Bleach Online







About the game:
Title: Bleach Online
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy

Bleach Online is a browser-based 2D fighting game set in the fictional world of the Bleach manga/anime. Choose one of six characters and jump into turn-based combat. Pick your group make-up and assign your party different roles, such as the tank vanguard or dps assaulter. Different roles receive different bonuses so team composition is the key to victory and progression will allow you to add more partners to your team.

Players can upgrade their gear through spirit stones, making their team stronger. With plenty of daily PVE and PVP activities to gain more currency, experience, and spirit stones, players have a multitude of tasks at their disposal to continually bolster their party’s Battle Power; which is used to show the player’s power in relation to the enemies they face.

While Bleach Online’s combat is turn-based, it’s unfortunately also automated. This results in players having little control over how each battle plays out outside of choosing their team layout. Still, each character can pull off their stylish iconic moves from the anime during battle, which some fans of the show will no doubt enjoy.

Explosive Features:

  • Rich Art
  • Set in Bleach Universe
  • Simple Gameplay

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. It is overpriced crap. Game full of bugs and no support. Just do not play at all in us/eu platforms. IT has been all the same since 2014.

  2. I played the game for about 10 days and droped it because they gave every player who payed money an sss character who could almost singlehandely beat anyone in f2p playes teamss and made it extremely hard to be competitive. And if anyone says that you can just play the game casuallly then that means not competing with the players in the server at all you might as well not play the game at all. The game on its own isnt amzing but if they didnt give such a massive handicap to everyone who payed then it would have been much better.

  3. Bleach Online is one of the worst and most toxic communities in the browser gaming industry. GoGames who runs Bleach Online provide terrible support. The do not even fix the simplest of bugs such as the partner Unohana Kenpachi’s description which says that HE is the father of ichigo. Its been like that since the begining in 2014. On GoGame’s title page it says under the Bleach Online link that Ichigo wants to become Hokage! Wrong manga lol! The forum is run like a /b/ on 4chan unless you even remotely say anything bad about GoGames in which the mods will ban you and in many cases such as mine they will hack into your account and mess it up. I have screen shots of Brahmastra admitting to doing it and no actions have been taken against this corrupt forum moderator. The retaliation is similar to games such as Evony and no surprise both are run by the Chinese. There is a language barrier and corrupt people such as Brahmastra are the gatekeepers between you and the developers. He is an evil, lazy, good for nothing moderator that trolls the community. This game is full of bugs they refuse to fix, simple translation errors, and repetitive boring content. Nothing comes cheap in this game and some characters can cost thousands, yes thousands. Cheap is considered several hundred dollars. Unless you plan on spending a ton of money you aren’t going anywhere in this game it takes YEARS to earn anything of value even if you spend modestly (600 bucks). Stay way from this game. If you like Bleach maybe play Bleach Bravesouls on Tablet.

  4. People hate this game and so do I.All it does is it makes you take money out of your pocket and giving it just for one detail.You only get a little stuff done until you play the bikini game.(same point as my brother)(P.S my mothers a Pokemon Fan.)It also gives out stupid items that you need just for the game.With that much money out of your pocket the creators could eat buffet every day.

  5. These Games are pretty stupid.If your a kid who dosen’t know about puberty and straight up play the game they have BIKINI GAMES.How is the kid gonna do it without his mom seeing it.Thats some kinda bullshit they made there.This is how dumb Ichigo is in the first episode.LOL xD

  6. These Games are pretty stupid.If your a kid who dosen’t know about puberty and straight up play the game they have BIKINI GAMES.How is the kid gonna do it without his mom seeing it.Thats some kinda bullshit they made there.

  7. Sure, this game can be fun for a time; until you realize that it can cost up to five-hundred dollars to purchase a good character from an event. These people are only out for your money; much more than any other game I’ve ever played. Due to the Chinese/U.S. currency exchange; these people deliberately target Americans and charge them more compared to people of their own country. As for the story line; there isn’t one. It’s the same tasks every day of every week; only the events change and even those become repetitive; constantly asking for your to spend more gold. The customer service is the absolute worst; they never write you back and half the time; if you do top up; you will not get your gold since the game is always glitching. They also lure you in with special deals if you do top up but many times; you will not receive those deals once you do. I would highly suggest that people stop playing this game; say no to game staff who treat their customers the way that they do. There are so many other games out there; I highly suggest passing up on this one. Besides; this game will probably be forgotten over the next couple years; don’t waste your money or your time.

