About the game:
Title: Age of Wushu
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Suzhou Snail Electronic
Publisher: Snail Games, gPotato

Explosive Features:

  • Stunning graphics
  • Jianghu PvP system
  • Off-line Mode

Age of Wulin, also known as Age of Wushu in North America is a new free to play fantasy 3D martial arts MMORPG with some unique features.

Set in the Ming Dynasty (Jianghu) during the Chinese Feudal Empire. Players train in the martial art schools located in historical settings.

Age of Wushu allow players to play without the restriant of classes and levels, for a traditional Wuxia experience. Become a master of magic and specialized martial arts.

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System requirements

Age of Wushu (Age of Wulin) System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or better

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  1. T-T on August 25, 2018

    the company that runs this game is trash cant even make an account!

  2. annu on February 3, 2018

    i want this in India

  3. Death7Angel on July 19, 2017

    4 years I played this game. Best PVP MMO in the world. No other mmo’s come close to the pvp experience, personally. It is a slow paced game and you need to invest lots of time to get strong. It is either P2w or play 2win or more play/pay to advance faster. The top players really are p2w. There are a few ancient sets and high level jianghu inners that cost an arm and a leg and set you apart from your opponents. It is ping based but managable with 200 -350ms ping.

    The game play is slow when yo you start but once you gather all the flying skills and speed skills it becomes fun. 95% of any events in game are PVP and PVP is what drives this game. PVE content is very shallow compared to other games but doing Instances in teams ranging from solo to 18 players can be fun. The game has a very in depth learning curve towards builds but there are plenty of guides on the forums and new players should join guilds.

    The biggest downside is the developers. Snail don’t care for their Western games. Webzen just closed EU servers so all had to move to Snails NA servers. EU version had less hacks and bots and there was a time that Webzen cared about the game but not in the last 2 years. Sadly with the server in NA the game feels unplayable and I stopped. The remaining players in NA servers are mainly toxic players and seems they will do anything in their power to ruin the game for anyone but their allies. The EU players left are but a handful of what they previously were and will most likely merge with the main NA server in the future.

    STILL. I have not found another MMO with the main focus on PVP and I don’t regret the last 4 years I played and paid for VIP a month.

    In a few words. AOW is an in-depth PVP based game with amazing group and 1vs1 pvp events. The game will enhance your PVP experience by integrating your knowledge, build type, ping, the environment, skill sets and player skill with the unique combat and flying system.

    A game that ruins your future for other mmo games and sets your pvp expectations so high towards other MMO’s that you should rather ignore pvp in any other games.

    An awesome game ruined by their developers who don’t deserve to be in charge of any games.

  4. Gala on March 4, 2017

    After playing Age of Wulin for like 2.5 years I really got tired of it and decided to stop it. This game is free to play and it is intresting but just don’t start it if you don’t want to end up paying huge amount of money … Pure pay to win game full with arrogant people.

  5. Daylot_Usta on November 14, 2016

    Very complex game for new players, Even installing the game take ages and requires at least adequate PC knowledge to complate.

    I downloaded ~10.5 GB… then realised that I need to download lot more things one by one (or let game’s broken downloader handle the job if it can do it properly) to play the game. Later realised again that un-install and forget every shit about the game is easier than to install it.

    Have Fun

  6. Daylot_Usta on November 14, 2016

    Very complex game for new players, Even installing the game take ages and requires at least adequate PC knowledge to complate.

    I downloaded ~10.5 GB… then realised that I need to download lot more things one by one (or let game’s broken downloader handle the job if it can do it properly) to play the game. Later realised again that un-install and forget every shit about the game is easier than to install it.

  7. jonatanpetra on September 16, 2016

    saya mau nya game online bukan download

  8. Anon on July 1, 2016

    It’s impossible to change your account information I’m trying to update my username since it shows my email on the forums and every other snail games I visit. And since I don’t want my email registered with them anymore at this point I’m probably gonna need a new email. It’s almost impossible to update anything with age of wushu. This is one game I’ll never recommand not even to my worst enemy.

  9. Unknown on June 2, 2016

    I like the game but the developers handling the age of wushu seem worse then the ones handling the age of wulin. I’d recommand age of wulin then this.

  10. SethEyes on April 11, 2016

    the game is pay 2 win dont waste your time downloading this game seriously the game is like eve online and planet arkadia/calypso only people with time and money to spend can play,games generally intended to pay 2 win not have a young public most are adult with formed life(even married and stuff like that), and this is very tedious(many pay2win games are empty),I say this for my own experiences in games pay2win,example play one free 2 play game and after play one pay2win and see for yourself.

  11. few on December 18, 2015

    I love this game but the leveling up system is waY 2 LONG….sigh…I WANT to go to the next chapter instead of stuck in leveling up.

  12. Ex-Wulin on October 25, 2015

    sorry I keep going but I forgot to mention that if you do play do not play usa version wushu, play European version wulin, because the ones handling wulin are doing much better job with the game then wushu I heard from maaaany people.

    • Anon on October 22, 2016

      Agreed. I never played age of wulin but I checked it out and compared it to age of wushu from the USA and age of wushu sucks so much compared to age of wulin. People would be better off playing age of wulin the ones who are handling age of wulin seem like they know what they are doing unlike the ones who are running age of wushu.

  13. Ex-Wulin on October 25, 2015

    I want to rephrase what I said, the vip is not the bad part actually, no games are really “free” to play, because the companies need to somehow earn money for the product, so actually I can understand why non-vips have such hard time to advance through the game (when I say hard time I mean by time standard, it takes tooo long to do things as non vip) the only problem of the game is pay2win and hackers.. although pvp is not really the main focus on the game, it kind of is, because fights can happen anywhere at anytime without warning, and if you are up against a pay2win(and there are quite a few) you will have no chance… so you can’t enjoy other aspects of the game because you either being murdered, or caught up in a street fight. However one advice if you do still decide to play, remember to never go afk out in open, the stronger you are the more you loose when you die.

