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About the game:
Title: Albion Online
Status: Released
Developer: Sandbox Interactive
Publisher: Sandbox Interactive

Albion Online is a 3D sandbox MMORPG with player freedom being at the center of the game. Players will be able to claim land, build a house, gather resources, craft items which they can use or sell, and engage in Guild vs Guild or open world PVP. It is up to the player to decide how they want to interact with the world.

Classes are unique in that they are tied to gear. Any player can wear any piece of gear, so equipping a robe will allow the player the ability to use more powerful magic at the cost of defense. Equipping a sword and crossbow will give the player the freedom to engage in melee or ranged combat. There are quests to level your battle stats and open world PVP or Guild vs Guild also allow the player to earn experience. This is fairly important later on, as players must venture into dangerous PvP areas to harvest the most valuable resources.

Resources are abundant in the open world, but tiered based on how dangerous the location is. This means players must venture out and gather what they can. Gather too much though, and the player will begin to move slower due to the weight, making him an easy target for a rogue player or nearby mobs.

Once back at camp, the resources can then be used to build items, -such as gear and weapons- which can be used or sold to other players. Non-instanced personal housing is also available and requires the player to gather a multitude of resources in order to complete crafting. Luckily, multiple players can contribute to building one structure. Houses give players more inventory storage, provide a respawn point, give character buffs and it provide a place to hang the spoils of victory. Guilds can even take over whole cities, claiming taxes from those who live within the city, but who must also defend them against other guilds in 20 vs. 20 battles.

Explosive Fatures

  • No Classes
  • Player Driven Economy
  • In-Depth Crafting

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System Requirements

Albion Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: Intel/AMD CPU with SSE2
Memory Ram: 2 GB or more
Hard Disk Space: At least 15GB of free Space
Video Card: Graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 support or better

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Albion Online

Albion Online is a 3D sandbox MMORPG with player freedom being at the center of the game. Players will be able to claim land, build a house, gather resources, craft items which they can use or sell, and engage in Guild vs Guild or open world PVP. It is up to the player to decide how they want to interact with the world


  1. Graphics could have been much better, already there are gold sellers who have been banned.
    PVP is very unbalanced one guild has all the members, there are few smaller guilds.
    Basically people who have the gear/gold(real money to buy) have a huge advantage.

  2. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE! In it’s current state (as of 2/10/2016) this game is absolutely terrible, particularly for new players. Whilst not extremely difficult to start playing, it has zero tutorial aspect to get the new player acquainted with any aspect of the game. There is no lore based text or introduction to set the scene; no assistance or purpose to what you are doing as soon as you start on a beach in your underwear.

    You click on uninspired nodes, click on some more, rinse and repeat. Congratulations, you just clicked enough to get a ding! You upgraded a skill to let you click on something else! Whilst the “player driven economy” may seem interesting, it is halting to progress as you continually need to collect, refine and find purpose with your items, and can’t sell them to vendors (as far as I can find out). You have an auction house, but as the low level ingredients can be found readily, and then crafted; and money generation isn’t plentiful elsewhere then you cant purchase anything anyway… and can it be used with out click click leveling those damn dings? It has different than standard MMO ideas, but doesn’t translate to better ideas… just restrictive and boring ones. No seemingly original ideas found in this game improve on the established MMO conventions.

    Another aspect that may seem to have a grounding in reality is the carry capacity restrictions. You can only carry so much, but this fills extremely quickly and slows movement. This is super irritating, because all you are basically doing is clicking to carry stuff. No discernible inventory management system or sorting, uninspired item design and names. The crafting system is straight forward, click to get ingredients, refine and craft. Zero original idea. Craft points (or something to that affect) can be used to improve craft quality, but again – zero discussion or guidance on that aspect too. Every aspect of the game is far too slow paced and frustrating, including the death animations of half the animals that you wait that second too long to die, then you guessed it… click once, twice and sometimes a third time to collect ingredients… from. the. one. carcass.