  8. Just have to ask. Why would you review a game like this? All the games core functions require a credit card. The Japanese to English translations make the storyline retarded. Oh what am I saying? WHAT STORYLINE!? This game is the largest dump that North Korean game companies shat out.

  9. 1- cant create my character only choose from presets
    2-the story doesn’t change even when you choose a arrancar or quincy in fact it teats you like a soul reaper regardless of your choice
    3- you don’t get to make your zanpakutu you can only choose zanpakutous that already exist like wabisuke and Ruri’iro Kujaku
    4- the story doesn’t make a shred of sense

    for god sake this makes me so angry, bleach, naruto, one piece are mangas with a rich universe that can be greatly explored in game mechanics but instead what i find its another clone game disguised as bleach where you cant even play, its automatic its another of of those face-book games made to milk money out peoples through micro-transactions

    • 1. Are you just that dumb or what? It clearly says “Choose from one of 6 characters”, not “Create your own character”.

      2. No shiz it doesn’t change based on your character. It’s a web browser rpg based on Bleach. Why the hell would the storyline change based on your character?

      3. Once again, the game is based on the Bleach manga/anime. You’re retarded if you think you’d be able to make a Zanpakuto that isn’t already in the Manga/Anime.

      4. The story actually does make sense, if you follow along and actually read/pay attention. People like you just shouldn’t play video games. Period.

      • You’re trying too hard to think… when you lack a brain to begin with. Those are valid points raised by OP, and you probably are a demented 13 year old who can’t get out of the series ecosystem. This is a game, based on the series, and NOT the eries itself. the developer has every right to design it the way he wants to.

        In fact, learn to comprehend before spewing diarrhoea on the web.

  10. To get decent items you HAVE to pay real money to join in on the Special Events and Special Chests. You can however take the long route and not pay but expecting you will fall behind in strength and better partners that join your group. Game favors paying players placing them as VIP as opposed to normal players. Requires gold and more gold to keep getting better treasures daily and weekly as well as monthly. You cannot buy your items to make armor and have to rely on Random chance throughout anything to do with chests you receive. It favors alot of Special Events for VIP and if your a normal player, game entices you to pay to receive benefits. No major changes have been made to the game overall, only events.

  11. Its a very good game, its free to play, its awesome and i know Bleach fans will go crazy with this game… if you guys need help about the game and guides, go to my youtube channel: StydianX GameTV

  12. Just like any other “F2P” MMO I’ve seen recently – this game revolves around money – lots of it.
    I have great suspicion that there are hired games or just developers/owners/stakeholders who are given free in-game paid currency in order to get insanely strong and thus make others spend large amounts of money in order to catch up with them.
    Furthermore servers die pretty much within 1-2 weeks of being released due to such individuals. There’s very few remaining and trying to play a game which turns into single-player quite soon.
    Bottom line – unless you intend to spend hundreds of dollars – don’t even bother trying to play.

  13. I’m sorry but it was complete crap. Both the prices and the gameplay the only game I really liked similar to this was pockie ninja but that’s long gone.

  14. prices are astronomical……….click and watch……………dont control your team in battles…………to get anywhere you need to spend big $$$………..def a game for people who have money to waste and need to feel superior to those who cant afford

  15. just ignore all those anime game names

    fairy tail, bleach, naruto all of these are automatic turnbased games where all you do is watch your character doing the same thing over and over.

  16. It’s not half bad if you’re into Bleach. True, there are some design flaws still and people who pay money (or enter a new server first) do have some competitive advantage. But there is a lot to do, and it keeps me entertained for the time being.

  17. The only ‘explosive’ thing about this game is that made my brain simultaneously explode and disintegrate–it is that god awful. THIS GAME SUCKS.

  18. TRASH, sit and wait that the carakter fight, you can nothing do than start the fight and wait that he ends, 5 mins and longer are no problem, you can wait much longer.


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