  14. Ex-Wulin on October 21, 2015

    I will be completely unbiased in my comment. As of 2015, Age of wushu/wulin had amazing updates to almost every aspects of the game. The graphics are wonderful(much better than most games), customization is not ridiculous and beautiful/handsome(and remember you are joining martial art ‘school’ so of course you will have same uniforms. However every can make their character’s face as unique as you want.) Fighting is unlike most martial arts games, you actually need to think and strategize to win. In general this game is a perfect game, but has one major downfall, which all though all the good things can make players not even want to turn back to this game. It is the PAY 2 Win, I am not joking when I mean that unless you are vip, getting even just more advanced in this game is too hard, especially if in school or work, and can not afford to take all your time and devote to a game, also you can easily buy advance skills that are only available by using real cash, and those skills are much stronger than most in game obtained skills. being a non-vip compared to a vip is not even fair, because vips can make money much faster and lvl up without truly trying (can see for yourself, I was both vip and non vip). I am not going to go on, but if all that does not matter to you, then play and you will most likely enjoy it, but unfortunately not too many players play the game to also enjoy the real life aspects, most ignore any lore or role play options and just want to pvp (remember it is open world pvp, so anyone can kill you after beginning level). This game is if you have lots of money to waste you will be very strong, and that means if you are not willing to pay money then you better stay away from pvp, because you will most likely not win( I said ‘most likely’ there are many chances you could win against people who also don’t use money to empower) Maybe once the game at least take out the cash skills, it will be as popular as in begining

  15. HoangNhung on December 27, 2014

    This game is one of the best sandbox mmo’s to play, many player find it unappealing because they don’t like slow paces walking and don’t have the patient to adventure into the game and understand it mechanics. I played for years and still very addictive to the game. As in the issue of bot, lets all be aware that bots are in EVERY SINGLE mmorpg so don’t make it a reason to dislike the game. My personal opinion on bot is that because the game is popular and material in demand the general population want cheap mats and gold. ( Thanks to the bots in the game there are plenty of player to kidnap.) The game run on a 2 currency system bound liang and liang(taels) the bound liang is used to buy crafting mats from npc and or used to practice your internal. Taels is for purchases made among other players. Even though the game is “Free To Play” a purchase of VIP each month for $9 is recommend to make your life in the game easier due to offline cultivation and more liang from kidnap. This game require you to interact with communities, guilds, and friend; the more you have the more interesting your gameplay will be. As to snail games USA being a bad producer there was a hacking issue and snail games 1. didn’t fully compensate what was lost. 2. didn’t up their security after many player reported about it and keep letting it happen. 3. Focus on releasing cashshops item and not fix up the bugs and glitches many player abuse. Beside all of that the game is really addictive and an mmo to spend time into and get to know.

  16. Steparu on December 20, 2014

    To begin with the short term player’s comments disregard. This is a very involved game, which takes time to learn, you learn a lot by guild sharing information.
    Yes, there are p2w player’s and guilds,which spends thousand of dollars,but you can still enjoy the game without spending a lot of cash. I do.
    Unbound gold(teals) can be gotten by selling mats to those who need them to make gear/weapons etc. You can kidnap and sell them for unbound teals, which you trade to other players for armor/weapons etc.
    This is not a kids game or a game that you jump in and figure the game out. If you have patients you will find a ton of stuff to do in this game.
    I do not recommend this game to the casual player it is to involved for that.
    Figure you will spend 15-20 dollars a month on this game for gold- Which should be enough for a horse and VIP.
    The OP(over power) cash shop weapons sets are good, but can be beaten by player with a better understanding of there skills.
    Yes, I have been put in prison and executed, but you can do a jail break with your friends. I hate Bots so I kill them.
    I have played this game for two years and still finding stuff I did not know.
    So I do recommend this game if you are looking for a game that you get bored with in a short time. Also, check swordsmen online ftp quest based if you like closed sandbox. Also check out moonlight blade youtube looks like a awesome game.

  17. The 2 Cents Guy on September 27, 2014

    Did an experiment to see how far I could get into the game and be relevant in pvp and spent a good 3 months building up my character and winning many battles from pure skill from people who cashed and made lots of friends. I found that not only the people that I once had no problems beating passing me in just 1 day of being full VIP, but everyone whom I had no trouble beating was passing me at an alarming rate to the point where I just realized I couldnt compete unless I cashed. So yeah i’ll toot my own horn and say I was quite good at pvp despite not being a casher but I became severely outclassed by the people who spend money.

  18. FangJun on August 10, 2014

    Freaking arseholes snails(US mmo company) who refuse to compensate players after they are getting hacked, and refuse to fix the fking latency when players submit their screenshots of their pings.Those bugs and glitches are recurring in your dreams everyday.I hope to see US snails getting bangkrupt 1 day.

  19. Yuwang on August 4, 2014

    Age of wushu is the best games, I actually love the design of the jianghu world and all of the features. first reason why I played is b/c of the great setting and all the wonderful flying skills, I loves trying new flying skills till I now got strong!! BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! ^^

  20. jeremy on July 9, 2014

    great game until you get hacked and lose everything, customer service is fail and sadly I give this a pass (played for a couple months) and witnessed many people get hacked

  21. bruno on May 18, 2014

    gosti de seu video me diga seu nome no AOW no with tiguer por favor e jogaremos e duelaremos πŸ˜‰

  22. hoshpaka on April 22, 2014

    Awesome game

    The start is very confusing and very hard to understand all the tons of information. Its meant for team play so as a noob its best to join a good guild and ask questions.. once u understand the levelling system and skills its nice.. very good pve and pvp. although if you hate getting attacked.. You will get attacked so it is pvp..

    the combat is anything but blunt or hack and slash.. you need to time your defense and offensive skills. switch skillsets to accommodate for the situations and use the terrain to you advantage.

