Wakfu is a free to play 2D anime-style MMORPG with unique features like a ecosystem, citizenship and much more featuring tactical turn-based combat, vast character customization, and a deep player influenced world.

One of the goals of the game is to develop your character, not only by finding its place in the world of Wakfu, but also by improving its characteristics and battle skills. Play as one of 14 character classes. Players can choose to be an insanely-strong warrior, a magical healer, an assassin or even a summoner of plants or animals, among several other playable character classes, each with a total of 25 spells. Choose the hero who most reminds you of yourself and set off on an adventure!

In Wakfu, a player's actions affect the environment. If they kill a monster, it might be gone for good, and if they mine an ore, it might never appear in the game again. Players will have to carefully choose when they should protect or exploit their environment's natural resources.

Wakfu is one of the few MMORPGs which manages fights against other players (PvP), as well as fights against monsters (PvM) in a turn-based style. This is one of the really unique aspects of the game. When you launch an attack, a force field appears and the participants can deploy their very best strategy tactics to defeat their opponents.

Wakfu is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux PC systems.

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Ankama Studio
Ankama Games
Release Date
September 19, 2014
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Latest Updates

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP SP3 or higher




1500 MB available space


Pentium IV 2.8 GHz or equivalent


GeForce 4Ti or equivalent

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (29)

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Asdf 6 years ago
Just played recently.Don't recommend it to anyone.

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devilment 7 years ago
Average things can be harmful, no one disagrees with this. But we take the good with the bad, the mean with the sympathetic, and you toss the bad ones aside. Often with non physical conditions it is hard for others to understand, its simply not as clear cut and not as obvious as physical issues . They either dont get it or they are deliberate jerks ... dont matter which. What you do is write them off,you cut the bad loose. But violence is doing something when you know what causes harm and will go out of your way to do what DOES the harm, this is not the same as not understanding and not being sympathetic. I run across ppl that dont understand all the time, its nothing new, its much less common to come across those that can comprehend complex issues, its something you reluctantly accept after awhile. If after 2 thourough explantaions and they still dont get it? either dont talk to them or dont bring up the topic, some ppl you CANT get to understand nomatter what you do, its just the way it is. You will still have some ppl that you can talk to , the others you get rid of completely or if say.. work or family ... just don bring it up. Yes it sucks to do this but only after youve already TRIED its your only 2 options. And not bringing something up is better than frustrating yourself with someone who cant understand and that you still have to associate with for whatever reason. You cant get everyone in the world to understand nor can you get them all to be sympathethic, its just how ppl are, its impossible to get everyone to see thru your eyes, many are simply incapable of it. As for oppression, depends on what was done, both oppression and violence however are EXTREMES that you are correlating average events to and its simply not the same thing

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devilment 7 years ago
Wakfu is a very unique game, good combat and classes. It was a pay game prior to 2014. The game went free to play in 2014, you can access 99% of the game for free, theres almost no restrictions or difference between ptp and ftp anymore, but those that buy booster packs, the optional sub , get 30% more xp and drops than ftp, and that is the largest difference between ftp and ptp, there are some other minor differences but its things such as one click to eat bread (replenishes hp), and an account chest, things that are convenient but not crucial to gameplay.

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fallenj 8 years ago
Game is fully free to play now sense July 2014ish. They had a "Beta" of the ftp version around that time. You can find this game also on steam, came out a few months ago on their.

The game is fun, good amount of classes, professions, dungeons, and hidden chests. They're 5 factions ( 5th came out with the Scram class update) with each one having minor advantages. You also get a mini personal world inside a bag, it's like a housing system.

The subscription (boost) gives:
•Earn 15% more EXP points in combat and quests
•Get 5% more chance to drop items at the end of combats - they added a extra section to loot window so you can see what you could of got if you was subbed
•Earn 15% more Kamas at the end of the combat
•Your secondary characters will receive an EXP bonus according to your main character level
•You can fill your health with one click (using Bread) - you spam click without it
•And vote for governor’s elections - you can run for governor for free though, this stops rigged elections
•Get twice more tokens at the end of main dungeons - instead of 5 its 10

The draw backs to the game would be bugs of course, time, and customer service.
Bugs: plants that cant be harvested, bag glitches, & whatever others ones you can find or hope not to find.
Time: The game is a grind, with the last big update they put in some quests but over all you will be grinding gathering profession ingredients, monsters, or dungeons with a party.
Customer service: I've not had a problem, but you can easily go to the forums and read posts on how long people waited or are still waiting on there problem. The US forum seems to be slow on info when it comes to unexpected crashes, delays, and etc. Best bet is to check out the Asian forum for news when it comes to that. At least that's how it was before steam don't know if that changed anything.