    The whole game feels like the developers thought, “this is a good game mechanic/idea” lets use it, but didn’t consider player enjoyment. For me, that should be primary – the enjoyment and satisfaction of the player and customer. The pay to play business model is very questionable in the games current form, and if you’re on the edge like me and decide to pay to experience it…. then unless you like monotony (such as the competitive sport of watching paint dry), then you may also be sorely disappointed like me. And instantly out of pocket after a few bland hours. I’m sure the PVP will be… uninspired also. I couldn’t for the life of me go through the torture of clicking enough here and there to get to some meaningful combat.

    The fixed camera is irritating, the art style pretty enough but lacking details, and the overwhelming click click click aspect is simply mind numbing,

    If you’re on the fence, thinking the game “looks good or interesting”, and are already an experienced MMO player, please take my advice and look elsewhere – sheesh, just reactivate your WoW sub! ;). In my opinion, this game is extremely boring and not worth ANY investment – time, money or otherwise.

    • As someone who played it for more than a year, I can tell you this is a boring mobile game that only runs on PC.

  3. I believe they will do something with the loot system, they should have fixed drops with death like taking one item of choice based on equal rank.. though the vibe of the game is amazing. Well done devs!

  4. After making a legendary tamer on UO I doubt anything will like too bad of a grind. I’m pretty sure this game is specifically geared towards old UO fans that miss the days before they created TRammel.

  5. This game is absolute crap! The founder pack is a complete rip of… boring as.. currently going through FTO to get a refund because of the “so called founders pack loop whole they made up” CRASH , CRASH, CRASH…. doesn’t work on iPhone yet… Biggest scam of 2015…. DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$$$$!

    • Ahemmmm this is still in development…..the only thing you need a refund on is your brain because obviously you can’t comprehend that a game in development means not everything will work perfectly. Come back in 2016 when its complete and say something then.

      • Again why would you buy something that isn’t finished. This company isn’t hurting for cash they certainly have stock in few great companies that have a huge profit. They are just fooling you and you fell for it.

  6. Don’t waste your money on a founders pack. Currently the game is p2w, those willing to pay for gold will never have to face silver management due to the never ending stream of gold Sandbox interactive is willing to sell you. Also, the management is very biased and plays favorites with the community and guilds. Yea you can pay for a founders pack but you will not get as much access to development as the developers favorite guilds/players will receive. Although gaming is not a charity there are monetization methods which can net the company cash without giving advantages. SI refuses to go this route. The community is also filled with fanboys that will continuously insult you if you have a differing opinion, to them you are stupid and ignorant unless you agree with their ideas. Which brings me the point of racism within the community and SI’s refusal to deal with it. A guild leader who was middle eastern was contentiously insulted because of race and making a guild with a similar name to another (one of the developers favorite guilds) management refused to keep the thread on track and allowed the racism and derailing continue. Do NOT pay for Albion, wait till it is F2P, do not buy into the hype. The developers are getting more and more p2w and carebear as development continues which is the opposite of what they claim they are aiming to achieve .

  7. Uhhh, some ppl are retarded srsly. Yes they ask you “DONATE” so you can have acces to ALPHA stage client… They do it alot these days. Why?

    Because smaller companies, need cashflow so they can actually develop the game. So the developers
    give us some power. Do we help them with a bit of money or not? Simple. It’s a donation. Also;
    Alpha Versions of a game, ussually arnt released too the public because their used to a bug free
    game. But guess what; thats not what an alpha test is, so they want to have fans have a chance
    to opt-in instead of the general populous btching about bugs.


  8. the game is stil in alpha so why are you al jugding a unfinished product?
    unfinished producs means that it stil can go better and better and remember this game is meant to be crosplatform so pepole can enjoy it when they are away from thier commputers .
    what i am saying is just wait and see what wil become of it and judge it after the game is releashed.

    • Then why sell an unfinished product in the first place. This is the reason I hate founder packs a dirty trick to get people to buy something that isn’t finished by any means. Don’t give me the story that it’s all about getting money to make the game many major companies started from nothing and made millions without these found packs.

      • They sell an “unfinished product” so that 1. they can have money to fund the continued development of the game and 2. To test the game and work out most of the bugs and kinks before release, These “paid beta / alpha tests” are only meant for people who *seriously* want to help the development, which is another reason it costs money in the first place, to rule out the cheap bastards who just want to play the beta and not contribute to the bug reporting at all. So if you don’t want to buy the product, then you probably also don’t want to assist in its development, so just don’t buy it. You’ll be happier, the devs will be happier, and all the people enjoying *and* bug testing the game will be happier.