    All schools are balanced.. however some is weaker at low levels to use than at high levels. some skillsets deal better with others so good to learn all schools and how they work.

    On the downside.. wushu US version had some hacks before, bots and bad stuff, some glithces aswell and ping and lag plays a big role.. the guys with lower ping always have the upperhand. customer service aren’t always the best but ive never had any hiccups with them.

    If u are lucky to have a strong pc u can play this game on high graphics. and if ur a fan of ancient china the scenary and maps look really nice. You can wander around on maps into hiden caves and spaces that looks awesome however usually there is nothing hidden there though.

    I still spent most may playing hours on aow (wushu and wulin) and played for around 8-9 months now.. personally I love it

    • Zeon on May 31, 2014

      agree start is very hard and that turn off many players
      but if you give this game some time it will get better

  23. Hope on April 20, 2014

    Awful game! My father was enough lucky to get a closed beta pass (we both play MMORPG games, we play from around 4-5 years) and he gave me it. I played and i didnt like it. All the walking, jeez. It is very repetitive. I waited in waited until the full version – still dont like it.

  24. JoeMama on April 17, 2014

    oh my gosh thx so much to this site i can finally play age of wushu again the crappy real site wouldnt let me download right until this put me into it correctly and i got the real download

  25. moosycat on March 22, 2014

    This game is……

    A waste of time for anyone not willing to spend ALOT of cash.

    Overrun with bots run by the gold farmers.

    Severely limiting in instance runs and life skill leveling.

    Overrun with hackers who run around with unlimited energy and rage points to wtfpwn anyone in their way and breeze through the instances.

    Overrun by Asian guilds who got run off of the Asian servers and they hack and bot and ruined the economy for anyone but hackers and botters or cash shop addicts.

    Snail doesn’t care about their customers and accounts getting hacked on a regular basis and they
    run their forum like communists censoring and deleting like dictators.

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      bro your probably a kid then who like games that you just click auto path you walk to steps and your their bro you need to like adventure approaching a huge arming alone and just looking at the school buildings make me happy its a realistic type game

  26. fatpig on March 4, 2014

    game is cool BUT the company who runs it sucks…..
    the company have basically NO CUSTOMER SERVICE wtsoever. If you get stuck in tech issue or really any kind of issue that require the company to deal with, it WILL takes you YEARS to get a respond from a relatively generic computer generated respond ask for what is your issue. Then the waiting game begin again…and again…and again….never ending cycle with NO clear answer. Any game that Webzen (aka gpotato) publish are free to play BUT pay to win.

    • Ex-Wulin on October 25, 2015

      I would not say that about customer service, because they helped me a lot with issues like technical problems or just problems like that. However a lot of people been sending in tickets reporting other people or just reporting hacks and things like that, and they are trying to deal with hacks, but they can’t do anything about pay2wins that people for some strange reason report.

      • AwareWolf on December 9, 2015

        I’ve placed 2 tickets, sent several emails, and posted on the tech support forums over the last week and have received no response. Are you able to give me any pointers on how to get help? I’m a returning player and my account was frozen for no reason and now I can’t access it.

        • bloodletter on April 11, 2016

          lol I wouldn’t count on support service to help at all lately wushu GM’s have not been doing their jobs. refusing to fix issues etc. I currently stopped playing due to this issue just recently so good luck

  27. Bawihsuki on February 8, 2014

    I like this game, Graphics – i like the look real world, grass, tree, terrain, water, I already play 9Dragons, Age of wushu/wulin is a High graphics look so nice, I like the Kungfu , i like the gameplay, jumping dash like Devilmaycry , Character also i like very much i create a Female character to look like my girlfriend , i enjoy so much. πŸ™‚

  28. Newho00 on February 4, 2014

    Ok, I have played this game in one of the newest server.
    in the beginning, all i wanted to know was a way to play this game.
    ALSO, if this is ur 1st time playing, YOU SHOULD read all the tutorial, it helps a lot, since there is lot in this.

    here is some good point about this game:

    highly competitive, lot of martial art move and makes the game interesting.
    do not require for you to “Grind” to level up. since you lvl up by 1: non-VIP staying online. you don’t get “Cultivation point” equivalent to things like EXP in other kind of girding game
    2: VIP just log in every now and then to continue after u level up offline
    3: Req Skill of prediction and reaction (This can be debatable in certain point)

    1: From what I see, Pay to Win. gears are bound once you wear it.
    2: TOO much difference in benefit of VIP and NON-VIP
    3: Ping plays major role, if you have good ping, some martial art skill allow you to attack non-stop
    4:Slow movement, unless certain school inner is used to move 30% faster or pay money for speed up potion. AKA: Windrider which cost money, or a lot of ingame UNBOUND money

    Well, some may disagree with what i wrote, and some may add more positive and negative about this game.
    But this game really does place a lot of stress to player. I for one, became high level and decided to stop. when Non-VIP, it is too difficult to make money.

    Also when going into a Forbidden instance, there is limit of 7 times per week, this makes it so that it’s difficult to make money, but this part, i suppose is not too bad since each forbidden instance takes a long time.

    • Newho00 on February 4, 2014

      Btw, don get me wrong, This game was still ton of fun.
      and the Guild War is really fun also. (People from guild gather and fight other guild for territory)

      but I suggest this, Before you choose school at the beginning, if ur a beginner, Research into which school would be more fun.

