January 2016.

  28. I actually don’t get the hype for this game I played it for a while to me its boring got to lvl 45 and never played again too much hype not worth it in my opinion


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