  9. When you die they can take everything from you. Just for example if you become a founder and buy the legendary package, you got a horse, a looking glass, etc and if you get kill, you will loose all of these. So why even bother buying these packages? So in the end, a bunch of players will just ambush everyone and take the loot

  10. It’s so sad. It is a nice MMO game with lots of nice features and elegant, simple 3D graphics. Yet, you have to PAY TO PLAY THE ALPHA AND BETA!!!! This is silly!!! It’s a good game, to much to do and sandbox is the new trend in MMOs. Everyone likes to have freedom to do various stuff ingame. And the developers ask even TO PAY?? Sandbox Interactive: LOSE!

    • Do you all not get it. This game is still in development and the team behind this game isn’t a big company like Bethesda Ubisoft etc. These guys rely on the funding they get from founder packs which give you bonus items ingame too and a couple days earlier access then other players when the testing phases are open. When the game is fully released it will be free to play so get over it if you have to pay. I paid $100 and played only a 1 month Alpha I never regretted a single penny I spent this game is amazing. The only downside is that now I cant find joy in any other MMORPG’s out there.

  11. If devs charge for beta access and their product is unpolished / unfinished they are bound to get bad review and bad rep. I dont see why these companies dont realize this. Stop charging for an unfinished product. The people paying their way in expect quality where as people who legitimately want to test it expect bugs ect and are usually open to giving constructive feedback. sigh.

    • Companies used to pay people to supertest, then they realized they can get retards to pay THEM to test their game. When the game ends up with shit loads of bugs the players blame the devs, i love it

    • A small company trying to develop a game should not charge players to test their unfinished product…..hmmmm….no cash to develop the game further sense again they are a SMALL company with no funding compared to the larger companies like Bethesda, and Ubisoft. Also those that are willing to make a donation to get access should understand what they are buying, and if they are still willing to pay to play an unfinished product then they are legitimately wanting to test it.

      • All companies start small and this company has money to get this game up to a better standard and to charge so much to test a game is awful and it won’t get them no where. This company has money to develop this game or they wouldn’t have even had the idea in the first place. The idea of founder packs is to get idiots to pay for an unfinished product while waiting to finish the game. Think of it as a bonus before the game is actually finished. In other words this company had the money to full finish this game and want you to spend money thinking you have any say at all. Sorry but you got fooled.

  12. TO be honest, I wont pay money for a game that I cant try first, there should be at least a free option to play for while so people can see how the game works (not only vids). Than pay to play…. maybe add like a feature that lets you play for 1 week before asking for money….

  13. I see a number of reviews that don’t even mention why the game is supposedly bad which leads me to believe they are people who never even played in the first place. Albion Online is a light sandbox MMO with a focus towards PvP and a complete player driven economy. It so far works like this, players go into the world which does not use quests, they kill monsters for gold or collect resources. These resources are then used to craft everything your use in the game from tools to buildings to gear and even Mounts to ride. Everything can be traded and sold, no more of that bullshit bind to player crap like what WoW and big name makers do just to force players to grind everything themselves. AO in its current alpha state is fairly simple yet still has some advance elements. I rather like this simplicity because it makes it very easy to just dive into the game and start doing things. Gold which is purchased only through real cash can be used in place of silver except for at the auction house. PLayers have to trade their gold for silver with other players in order to use it to buy items. All this stuff about pay to win is non sense. There is not a single game out there where a person with money cannot use that money to give themselves some sort of an advantage. In WoW you can just pay some 14 year old kid over pay pal to level up a character to lvl99 or whatever the rediculous max level is and thus progress the game easily. AO offers Guild vs Guild battles and pvp as well as the ability to take over territories. If you plan on being competitive in it dont expect to stand on equal ground by never paying any kind of money. Other players will likely create bots or pay people to mine for them, or pay guilds for alliances. This will happen with or without a Gold system so hating the game strictly on that basis is just silly. You might as well just say you hate every game. Lastly there are two betas, first is the closed beta that you only get access to by paying for a founders pack, after there will be an OPEN beta which means you will not have to invest money to gain access to. These are the facts, check out the game for yourself, especially the forums if you want a REAL review of the game.

