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About the game:
Title: Blood of Steel
Status: Released
Genre: MMO
Developer: YC Games
Publisher: YC Games

Lead your armies to victory in YC Games’ free-to-play medieval battle simulator Blood of Steel! Take on the role of a famous general from history, from Julius Caesar to Joan of Arc to Lyu Bu and charge into battle at the head of an elite core of warriors. Use your unique abilities and fight alongside your allies to achieve victory!

Blood of Steel challenges you to use the right tactics at the right time, based on your abilities as well as your opponents and the terrain. You can also join a guild to participate in massive legion wars, breaking down castle gates and storming inside. With dozens of champions to choose from and lots of ways to play, how you choose to conquer the world is up to you!

Explosive Features:

  • Medieval Battle Simulator
  • Famous Generals From History
  • Legion Wars And Territory Conquest

News and Updates

Blood Of Steel Introduces “The Last Viking King” and King Arthur As Playable Characters

Evolution Studio's MOBA Blood of Steel is still being prepared for launch in the west. While we wait, the developer has decided to introduce...

Blood Of Steel Launch Delayed Due To Coronavirus

It appears the Coronavirus has caused more video game delays -- this time the launch of Evolution Studio's Blood of Steel. The free-to-play MOBA...

Medieval Battler Blood Of Steel Delays Launch Until February

YC Games' Blood of Steel needs a little more time on the training grounds before it's ready to go to war. The arena battle...

YC Games’ MOBA Blood Of Steel Enters Closed Beta

The first official beta test for the medieval-themed MOBA Blood of Steel is officially underway. Over the next two weeks (or until December 12),...

Medieval Battle Game Blood Of Steel To Release January 2020

If you're a fan of medieval PvP, then you might want to keep an eye on YC Games' Blood of Steel. The game, which...

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System Requirements

Blood of Steel Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i5 4-Core Processor and above
Memory Ram: 6GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 25GB of free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce GT 430 or AMD HD5550

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