      In my opinion, Just my opinion you can’t say i am wrong for this, WV (Wondering Vally) is really OP class due to the double blade set that stops you from using skill for so dang long. But then again, you can kinda get that skill by buying from people. WV is only class that I have really hard time winning against, unless the player has a skill called “Flying Horse” and a way to regenerate Energy (similar to MP in other kind of games). It’s just annoying rather than they are “good”.

      without knowing much, I picked Scholar, which is really strong Early game from what I have seen. The Leisure Kick Set, the rage cause tremendous damage which can, if lucky, do more than half the hp your opponent have. and also, after using it so long, it gets boring since all you do is spam 2-3 skills only.

      but once again, this is just my opinion, xD

      I hope this info helped a bit

      • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

        my favorite class is wudang they use swords their skills are fast and also their school looks amazing and wudangs can handle them selfs in a battle no problem.

  29. Tokoloshi on January 22, 2014

    lol its not really pay to win.. yes the top players spend a ton of money but its like that in all MMOs but I played 5 months without VIP.. and at first I sucked..until a guy once saw I use my skills wrong.. so he taught me and since then I could beat any VIP in my level or a few levels higher.. I also met VIPs with all the lores on and extra BS u buy too look good..then they’re 12y old and cant even scrath me cause they suck.. its not hack and slash so the pvp is awesome..

    Alos I used to play 9dragons.. I loved it since im really into ancient Chinese martial arts games.. but this game is 100% better than 9dragons.. I cant see myself go back.. still miss 9d but im tired of all the grinding .

    I did get VIP eventually and yes it makes a difference.. in 1 month I achieved what other ppl achieve who had vip since the start.. without VIP u just have to work harder to make money.. I made a few Ding without VIP with just making clothes and do ss so only lazy people will say its pay to win.

    Pity about the high ping(for me), and the hacking.. I was hacked a week ago but luckily Im one of the few who got his stuff back.. they actually caught the guy trading money with my char.

    other than that its an amazing in depth game,.. at first u will have no clue what to do.. and it takes time. after 7 months I still learn new things everyday..just join a very good active guild if your new.. and sadly due to poor game management and the hacking people are leaving..but lets hope that get sorted out:( because this game requires communities and team play to get to the top

    • Tokoloshi on January 22, 2014

      forgot to add.. VIP is real cheap and u get offline levelling and few other extra stuff but u can even save money in game and trade it for 30gold/VIP with players in your guild or who u trust.. That’s how I do it.. so I spend nothing on this game and yet have VIP and all the extras.. so don’t say its p2w

  30. Kelly9501 on January 17, 2014

    Why is downloading the game confusing? πŸ™

  31. hgsghsgs on January 14, 2014

    Pay to Win.

  32. Pepper on January 4, 2014

    Everyone in the Wushu (not Wulin) server is getting hacked. Its a wave of hacks, where multiple cases are happening everyday and players are left with nothing. No compensation, no security. In fact, worse customer service. Snail USA screwed up on this game big time. Other active players are in fear they’ll be hacked too. What’s the point of paying and working hard?

    Besides that, good game. The best and enjoyable mmo I’ve played. Go straight to wulin server; avoid wushu. I regret not moving. Now it’s over.

  33. sadfasdf on December 21, 2013

    Wish I could download this.

  34. Optimo on December 15, 2013

    Hey does this look like (9 dragons) to you or is it me? If yall remember that mmo

  35. Clone8765 on November 22, 2013

    This game is Pay 2 Win if you’re lazy and inactive on it.

  36. Clone8765 on November 22, 2013

    Seems like the only good martial art PvP game out there… Going to give it a try.

  37. OnoMiao on November 2, 2013

    My brother and I are both gamer’s and have been playing AOW for a couple of months, 6-10 hours a day, here is our take on the game. Before I begin I agree with most of the previous posting.
    1. It is a game that takes real money to enjoy, meaning that things like a horse you buy thru the cash shop for gold, gold you buy with real money, but the horse expires in 30days. Everything in this game expires. Bags, armor etc..
    2. To level you charter’s skills there is something that is called VIP which you buy with gold and expires in 30days.
    3. There is types of currency in the game bound – used with NPC- and unbound which you use to trade with other players. Unbound is difficult to get. At some point you can buy unbound money with real money; And there is a limit on how much money you can spend per day in the game.
    4. The economy in this game is terrible.
    5. Lifeskills (crafting) are difficult to level, there is a limit on leveling skills per day.
    6. The translation errors in the game will drive you nuts, Also there are no manuals or information provided from snail. Your guilds help is the only way to learn how to play this game.
    7. GM and Support is horrible, this is one reason I left the game.
    8. You will spend at least $50 a month on this game per character to really enjoy the game. I understand in china they spend hundreds of dollars a month on this game.
    9. In closing you may really like this game, we both did, but it takes a very long time to reach max level in this game. After 2 months I was level 19 of my third inter, at this time there are 3 inter. The max level is 36. Each level can take days to complete, if you have VIP. If you don’t it will take along online time to level your inter skills.
    10. This game is all about the cash shop!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. animix oliver on September 28, 2013

    how do u get flying skills

    • Macmam on October 15, 2013

      I played both vertions….
      Age of Wulin is better cause of 1 main and enormous reason:::

      Age of Wulin ELIMINATED the Spam Bot and actively hunt for teleporting Bots meanwhile the age of wulin personnel don’t care!