    • ha ha…

      Founder packs for unfinished products the last 5 or so years have ALWAYS been a scam and every dev to initiate or facilitate this style of introduction the game has failed!

      WoW is the ONLY game left; the only TRUE MMORPG – though dumbed down horrifically (still Mythic and even Heroic Raiding rock it) but still the best that WORKS and hasn’t failed for people who don’t mind BOP because the earn it. WoW whiners always annoy me. Carebear whiners who want it all but don’t want to work for it or join a healthy guild or raid. Its because of folks like you the game was dumbed down.

  14. Looks great and apparently most of these bad mouthers never played ultima online. I don’t like that they want us to pay to play the beta one bit. Not to mention i rather buy a game then pay for in game currency. Repair costs in game i heard are ridiculously high which makes me think that there intentions are to get you to buy gold with actual money. Hi hopes for this game but F2P games are always sketchy in my book.

  15. The game is crap … sorry , not worth my money . One of my mates tricky’s me to buy this. Now i am very angry and sad . “Usual western policy” . Game industry isn’t dying my friend she growing up and company’s like this one dying and living on edge with one group of skilled dev’s … Some of them don’t have animator other programmers and third most common missing “senior business manager”
    There is not even one bad gaming business platform these days .
    There only bad business management .
    Some rich people make more money only from ads or one time buying .
    Looking forward for next gen MMO’s (free , awesome , lovely , unique) .

    • Wait, did you actually buy this game, beacuse if you did and aren’t playng it could maybe i get it? My bro is really looking forward to this game and really want’s to play it, it would make a great birthday present for him if i would get it :), please reply.

      • BADHARF i’ven w9ting for game like this since i stoped playing runescape this game is freaking awesome housing guild halls all made by players counquering other guilds territories JUST WORTH IT !!!!! I CANT W8 TO IT COME OUT =D SO HAPPY.

  16. Why would you play a game that is based only on grinding…hey I hate my life let me play a game where all I do is grind material.

  17. This trend of asking for money for a shitty alpha/beta needs to stop. Gone are the days when real testers got to play unfinished games, and actually tested and provided useful feedback, not just whoever has the deepest pockets…unfortunately.

  18. After playing the January 2015 alpha (currently 2 weeks remaining) I can honestly say I really enjoy this game… for everyone slamming it for having the option to buy gold, you have no clue… you can grind silver in game and exchange it for gold with other players, you don’t HAVE to buy gold to progress, making silver is very easy seeing as there are so many resources to be gathered and people buy them off the AH without fail when you post them! it’s only alpha and from what I’ve seen there is a lot of people playing and the Auction houses around the world are full of things, the auction houses aren’t linked therfore each area sort of has its own economy! The crafting and gathering feels rewarding, yeah it might be a bit grindy, but it’s an mmo, everyone who bitches about a grind in an mmo are more than likely adhd kiddies with no attention span. Mmos are known to be a grind. Grinding gives a sense of achievement when you get your professions up and are able to craft and sell expensive things = worth all the grind. The different professions you can have in the game are really good. You can make decent money from all of them. Growing food or raising horses (to be turned into mounts) on a farm, gathering wood, stone, gems, metal, animal hide, fabrics etc can make yoou a lot of money, crafting weapons, armor sets, gathering tools takes longer to level up but is worth it considering the higher tier items sell for a shitload of silver. The economy is already there and it’s only alpha! The combat is fun, a little slow and awkward on times especially as a ranger, it’s almost impossible to kite. You basically have to stand still and fire your bow with the enemy spanking you in melee range. The game world is huge! Dungeons aren’t instanced atm so it Sucks thbat every dungeon you enter is usually empty as players have already cleared it, the should instance them, and most likely will as players are complaining about it. Pvp dueling needs to be introduced as that would help you get used to pvping, as opposed to running into a pvp zone with no pvp experience and getting steamroller and having all your items stolen! People need to realise it’s alpha and a lot will change upon release! I suggest people play it before they talk shit about it! Especially calling it p2w! The gold buying offers a small advantage. Most of the Mmos today take thbe piss out of people with microtransactions and ingame item cash shops, so albion’s gold buying option is tiny in comparison, I’ve not spent any of my founders gold yet and I am tier 5 geared, own a personal island, can craft tier 4 armor and weapons, the amount of silver you make from killing mobs and gathering has been more than enough to cater for all my expenses. So try before you instantly judge it and rip into it.

