Cabal Online

Cabal Online is a free 3d Fantasy MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game) with fast paced combat system and awesome graphics, that takes place in the world of Nevareth. The game provides quite good options, with features that include a unique combo system, timed and group dungeons, spectacular animations, and massive player versus player nation wars.

After some levels when you get enough power, you have to attack with perfect timing to hit a combo which allows you to produce a big damage. Apart from that the game also provides a chance of miss attack if the attack is not hit with in ranged timing. One more thing that makes the game more interesting is the concept of honor. These honor ranks provide you increased stats. One can gain honor by defeating monsters or other players as well.

The game’s six distinctive playable classes are: characters-Warrior, Force Archer, Blader, Force Shielder, Wizard and Force Blader-each offering an entirely unique game play experience.

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Cabal Online

Release Date
February 17, 2016
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Latest Updates

The popular Lake in Dusk is also getting a refreshing renewal with new exclusive prizes.

1 year ago

This new update will also bring with it a new Heil's Laboratory Support.

1 year ago

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP SP 3 or newer


1 GB


3.5 GB available space


Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz


Nvidia GeForce 6 series / ATI Radeon 9800 PRO

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (36)

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cabalsupperter 2 years ago
well... I was play Cabal official for one Account more like three years. Didn't had problems at all, but when I had pretty good gear one night my Cabal account some reason was hacked. I mean not scam just HACKED. Of course I send ticked for CABAL technical team, but They surprised me. I still can Believe for They don't care about incident after I supported and spend three years in Cabal. They just don't care at all. They can't explain and sorted hacked problem. Just send it was multiple IP address
that is issue, but don't care about player at all... So how you can trust CABAL team after three years when you spend a lot of time and resource... they are Thief. Be careful and double think before You start play CABAL.

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Cabal online 7 years ago
(Shut Down)

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icaro 7 years ago
No have cabal for mac!!

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talberry 8 years ago
Loved this game back in the day (I think I played it 3 years ago?). I think I left because once you get to around level 130 or something, you're forced into areas where people can PVP you. And I just don't like that. I want to either play co-op or solo. I'm not much into PVP. But up until that point, the game was fun and the main quest line was very interesting. Too many bots in the game though. I had to regularly adjust my chat and add another bot to the list that did a major screen spam of advertising. And you often times found them roaming the landscape farming an area or something. You could usually tell cause there was some important thing on the ground they weren't looting. But that's bots for you. Sorta was sad how little Cabal did about it. They'd have their regular bot cleanups--perhaps once a month...but they'd just be back the next day. Anyway...I might give this game 1 more try. Been playing other games and sorta bored/frustrated with them. I miss Cabal's music. It had awesome music.

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DisGameIsPoo 9 years ago


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Jeff 10 years ago
I suggest going to cabal from because I tried the american server and it failed miserably... So just do the Europe version till they get the problem fixed. (better off on Europe version anyway)

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Sexyllama 10 years ago
I want to get this, but its so awesomely majestic it would probably make my computer explode.

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jan jan 10 years ago
I played this for 3 years 5 years ago, addictive game. I was forced to quit when my laptop burned down lol.

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okarabo 10 years ago
i want dowload combat arms any one help me

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xxx 11 years ago
I was also an ex player here. I had been playing this game since 2009 on SEA server and quit this game just after Arcane Trace released in SEA region. Of course I'm having fun raiding dungeons with my guildmate as the end game was great. But I lost interest with this game because there were many hackers and botters in the game. Especially in Mission Wars where many Wizards and FAs used wallhack so they can avoid being attacked from other players. This game was great but because of hackers and scammers, they just cause you to get provoked. They just care about themselves but didn't care for others. By the way, I'm currently waiting for the sequel of Cabal, Cabal 2: The Neo Force Era.