      Although they still cant get all bots… they have way less bots!!!! and they try to eliminate them!!!
      Other reasons: better translations and more balanced game play


      Another reason is the Age of Wushu infamous COMUNIST type response on the forums…

      Let me explain… Everything they don’t like in the forums, they delete!
      I posted Manny tings that got deleted… All polite things!! All true things!!

      – If you compare age of Wushu with any other versions that does not put their version above others — DELETE
      – If you express way to improve gaming they don’t want to aply — DELETE
      – If you report a GM — DELETE
      – If you report a Bot publicly — DELETE (they prefer to report in a special and disclosed location so they can really ignore)

      But what they don’t understand is that if we cant true the official channels express ourself… we will discuss true other channels without their knowledge…. so they shouldn’t just CENSURE!!
      Also they do disinformation… deleting all the negative comments, living the positive and looking the channel!!

      Age of Wulin is WAY WAY BETHER!!!!

  39. Amaya on August 13, 2013

    Some peole say this game is great, others say it sucks. I’ve never played ANY MMORPG before, so I don’t know anything about these games and what is easy to play.
    I’ve got just one question: Is this a game I can play even though I’m a newbie?

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      Well if your really new to these type of games dont worry they will give you a tutorial at the beginning and in a while you will get used to it but at first it wil be confusing since your new to mmorpgs

  40. Anonymous Gamer on August 10, 2013

    this looks good and graphics look even better

  41. Akmal Saleh on August 10, 2013

    You guys and your games

  42. blah on August 9, 2013

    as of the new expansion pack you can not do life skills unless u are a vip member it is there way of getting rid of bots so to play this game you now basically have to pay to play if u want to have any fun and actually have good gear

    • lol on November 30, 2013

      They removed that after less than one week.

  43. Yogoreta on August 6, 2013

    Just downloading game now but I am already addicted

  44. MetalEnergy on June 14, 2013

    Id love to play this game, but the problem is that “downloading takes a while AND it could slow ur computers ‘fastest'”,so, no downloading for me!!!!

  45. ugurano on May 19, 2013

    terrible game

  46. Benyto on May 12, 2013

    Age of Wushu is a good game if you started with the game.
    If you plan on joining now its not the best Experience.
    Making gold is dificult, you cannot make legal gold unless you buy it.
    There are very few Mines, animals to Hunt, fish, lootable good usable in game items.
    Most of this places will get you killed by PKrs if you get near.

    If you dont buy money from Hackers it is imposible to get good weapons or Items.
    Since you cannot farm or get gold otherwise at low levels.

    Legaly it would take 2 or 3 months to be competitive. but it is painful. most places are full of PKers, who only hunt low levels to kill. If you have a high level no one will ever touch you. but having a label ” Realized Potencial or Less, you become a PKer Target imediately, they wait next to Quest delivering NPC, at the roads between Maps or next to the Teleports. to hunt low levels comming in.

    If you plan on Joining AGE OF WUSHU, you better do it late at night, and avoid weekends.

    Walking at 50% speed becouse some one just killed you for 15 minutes is not fun.

    • uh on November 30, 2013

      You can always choose to start the game with the newer servers if you want a smaller power distance. This is the same for any mmorpg game, you become powerful overtime not overnight.

  47. Wisnu on May 9, 2013

    Hey… why do u all dont go with world of kungfu? i play along time before wokf dead, but now i play again in “Mayhem Kungfu”

    Try it again bro/sis

    I love World of Kangfu

  48. FireFly on May 4, 2013

    Beware to play this game is The Worst Customer Service by SNAIL USA. to many Gold Spammer to Many Gold Spammer.


    VERY STUPID GM AND MANY BAD THING HAPPEN Just see on forum JiangHu Inn what happen there

  49. Tabs on May 2, 2013

    This game is just horrible. Believe me, I WANTED to like this, but there’s just so many problems with it. It’s clearly unfinished (not “minor things to be patched” unfinished, but “clearly still in beta” unfinished), the translation is atrocious, quests are either typical Korean grindfests or just talking to the same person a few times (in a row, after doing nothing at all), the PVP isn’t anything you can’t find in any other MMO, the combat is typical MMO stuff that’s been spun as a “rock-paper-scissors” system solely because there’s a block button and block breakers, skills are levelled up (yes, there are levels, just not in the traditional sense) by either paying or just waiting, and the list just keeps going. And this isn’t even getting into how inept Snail is at handling account hacking and gold selling!

    • lmao on November 30, 2013

      If any game was to be truly finished it wouldn’t be mmorpg. Go play a private server if you want one that is finished or stick with your console games.

  50. Marc on April 26, 2013

    game is boring. just like every other mmorpg with auto-route.. can’t seem to find anything good. Just going to stick to console gaming and play skyrim all damn day.. mmorpgs are all alike.. login > auto route > get bored.

    • Dunkargo on July 23, 2013

      uhhh, don’t use the auto-route? =/

  51. nameisken on April 24, 2013

    Great Game:)(Thumbs up!!)
    There are lots of things to do!(I love kidnapping and flying stuffs!!)
    Graphics are great..
    And no leveling system just pure SKILLS and SKILLS and SKILLS..
    You can go anywhere in the game..Its a wide OPEN WORLD..Climb in Walls and trees
    and Jump from a high place and land on Water..i love doing this stuffs with my friend..But thats not it..
    The Combat in here and the Gameplay are awesome..
    RATING: 9/10
    I just wish i can customize my character on the character creation screen more..thats why its only 9/10.. but its the only thing i dont like..
    You should try this game..SERVERS are always FULL..LOL..
    (Try it but dont play always..i lag when there are so many players..)

