About the game:
Title: Dofus
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Developer: Ankama Games
Publisher: Square Enix

Dofus is a 2D free-to-play MMORPG from Ankama Games. With a detailed art style, tactical battles, and ever expanding world, players will have no shortage of battle, exploration, or crafting options to partake in.

There are 16 different character classes to choose from in Dofus and each has its own weapon and actions. Each class can also be categorized into the traditional tank, healer, and DPS roles. Battles are turn-based, requiring strategy and resource management to attain victory and there is a multitude of dungeons to group up with others and gain experience.

There are three main professions to choose from which include harvesting, crafting, and smithmagic. Each category has a large number of sub-classes to focus on like farming, shoe making, and jewelmagus. Players will have to explore the world and gather the materials necessary to gain more experience for certain professions, and goods can be sold and traded amongst the community. Combined with the high level cap, there is no shortage of things to do, bordering on overwhelming with the immense amount of options available.

Explosive Features:

  • Tactical Battles
  • Large Character Selection
  • Crisp Art Style

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System Requirements

Dofus Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS
Processor: Pentium 4 or AMD equivalent
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: 128 MB

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  1. The game itself used to be brilliant years ago. Now it’s idiotproof downhill ride.
    +Pros -Cons =Pure info
    -F2P area is limited. You are served with profession level caps. Pay to play.
    -Idiotic nerfs are regular here. Don’t get comfy with your build, and NEVER use forum meta.
    -An example is one assassin’s invisibility block the other assassins in the team
    -Another is mostly INT based Summoner’s revoking spell got nerfed into STR based whip that can’t one-shot-kill half of the summons. (1 cast/target/round)
    -Who need skills? You just use daggers and deal easy 3500 damage instead of hard 900
    =Stats are connected to elements. Fire = intelligence, Water = chance, Earth = strenght
    =Spells are not divided into magic/physical. They all use elements +effects
    -You need an useless full water build old man in your team to get any precious loot.
    -Community in most of the servers is pain in the ass.
    -The game is flooded with scam bots selling “gold” and farming literally every single mob.
    -This mean F2P area is often unplayable, as F2P bots are most common
    -Admins ignore bots
    -Forum community is toxic, mindless, and full of toadies who will hit you in the face for being unsatisfied just to show off in front of admins
    -Mount breeding is either pain slow, or require own guild (or your guildies may steal your mounts)
    +Story is really good, however I had a long time laugh watching them implement it step by step since the game began.
    +Guild system is satisfying
    +Turn based system
    +Puns everywhere
    It’s a wonderful, magical world full of annoying crap and you will have to pay for it to enjoy.

  2. Most people on this forum haven’t even played the game past the first island/city, which feels you to not get into this game. I also see a lot of people are saying that this game is full of 8 year olds. Which isn’t true. First tho, the games isn’t completely free. It has a pay2play aspect when you hit a certain point. Tho, you can make enough in game currency to get a subscription with it. The game is also *NOT* a browser game. The servers are bigger and more populated than in Wakfu, the shittier (imo) version made by the same devs. Recently there have been a ton of new content updates for the endgame which brings a lot of cool things to the table like a new rogue-like version of doing dungeons and a lot of new items, including a new Dofus. If you feel like playing this game, just do it. There are a ton of great people out there, and I’m pretty sure the youngest person I’ve seen this game play is 15. Disclaimer: Play on the Ilyzaelle server if you want the “true” experience, because otherwise you’ll have to resort to using multiple accounts.

    TL;DR: Pay2Play after certain point. Community is great, especially the English speaking one. Ton of new shit got added to the game, and the ones complaining about anything here haven’t even played the game. You can get a subscription with In-Game Curreny!

  3. For playing this game since the opening of the beta, I would say it WAS great, the best game I’ve ever played actully! How ever, the owners got greed for the money and they’ve changed their game and actually killed it! Now, I won’t recommand you this game! Full of kids, really too easy and they’ve destroyed their world ( Way of speaking, all the world is useless now since they’ve made it easier to lvl up all on a small island)! Don’t play, don’t loose your time!

  4. @IAmMadness It shares the universe with Wakfu. It’s a long story.

    Dofus is full of 8 years old tards. 4/10 would not recommend to play with.

    The game, however, it’s pretty dope, and the story behind is very strong and deep.

    • Yes, it is. But I reccomend you Wakfu. It’s fromthe same universe and company, but it has a user-regulated economy, ecology and politics.


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