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gerfex 11 years ago
hi there, im an ex player of this game. i played this game for 6 whole years... its a very fun game, and i really loved it. but sadly , i got banned for no reason (i had 5 hi lvls chars, highest 156- lowest 135), exactly 1 year ago i create another char... after i raise it til lvl 159 i got hacked.. nothing left.. bye bye 12 bil armour and stuff... the only thing remains.. my pet navareth huskie... i miss this game but its full of spam bots, auto botters, and full i mean full of ppl with dmg hacks and speed hacks, pls dont buy with real money the items cuz 1 day u will be hacked.. i taste the experiance.. and again its a very nice game with a very nice graphics.. for me was the best of all mmorpgs but the hacking thing ruined everything.. i feel sorry for those ppl suffered like me. sry for my bad english

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Metalsnake27 11 years ago
CABAL Online... oh yes.. I love this one.

One of my favorite, if not my favorite F2P mmorpg of all time, CABAL really sets the standards. It was however, originally P2P when it first launched in south korea. However quickly changed to Free to Play.

The game has great graphics, EXCELLENT music by the Korean band Novasonic, and BEAUTIFUL skill animations. The combat is very fast paced with many different features, such as combo mode, and battle modes. (Think of your battle modes as "Bankais") The skill system is not very in-depth, however, is very easy to use and get used to. The good thing is: YOU DONT NEED TO PAY REAL $ TO RESET/UNLEARN YOUR SKILLS! :D! It helps soooo much to make the correct build you want.

The game's story, I believe anyways, is very very well done, and follows you through until level 100. There used to be a final boss battle as well, but they unfortunately, took it out. Once you reach that point however, the game becomes a.. GRIND FEST. In fact, back in the day, the game started to make you grind for hours at around level 50. So this is not a casual mmorpg by any means. What I really do love though, is every 10 levels you get a new feature or new bonus added to your character, obtained by completed "Class Rank Up" quests.

The dungeons in this game are very very fun, long, and can be brutal at higher levels. With a max cap on 190, there is ALOT to grind. The game also has awesome faction wars starting at level 50, where 2 factions can fight for bonuses every week... or just fight for War Exp every day, to get some small benefits. The crafting system is also very very in-depth.

Overall, CABAL is a GREAT game. Great story, kick-ass music, fun combat, and really cool skill animations. However, the game does tend to dry up once you unlock all the skills at level 100 or so, and all is left to do is to grind. (Since you get a very limited amount of quests at this point) If you are looking to play this game, I reccomend getting to at least level 100, and read the story. It's worth it :)


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Mark 11 years ago
Eh I registered and everything yet I can't log in. Main site is broken or something because I enter the correct info everytime.

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Triple Seven 11 years ago
haven't played this game since i was 12... that was four years ago and I'm about to try it out again...
all I remember was not taking it seriously, and aimlessly wandering around... but it seems like a good enough game if you play it the way it was meant to be...

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Cory 11 years ago
After some levels when you get enough power, you have to attack with perfect timing to hit a combo which allows you to produce a big damage

A big damage

Why did I laugh

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EvilSid3 11 years ago
nope the game is F2P. you paid only for premium (i speak w/o using webshop :D ) . and that premium gives u droprate more exp and teleporting by M (w/o premium you have to teleport manual by teleporters (warp centers)) and some other befenits . You can play w/o that premium its F2P ;)

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cody 11 years ago
so this game is basically a paid to play game?

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Dan 12 years ago
This game was very fun for the first two weeks, I started to get a little bored around lvl 100 and then it made me pay to keep all my premium services =\... Shame because it was definitely one of the best free games I have played, minus the PVP, the pvp is garbage lol

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James 12 years ago
Great game that isnt very grind oriented. Skills are numerous, flashy, and very enjoyable to use/watch.

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Pindrop 12 years ago
Another well made game with great graphics-I highly recommend this game!

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ratko 12 years ago
Can i play this game on 64 mb video ram and 1.0 pixel shadder 1gb ram

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Nemo Tran 12 years ago
I used to play this game a long time ago, i will probably play it again, its really fun but the leveling gets kind of slow and the game play is really cool. Overall i think its a great game if u have patience to level.

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