  52. Wuhaha on April 20, 2013

    Great game, i am always a fan of japanese samurai and ninjas, now i am having interest in the chinese history

    • Yogoreta on August 6, 2013

      most games now a days are loosing touch with the time period they are trying to get accorss so it is nice to see a game that sticks with it’s time period

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      Same here, especially when there are different schools with school pvp and guild pvp i love the fact that there is so much freedom the game is open you can do anything right after you finish turtorial this is a great game for people who love the olden days and are fans of swords and ninja much like myself.

  53. kaveh on April 18, 2013

    dont waste your time for this.

  54. Kissker on April 15, 2013

    The game is free but it’s total junk. They reward bot players by letting them contenue to make money and exploit the economy, but if you do anything as a normal player, say killa bot – your put in prison for hours (killing 8 bots gives you 8 hours of real life time in prison)

    Not only that the skills are bunk and most of the quests are broken. This game is a poor excuse for a client game, it’s more like a Facebook game witha client – especially with the daily skill exp limits and the “life skills” vigor limit per day. You get ‘done’ playing in about an hour and then realize your just “cultivating” for more skill – usually doing NOTHING.

    Don’t waste your time with this Free MMO – move on.

    • proexp on May 3, 2013

      I happen to agree. I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out in the NA servers, but there’s absolutely nothing to do most of the time.

      You can only do repeatable daily activities which wont take more than 2hrs every day and then, nothing.

      There’s no point in actually playing this game when you can just hide somewhere and auto-exp, afk. Sadly, this is also pay2win, to an extent, which is evident by the economy system, despite the game’s efforts in trying to hide it.

      Until the game gets more content and more things to do (which should be only a matter of time) I don’t recommend this game, to anyone.

      Finally, pvp is completely unbalanced currently, but that’s mostly due to the school/classes not having all their skills yet.

      Overall: Stay away from this game -for now- because there’s no point in actually playing it…literally.

      • Dunkargo on July 23, 2013

        This is both true and false:

        It is true that currently there isn’t much to do, however in reality it just seems that way because the game is very sandbox-ish and lacks direction. Age of Wushu/Wulin is in no way, shape, or form a theme park MMO that guides you along from beginning to end. It’s easy for any player, new or old, to get lost from time to time.

        Also, remember that a huge amount of critical content is being injected into the game on Aug 8th with the Mt. Hua expac. Stuff like NPC relationships and heroics and further storyline progression (which is very entertaining so far). I’ve been marking NPCs and befriending them in preparation. Also, wandering the land and questing (helping people) will have tons of new rewards soon. In my opinion, they simply released the game a tad too early.

        As far as the skills being bunk, there is nothing wrong with the skills. The game is AMAZINGLY balanced in the PvP and the prison system is only part of what keeps people honest. There’s honestly just too much else to be doing. And I am the leader of one of the most notorious PK guilds on Blue Dragon.

        • Yogoreta on August 6, 2013

          Very true THIS GAME IS AMAZING

          • Nope.avi on August 6, 2013

            Nope, game sucks. You mad?

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      Bro this game no junk the reason you go in jail is to make it more realistic you just like to play the faking fake games where you just click and attack.

  55. Finn the Human on April 14, 2013

    Well, i play the game and is very confusing, and starting can be really boring, i have some fun swimming and walking around….

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      the reason its confusing to you is because your not yet used to these type of games.

  56. bob on April 14, 2013

    This game is terrible. Don’t play it.

    • Peaveywolf on April 14, 2013

      How long did you play for… an hour?

      • buggy on November 18, 2013

        i played during the CB and i know what he mean about this game

  57. Tam Nguyen on April 11, 2013

    Can someone help me. I been download age of wushu almost ten times now. But each time I want to play its pop up a picture of the game. After that its restart my computer. I even try to format my computer two times already. But the result are the same. Can anyone help me plz

  58. chense on April 9, 2013

    tomorow it is free to play and the game starts

  59. Mik on April 7, 2013

    Free to play? Funny..I uninstalled it after two minutes .. now I was informed that I had ten hours of free play. They say it right then I even paid. This is a scam …

  60. costel on April 7, 2013

    The only Fag here is you en i did not know is in beta antil 10 april , i only pres the play buton witout waching if its open beta so blow me

  61. blowingaguy on April 7, 2013

    fag, it’s only hour a day during beta. Its free after april 10th. Also you get 660 min to start out with in beta. Everything about aow is great. It will only get better! also buying the boxed version of the game not only grants you vip on launch, but unlimited beta access so no hour restriction during beta. buying vip in beta does not remove this hour restriction. Have fun mastering MA in aow.

  62. costel on April 7, 2013

    this game it says is free to play but wen u loog into game it says its only a trial ..u can only play 1 hour per day en force u to buy premium account if u wana play more then 1 hour

  63. laxsuss on April 3, 2013

    TERRIBLE GAME try out 9 dragons : cool game with awsome grafs & its FREE

  64. Troy on April 1, 2013

    Great game elements, but they blew it in their design. I doubt they researched before investing money into launching it in NA. The shop system is rentals, which doesn’t sit well in NA, nor does having a stigma of being a Pay to Win game. The final nail in the coffin, the open world PvP has no regulation preventing a high lvl from killing low levels in one hit several times. That will drive TOO MANY players away, INCLUDING PvP fantatics, for the game to succeed. I honestly don’t see this game surviving in NA, which is a shame, but they did it to themselves.

    • Peaveywolf on April 14, 2013

      You can turn the PvP off. Then just participate in all the other stuff.

      • Technoman on August 12, 2013

        No you can’t people can’t attack you and kill you anytime they want hence the reason why they make you agree and understand that this game has openworld pvp.

    • Dunkargo on July 23, 2013

      I don’t mean to offend you Troy but anyone who calls AoW “pay to win” is either lying, trolling, or misinformed. There’s nothing p2w about that game at all. Nothing. Work hard and make Silver and you can buy anything. Hell, just get lucky on a good instance drop, sell it, and you can be balling for awhile if you spend it all right.