  19. This company should be sued for false advertising. This game isn’t anything even close to a sandbox. It’s extremely linear and if your a large P2W PvP zerg guild don’t bother playing.
    I asked them for a refund so they banned me from posting on their forum, thats how this company treats it’s customers who dare to criticize their POS game.

  20. its not fresh. its ultima online clone and that died 10 years ago. I like what the guy above said about P4A=P2W absolutely correct my friend thumbs up

  21. It is indeed p2w. Gold gives a time advantage. If work and have wife n kids and don’t want to waste money on stupid game then this isn’t for you.

  22. uhm..where is the “Full Loot” system info in this post? all players should know that this game is a full loot which means when you die you lose your stuff…yep thats a fact that even the devs are now trying hard to change and hide! lolz You gather then craft then gather then craft then gather then craft until you reach the next tier of armors (just like any other non-full loot or theme part games) however on this full loot game, you lose your stuff when you die (killed by players and boses and some mobs) the devs are now fully aware of the damage that this full loot system due to the fact that a huge number of testers quit a few mins or hours playing the game after they experience the harsh full loot system. now the devs try to make the game more newbie friendly however they still cant deny the fact that when you reach a certain armor/weapon tier you cant really craft the next tier unless you go to a pvp zone where any raid or zerg party can easily kill you thus losing your stuff. this is a brutal game to solo players and party and guilds are really required, however even with those mentioned its not really safe and you will lose stuff one way or another. which brings another issue to the devs, the very obvious fact that “How can you make money out of this game?” in which their current money milking source is ofc the founders pack which is basically a BUY to PLAY THE BETA TEST version of the game. Come on who the fcking hell will buy a item with real money that you will for sure lose? well unless they remove the full loot system, then i will never ever spend a single dime on this game or any other full loot game ^_~

    • The devs aren’t hiding it… its stated in many videos and information about this game so idk where your info is coming from but its wrong on many levels

    • Actually they have fixed this with resource bases which will be out in the summer alpha! Your guild will be able to safely harvest plentiful amounts of resources from these areas if you control them. Also dropping items on death can be very fun and make this game more exiting and get rid of some 12-13 year olds! hope this changes your mind

      -Guy who likes this game

  23. Why do kids these days thinks THEY ALREADY KNOW WHAT WILL GOING TO HAPPEN? It’s not out yet but these kids keep judging the game as if they’ve already played it. IF YOU DON’T WANT THE GAME WHY BOTHER COMMENT? If you were the game dev and people criticized your game as shitty and garbage i hope you don’t feel bad. This is why gaming industry doesn’t progress. Because of shitty people who only knows how to criticize without even trying it. lol idiots.

    • that guy is just mad because he cant pay the game. when the game come out they will be playing it like crazy’s. TRUST ME

    • What are you, five?
      They’re not making games as a charity, you know. It’s a business.
      Get a job and you might be able to understand that, and perhaps even afford to pay for a game.

    • Dude you are on stupid person. I feel sorry for the people who rasied you and any teacher that tried to educate you.

    • It isn’t pay to win you can buy gold with real currency but that only saves you the time from farming the required silver. You can have the same gear that someone has who paid $1,000,000 to get if you don’t mind grinding. Please come back when you have factual info.

        • That’s pay 2 progress faster, p2w will be items in the cash shop that are not obtainable through free means. You got your terms wrong.

          For instance, the shop sells a gem that doesn’t let your weapon get destroyed upon enchant. That gem is only obtainable through cash shop/real money. Now, that is p2w. If you pay to progress faster IT IS NOT p2w.

          Go play your LoL kid, MMOs not for you.

          • P2W is a term meaning to be able to do something without having to do anything. If you could spend $2,000 to get get everything end game while others who have spend years to get it you wouldn’t consider that p2w would you ? P2W is the ability to obtain end results with the use of cash currency that would allow those who spent money to be able to reach a higher state without any effort.


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