Last part would be a personal issue related to harvesting. Tree's, plants, and farms are ran by players. lol ill just say I see to much ash trees an barren areas.

If you decide to pick up the game, relax don't bother trying to power level yourself to 160 you'll burn yourself out. Seen people come in wave after wave and do it. Try classes out, pick one, do the beginner quests, and join a guild. They're a lot of advantages to guilds it wouldn't hurt.

good luck

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Olbohn 8 years ago
never play this game

french based game that has 0 care for their english players

played for a year and i would not recommend this game to anyone

from constant people duping to a support that takes over 3 months to answer a ticket this game is ill ran and not worth investing your time in to

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Cameron 8 years ago
The game is now 100% free to play, now is the best time to try it out.

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MrMelom 8 years ago
This game is amazing 10 ata 10 But its not free at all but the sub is only $6 a month!

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wakfukid 9 years ago
wakfu sucks don't play it. You have been warned.

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defami8 9 years ago
Just informing you guys all, there's a new south east asian server which is totally f2p, with very small limitations that arent even noticeable, tons of people and that jazz. Just google wakfu asia. As far as Í'm concerned all the people speak English and the client is fully in English, since its kind of an australian server too. You have to make a new account if you had one before and download a different client.
Good luck

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Sephere 9 years ago
This is NOT free,
like Dofus, it's extremely limited,
and mostly to starter zones

It's like clothes window shopping, you can be free to look all you want,
but if you want to take the clothes home, you have to pay

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King28 9 years ago
Yes, you need to subscribe to play full game, but 6 euros for one month, is really not that much. And you get so much. I recently started playing, and its great. First day i start to play, many players helped me. One thing that I really like, is that there is no quest to follow. All world is for you to discover, and you choose what you'll do.

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Bic Boi 9 years ago
Wakfu? More like Crackfu. Seriously they must've been smoking something if they thought cutting off 90% of the content unless you Subscribe was a "good" idea. Don't bother, I say.

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Nolol 9 years ago
Subscribe or get out is this game's plan. Do what every sensible person does when you're shown to the door for no reason; turn and spit in their face. Their idea of F2P is a shell of what the game is--don't let them force you to pay for it. Walk away and teach them a lesson when their revenue plummets. It's better that the game dies than letting a developer browbeat you into paying.

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Alex 10 years ago
The good: The art style and graphics mean that most machines can run this game. The combat is fun and addictive, the classes are unique and varied, the community is mostly friendly, and the music is very calming

The bad: The free to play implementation is absolutely terrible, giving you only 1 main quest, a few dungeons, the astrub sewers and the zenith. The area you can play is small, and when you join a nation, they deceive you by not letting you kill any of the monsters in that nation. You can see all there is to see in about 2 or 3 days, and if you don't plan on subscribing and you really want to play this game, the leveling will be very tedious and dull.

My opinion: If you can take the bad with the good, then this game is definitely worth a try. Small file size, fun combat, and a friendly community somewhat make up for the lack of anything to do. This game is fun, but gets infinitely more fun when you bring 1 friend with voice chat.
Don't get me wrong, the game is fun, but there's alot more bad then good for free players. if you don't plan on subbing, i would suggest maybe play for a week then move on, cause by that point, you will have seen most of the areas. If you like the game enough to want to sub, the game opens up in ways most people never get to see. I suggest try it and see what side of the line you are on. Either way, it's fun while you play it.

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Wakfu:p:P 10 years ago
wow thats awesome and i Love Magicmen how he moderate xD i have been wsatching wakfu the cartoon when i was younger and now im downloading the game its pretty awesome i love the style of the game :)

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BlueDragon 10 years ago
The entire game isn't free to play, just the beginning section. But it is a truly fantastic game indeed! I have played all the way through the beta that started around 2008 and I am still playing today and loving it!
The best and most original game around that will keep you occupied for hours and you have so much control over the environment, government and how you play the game!
Loads of fun and great community :)

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Nexxom 10 years ago
Note: This game really ain't F2P, it's freemium. You are restricted to the first area out of the training area, but you can still explore into the other areas and see that you are missing a quite a bit of the game.

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val 10 years ago
Grind based game with slow XP and bad profession sys, Its an original game with a good turn based combat sys. Need susciption to be enjoy (cheap and easy to pay). Too beta yet. Good for casual players.

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Wallahi 11 years ago
This is a slow pace version of Dofus

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Dizzyjay 11 years ago
I have tried this game its relaxing and fun, but I really dislike the limitation they put on the F2p side.

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Revan 11 years ago
i have tried too... Then i saw is gonna p2p on February so.... not cool

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MrKein 11 years ago
i tried it and its cool its a relaxing game

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nicolas 11 years ago
looks fun, i gonna try it

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