      It is an open PvP game. At any time for any reason yes, someone can attack and kill you. If they do, you can place a bounty on them and jail them for up to 5 hours when they die next. 5 hours IN GAME time mind you…. They can’t log off and wait it out… If a player kills too many people his name turns red and anyone can attack him without consequence. If he dies, he is jailed between 1 and 12 hours depending on his infamy level. Also IN GAME time only. If his name turns purple and he is killed by anyone, the player has to sit in jail for up to 3 days until his character is executed in public in front of all players and given a 24 hour IN GAME time debuff -50% damage. Not to mention, gear repair takes unbound Silver. There are no serious ganking issues in the game. As the head of one of the most notorious PK guilds on Blue Dragon, I can assure anyone that you will be amazed how often players jump to each other’s aid regardless.

      My guild and I are PvP fanatics and we LOVE this game

      • Hucha on August 21, 2013

        It is not free to play it is pay to win…..

        As a free to play gamer you have slower lvling, very hard to make silver (as u get very lil money from kidnapping), you have to online to cultivate, u are not allowed to gather(the fk right?)

        As a VIP you get to lvl when offline, u get rich quick, if ur willing to open ur wallet u also have cash shop skills, you can gather mats to craft etc etc

        As for the combat..the system is really fun and u require skill to fight …but its completely equipment based meaning no matter how unskilled a guy is he just has to have good gear high lvl skill and u get 1hko…Gpotato and snail are far too greedy.

        • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

          bro this game is free to play especially when its live the only paying in this AoW is in game purchases like boosts and costumes.

      • buggy on November 18, 2013

        Man…do YOU fking KNOW what is PAY2WIN? I can tell you what it is,when a fking player that dont pay for nothing in a game struggling to make the best way to be good,a sh1t player Pay for in game money or items or boosts or privileges to be good without doing almost nothing,when a player that payed with real money for stuff and meet the player that struggling to get something in that game,the player that recieved faster stuff will win.And on AoW i can say its too pay2win,and if you think i`m not right look up on my comment on other fellow of you that loves Pay2Win games.What i want to say its who pays more wins more and yea maybe you can get all stuff of a game but it takes too long for players that play 2-3 hours a game(casual players) Pay2Win games are for (Hardcore players) those who play like crazy over 10-18 hours per day

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      gai dude age of you wushu fak your ass hard bro its a great game you just dont like it probably because of the gameplay style.

  65. Thedude on March 27, 2013

    For anyone mad they MAY have to pay, get over it. They don’t make games for free. They need SOME sort of income. Douchebags..

  66. LeonClever on March 5, 2013

    Geforce nVidia gts450 1GB and Gegabyte nVidia gts450 1GB
    so who know wich 1 is stronger?
    tell me please

    • Kix on September 13, 2014

      depends na na cache. The one with bigger cache wins. if they are tied I guess there is no point from picking which is which

  67. LeonClever on March 5, 2013

    My PC:
    CPU core 2 duo 2.2GHz
    Ram DDR2 2GB
    VGA NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 1GB

    so It enought to play game Age of WuShu or not please tell me I need your Idea
    Becos i need to buy VGA card and Ram to complete system requiment for play age of wushu
    I realy want to play
    so just tell me
    My PC that have ability enought to play or not?

    • buggy on November 18, 2013

      i played without problems in CB but in OB the graphics was more high and couldn`t play it anymore and i have Intel I3 4 cpus and 1GB videocard + 8 GB ram DDR3 so i have more lag than on my PC with 512MB video card 4 GB ram + 1 procesor 2.2 AMD

  68. Technoman on March 2, 2013

    This game was a bit of a disappointment the combat was not at all what I thought it was going to be. I found the only way I could really rack in combos is I had to my mouse rather than the number pad and that was a bit annoying. The camera was a bit of a chore as well.

  69. Lucifer on February 9, 2013

    The more I play this game,the more I love it.Watching and competing in a pvp duel is different.I have to be really fast and the timing is the most important.And don’t worry about the VIP players,they will have their characters developed faster,but it’ your playing skills which decide who is the winner.However,the game may lose a huge numbers of players because it’s really confusing and boring with 1st time players.The community is quick to respond to all questions and that helps a lot.And once you fully understand the game, it’s no doubt that you will love it.

    • Dunkargo on July 23, 2013

      This guy knows what he’s talking about. The combat is absolutely amazing. The only people who can possibly bad-mouth it in my opinion are people who just don’t get it or are not good at adapting. AoW is a whole new kind of MMO and I see a lot of new players act literally offended that the game isn’t a copy of everything else they’ve played so that they can rush through it.

      Yes… This is a new game. New players are going to have to actually read sentances and ask questions.

      I can’t stress how good the combat is. Think Street Fighter meets God of War with a little Prince of Persia-type freedom of movement all in a 3rd person 3D MMO.

