Blood Of Steel Introduces "The Last Viking King" and King Arthur As Playable Characters

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Evolution Studio's MOBA Blood of Steel is still being prepared for launch in the west. While we wait, the developer has decided to introduce new information on the game on a bi-weekly basis, including the announcement of two of the game's playable characters, Harald Sigurdsson "The Last Viking King" and King Arthur Pendragon.

The first of the two figures, Harald Sigurdsson -- also known as Harald the Ruthless, was King of Norway between 1046 and 1066. During his reign, he led invasions on both Denmark and England and eventually died during the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

In-game, he's the first character with a heavy attack. He fights with an ax and shield and orders a massive army armed with axes that they use as projectiles.

As for the British leader King Arthur, he fights using the king's sword and commands an army that will dismount during combat to execute faster attacks. He also boasts the ability to summon six war horses into battle and can call on the Knights of the Round Table to charge the enemy.

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