      • buggy on November 18, 2013

        so?….you think this is a revolutionary game by adding cry engine in a mmorpg?and you think the new fighting style is the only thing that matter in a game,you really dont have so much experience on mmorps,so i can tell you this game suck very much and why i say that?because i played it and i didnt made lvl 10 on inner skill i did more and seen how a good VIP can kill you with two shots and if you try to just PVE you`l knocked down by them,i`ve seen many evil players that kill every 1 they seen and its not cool,and if you want to buy something you need silver without bound and to make them its really hard,you have to spend a lot time on crafting and to sell them its more harder with stall 1h limited and stupidly VIPs can make silver without bound offline and have full privilege,what you do in a week they do in 2-3 days so calculate by yourself what i talk about it,and yes i did a lot of PVP duels,arena events and got all time defeated by VIPs

        • Guy with no life on July 22, 2014

          your say this game sucks because vips rule the place, and in some cases its true, but playing this with enough knowledge of the combat system, skills and combos, and really just setting your mind on collecting or achieving or reaching a certain object, level, or rank can really cancel out the vips privileges, you most likely just walk around aimlessly, and once you have a few moves assume you can beat vips in pvp

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      i agree, if your really skilled at games like raiderz,dragon nest and age of wushu you can gain skill n this game pretty fast and once you have mastered your timing dont matter who you pvp you wont lose without a fight

  70. eon on January 29, 2013

    Oh to all those that havent really play much in this version or the full chinese version yet. This game is very cashshop centric just fyi…
    u need to pay the monthly sub to become a vip player to be able to compete well with the other players aka storage/bag space, offline cultivation, 100% exp conversion, $$ limitation. remember this is a pvp game so power over other players = pay2win
    mounts and space expansions are all time limited too

    • Peaveywolf on April 14, 2013

      This a very deep game with a complex system to understand. It is fun and had me hooked within the first couple of hours. You can turn the open world PvP off if you dont like being ganked by OP players. Its not pay to win either. You have the option to buy stuff, but a lot of it is cosmetic. But if you like depth, good graphics, open gameplay and great combat then download.If you need your hand held, just want shallow gameplay and constant action, then go play Tera or pay to play WoW

  71. DarkHero on January 22, 2013

    played out my 10 hours to see if i’ll buy into it. so far not impressed. graphic is over hyped. similar to others like it. combat is boring. aside from the occasional flying/jumping movement skills. attack skills are nothing special to look at. i get that this is a “sandbox” like game, but the lack of direction annoys me at the beginning. so many guide/tutorial/infos to read just to understand what you should start to do in the game. fail to grab my attention. the quest line is not enjoyable at all. they should add character voice, because i didnt feel attach to any of it. and some quest just dont make any sense. the community however, was very kind and was quick to respond to my questions. overall, would not play again for a long time. maybe ill give it a try again once restriction is off to see how the game changes. but if this is it, game didnt grab my attention, moving on to better f2p.

  72. Cartman on December 29, 2012

    this game has some nice features but combat doesnt feel real or fluent ( animations are crap), which may change after the beta ..who knows…also a negative thing is the open pvp system….there should ALWAYS be a non pvp channel where people who just came from work for example, wanna farm a little in peace…of course its technially not that much of a big deal being killed sometimes by some stupid ass kiddo, but it does annoy many people…..but the good thing is that the eu beta of this game is soon coming which means everyone will be low lvl when it finally starts and thus not only will everyone focus on leveling up other than pk’ing but even if some ass turd feels like pk’ing he cant really rape people, because everyone is around his level …so yea im looking forward to the game (kinda)… currently playing the trial us version in order to have some experience when the eu beta starts

  73. kong on December 9, 2012

    y i cant download the game and i already purchase !!!!

  74. LiNcKz on November 20, 2012

    So when it fully releases its gonna be free? If thats how it is then Im interested, But I would see no point in playing CB/OB if Im not gonna play the real game later anyways πŸ˜›

    • enigma on November 23, 2012

      the game will grant you early access for 9.99 as well but i wouldn’t bother

      the mods in forum are nazis about the game already..

      it is a full open world PvP that is aso a MMO so already there are players that like to farm the new player areas out of boredom..

      the game has interesting idea but unless you don’t mind getting a penalty for dying to other players that you haven’t a chance against just avoid it and save the 10 dollars

      • ninpo on November 24, 2012

        there is a prision system for Pkers

  75. dumbies on November 18, 2012

    looks like it it will be free but until it goes into open beta or released you will either be lucky to get a key or pay $10, looks good hope it turns out as good as it looks

  76. Bla bla bla bla on November 7, 2012

    All is BS ..why said free play…ah i got it is not free play….it is PLAY FREE (with pay)

    • Peaveywolf on April 14, 2013

      Actually its totally free to play, it has a few very small restrictions, but nothing like a lot of games out there. What do you expect.. Charity?

      • replying_silly on April 16, 2014

        this game isn’t free to play, if you play free you need 3.5 years of hardcore playing(12hrs/day) to level up all meridians. Nobody wanna stay weak compared to others lol.

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      The game is free to play normally but there are in game purchases

  77. Chirpe on September 21, 2012

    Just watched a few gameplay videos… I’m going take a pass on this. The fighting is: 1.) Jump 2.) Float in mid-air while slashing randomly 3.) Fall and repeat

    • Zarnot on September 23, 2012

      to watch isnt same like to play

    • Peaveywolf on April 14, 2013

      Weird. I hardly ever jump. I think you need to look at it more closely instead of deciding after watching someone else doing the same move over and over.

      • Technoman on August 12, 2013

        Wow then you don’t even know how to play the game, refrain from commenting any further. There are some moves that actually do more damage when you are in midair that just goes to show how badly this game’s tutorial is. Stay away from this afkfest unless you are willing to get a sub.

        • replying_idiots on April 16, 2014

          oh you sound like you know how to play, some moves do more damage while u jump, u genius, thanks for the tip.

          [note: don’t listen this boke genius πŸ˜€ ]

      • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

        Its the players choice how they want to play someone might jump and slash allot and others must just slash slash slash on the ground.

    • assassincooldood on August 14, 2014

      Its not slashing randomly, the characters just slash really fast so we cant keep up with their movement. they are actually slashing in a combo like upward cut left slash 360 turn right slash jump downward cut and then slash the sword right left right left really fast.

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